The Great War in Stereoviews

Divisions of the Committee on Public Information (CPI)

According to an April 1918 report on CPI by the Military Intelligence Branch of the General Staff, CPI was organized into 26 divisions identified by letters and a 27th division added subsequently:

A — Executive N — Production Division of Films
B — News O — Pictures
C — Civic and Educational Publications P — Service Bureau
D — Speaking Q —Americanization Survey
E — Syndicate Features R — Pictorial Publicity
F — Official Bulletin S — Advertising
G — Foreign Language Publications T — Foreign Picture Service
    — Foreign Education U — Foreign Press (Mail)
H — Four-Minute Men V — Foreign Press (Cable)
I — Women's War Work W — American Hungarian Loyalty League
J — Business Management X — Scandinavian Bureau
K — Business Management, Department of Distribution Y —Labor Publications
L — Business Management, Department of Mailing and Printing Z — New York Branch
M — Business Management, Department of Stenography and Mimeographing  


Information in this section was obtained from Records Group 63, National Archives and Records Administration. Thanks to Mr. Gene Morris of the College Park office of the National Archives.

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