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The Great War in Stereoviews

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The Great War Through Keystone Stereographs is a comprehensive title list and catalog for Keystone's various World War stereoview sets. It's an absolute "must-have" for accurate pricing and evaluation.  This is what Stereo World had to say: "The book goes far beyond any annotated catalog...fascinating reading."

Each set from 1915 to the culminating 1932 Set of 400 is fully described, showing variations and how it developed from the previous set. Over 120 pictures are included. There is a complete title list for each of the seven principal sets, as well as a list by card number showing what sets each one appeared in. The book is a valuable supplement to this web site. It will enable anyone to date Keystone stereographs and to separate the common WW1 sets and stereo cards from the scarce ones.

Dealers and collectors alike will profit from the catalog section that shows how common or rare each individual card is and offers a means to calculate fair market value. Why waste listing fees on cards that appeared in every Keystone set for 20 years? Even worse, why pay premium prices for cards like that? What is the best strategy to assemble a collection at the lowest cost? This is THE indispensable reference for the collector of WWI Keystone stereoscope cards.

Many copies of this book were sold at $20.00 plus postage. Since some of the general information is available on this web site, the price including postage has been reduced to $12.95 (US) or $20.95 (Europe). Supplies are limited. Payment may be made by PayPal or, in the US only, by money orders and personal checks. Place your order with and you will receive payment instructions.

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