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Fisherview Title List

Where known, original French images are listed in the "Cross-Reference" column. STL paper stereoviews were not assigned numbers, so they are identified with the first word of the title. When only Keystone or Underwood is shown, it should be assumed that the original French image used by the American companies is unknown, not that Fisherview obtained the image from them.




W-A-1 The battlefield of Bery (France) before the dead were removed    
W-A-2 A carload of German prisoners under 17 years of age    
W-A-3 The ruined Cathedral at Albert, France    
W-A-4 French operating a captured German machine gun at Fort Vaux    
W-A-5 Sentinels at outposts watching the Hun





W-A-6 A large German shell falling in our front line    
W-A-7 A battery of 105 millimeter guns shelling the German line    
W-A-8 Troops being transported during the Battle of Verdun KEYSTONE 18679
W-A-9 Officer's automobile destroyed by German machine gun fire    
W-A-10 Bridge at Chalifort, France, dynamited to delay the German advance    
W-A-11 Large shells left on the battle field as Germans retreat    
W-A-12 German graves in France    
W-B-1 Dead Huns in a dugout immediately after a barrage--Laffaux, France STL Glass 657
W-B-2 German prisoners captured at Longueau (Somme)    
W-B-3 Marshal Foch greets the King of England, at the front    
W-B-4 German machine gun "Pill Box" hit by an American shell

STL Paper




W-B-5 In front line trenches at Souain, France    
W-B-6 Hunting for "Cooties"    
W-B-7 An Aces's view of another aeroplane over the trenches    
W-B-8 Looking over the top as a shell bursts in Boche trenches 100 yards away    
W-B-9 Graves of American aviators--Ham, France    
W-B-10 Refugees camping in the woods during bombardment of Rheims    
W-B-11 German barbed wire entanglements, apparently impassable    
W-B-12 Camouflaged wooden cannons placed to mislead the Hun aviation observers    
W-C-1 The finish of a German machine gun nest. Note the dead STL Glass 661
W-C-2 Huns captured in battle of Moyenneville (Oise)    
W-C-3 Church services in a dugout under Verdun--The Tunneled City    
W-C-4 The Crown Prince's dugout at Villers au Vent, France STL Paper La taniere
W-C-5 Watching the Hun from a front line observation post    
W-C-6 A typical trench scene. (Note the dugout)    
W-C-7 Only the front of St. John's Cathedral remains--Soissons, France    
W-C-8 Shells bursting near objective. (Note the numerous shell holes)    
W-C-9 Graves of Moroccan soldiers near the front    
W-C-10 Building evacuation hospital at Gailly, France    
W-C-11 Germans abandon field supply of 210 millimeter shells. (Aisne)    
W-C-12 Supplies being rushed to the "Dough Boys" at the front    
W-D-1 He fired after calling "Kamerad"    
W-D-2 A German prison camp    
W-D-3 Shell passes through tower of St. Legaor Church, Soissons, France    
W-D-4 Torpedo boat sunk by a German submarine    
W-D-5 Fort Ham blown up by a mine    
W-D-6 In front line trenches at Souain, France    
W-D-7 Germans arresting a Red Cross nurse    
W-D-8 Watching the Germans from a look-out post in a tree    
W-D-9 War hospital in the beautiful casino of Vittel    
W-D-10 Orchards at Margival, France, wantonly destroyed by the Hun    
W-D-11 Building barbed wire entanglements at Cheppy (Meuse)    
W-D-12 Unloading an ambulance of wounded soldiers    
W-E-1 Dead Germans in shell hole near Fort Vaux    
W-E-2 German prisoners from the Verdun sector    
W-E-3 Factory destroyed by the retreating Germans--Sermaize, France    
W-E-4 Military automobile falls through destroyed bridge    
W-E-5 Red Cross Nurse gives first aid to wounded aviator    
W-E-6 Germans looting bakery at Clermont, France STL Paper À Clermont
W-E-7 The remains of a Hun; a boot and part of a leg    
W-E-8 Observing German snipers from a trench at Douaumont, France    
W-E-9 Guynemer—The World's Greatest Ace    
W-E-10 The result of shell fire on the Cathedral of Soissons STL Paper Cathédrale
W-E-11 Fruit trees cut down by the Hun; Oisne District    
W-E-12 Connecting front and rear trenches. Communicating trench--Niccourt, France    
W-F-1 A direct hit. The Boche never knew what hit him    
W-F-2 Bulgarian prisoners at Neimes, France    
W-F-3 German aeroplanes bombard railroad; Lerouville, France    
W-F-4 Generals Joffe, Cardona, and Humbert, after a conference at the front    
W-F-5 We bring down a German plane    
W-F-6 Water and mud soaked trenches Paris-Stéréo 2680
W-F-7 Dummy cannons to draw German fire    
W-F-8 Anti-Aircraft gun shelling a German aeroplane    
W-F-9 Large shell hits German dugout    
W-F-10 A bombarded church at Maricourt, France Paris-Stéréo 2630
W-F-11 Howitzer shell exploding in the air





W-F-12 A rapid fire 105 millimeter gun in action at Verdun    

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