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Localities in Major Campaigns and Battles

Numerous small localities, farms, and terrain features were included in the titles of French stereographs of all manufacturers. This table correlates these names with the major campaigns and battles. Some places may be associated with more than one campaign.

Name Campaign Year Remarks
Ablain St. Nazaire Artois 1915-18 Arras in LSU Flyer
Aix-Noulette Artois 1915-18  
Albert Somme 1916  
Allemant Aisne    
Allemant Marne    
Amiens Somme    
Angres Artois 1915-18  
Arras Artois    
Aspach Alsace    
Assevillers Somme    
Bar-le-Duc Meuse    
Beaumont Sur Vesle Reims 1918 German attack
Beauséjour Champagne 1915  
Belloy-en-Santerre Somme    
Berry-au-Bac Aisne 1918  
Bethancourt Champagne   May also be considered with Verdun
Béthelainville Verdun 1916  
Bethény Marne    
Bois Chevereux Craonne 1917  
Bois de la Grurie Marne    
Bois des Caurières Verdun 1916-18 Combat at beginning of Verdun, Sep 17, Jan 18
Bois des Chevaliers Les Monts de Champagne 1917  
Bois d'Hardaumont Verdun    
Bois le Prêtre Argonne 1914 La Woëvre in LSU flyer
Bois Sabot Champagne   Associated with Souain
Bouchavesnes Somme 1916  
Breitfirst Alsace 1915  
Bricot Marne    
Bucy le Long Aisne 1914-15 Near Soissons and Cote 132. German attack Sep 14, French c/atk; French attack Jan 15
Caillette, Ravin de la Verdun    
Calonne Meuse 1914-17 May be multiple towns of this name. One near Remy (Somme) was site of a Canadian trench raid in 17. Other probably vic. Verdun and Les Eparges
Camblain L'Abbe Artois 1915-18  
Camp des Romains Meuse   Vic. St. Mihiel
Capelle, La  Artois    
Cappy Somme 1916  
Carency Arras 1915  
Casque Champagne    
Caurieres, Bois de Verdun 1916  
Charleville Aisne   35km S of Chateau-Thierry
Chateau-Thierry Aisne   On Marne R.
Chaulnes Somme 1916  
Chauny Oise    
Chauny Somme   On Oise River, but associated with Somme
Chauvoncourt Meuse   Vic. St. Mihiel
Chavignon Somme 1918  
Chavonne Aisne 1917 Recaptured by offensive
Chemin des Dames Aisne    
Chemin des Dames Craonne 1917  
Choléra, Le Craonne 1917  
Clermont Aisne    
Cléry Somme 1916  
Coeuvres Marne    
Combles Somme 1916  
Compiègne Aisne   Can also be Oise
Corfou Orient 1916  
Côte 108 Aisne 1918  
Cote 140 Arras 1915  
Cote 304 Verdun 1917 German defeat in Sep
Côte 304 Verdun 1916  
Côte 607 Alsace    
Côte de Froideterre Verdun 1916  
Cote des Hures Champagne 1915 Part of Les Eparges battle
Côte du Poivre Verdun 1916  
Coucy le Chateau Aisne 1918  
Courcelles Oise    
Courcelles-les-Lens Yser   Pas-de-Calais, not Oise
Courville Aisne   Between Soissons & Reims
Coxyde Yser 1915-16  
Craonelle Aisne    
Craonne Aisne/Craonne 1917 Between Soissons and Reims. With Chemin des Dames, was a main objective of the offensive
Crete de Vimy Artois 1915-18  
Cuisy Champagne    
Curlu Somme 1916  
Cussy Craonne    
Dardanelles Orient 1916  
Deniecourt Somme    
Dhuizel Aisne    
Dompierre Oise    
Dormans Marne 1918 Retreat during German "Michael" offensive
Douai Artois    
Douaumont Verdun 1916  
Dreslincourt Somme    
Ecriennes Marne 1914  
Ecurie Artois 1915-18  
Esnes Verdun 1916  
Esnes Meuse    
Etelfay Somme    
Fargny Somme    
Favresse Marne 1914  
Ferme de Montgarni Aisne   Assumed based upon STL numbering scheme
Fismes Craonne 1917  
Flavy-le-Martel Aisne    
Fleury Verdun 1916  
Fontenoy Meuse    
Forest, Le  Somme 1916  
Four de Paris, Le  La Woëvre 1914  
Fruty Aisne   Near Moulin de Laffaux
Furnes Yser 1915-16  
Givenchy Artois 1915-18  
Glaunes Marne 1914  
Gouvieux Oise    
Gruerie, La  La Woëvre 1914  
Ham Somme 1918  
Harazée, La  La Woëvre 1914  
Hartmanswillerkopf Alsace 1915 Also known as Le Vieil Armand
Hazebrouck Yser    
Hilsenfirst Alsace 1915  
Huiron Marne 1914  
Hurlus, Les  Champagne 1915  
Hurtebise Craonne 1917  
Igny-le-Jard Marne 1918 Retreat during German "Michael" offensive
Jouchery-sur-Suippe Marne    
Jumilly Craonne 1917  
Juvincourt Craonne 1917  
La Woëvre Argonne    
L'Ailette (River) Aisne 1917-18 Parallel to Aisne and Chemin des Dames. Part of 1917 French offensive and Foch's offensive in 1918; could also be considered under Champagne
Laufée, La  Verdun 1916  
Le Vieil Armand Alsace 1915 Also known as Hartmanswillerkopf
L'Echelle St. Aurin Somme    
Lens Artois 1915-18  
Lerouville Meuse    
Les Eparges Champagne 1915 German-held feature near Verdun taken w/heavy losses in 1st Battle of Champagne in Apr 15
L'Hartmanwillerskopf Alsace 1915  
Lievin Artois 1915-18  
Lihons Somme 1916  
Linge, Le  Alsace 1915  
Longpont Aisne 1918  
Lorette Arras 1915  
Louppy Meuse    
Luxémont Marne 1914  
Lys (River) Somme   Portuguese Sector of British Lines
Macédoine Orient 1916  
Maison de Champagne Champagne 1915  
Malmaison, La Craonne 1917  
Maroeuil Artois 1915-18  
Masseranx Alsace    
Massiges Champagne 1914-15 Massif dominates the Aisne at junction of Champagne and Argonne fronts.  Germans took it in 1914. Objective of numerous French attacks, esp. 1914-15, not taken until final offensive in 1918
Massiges, Main le  Champagne 1915  
Maucreux Oise   Misspelled Mancreux on some paper views
Maurepas Somme 1916  
Mayence Occupation 1918 French for Mainz, Germany
Mesnil Champagne 1915  
Mesnil St. Nicaise Somme    
Metzeral Alsace 1915  
Monacu Somme    
Mont Cornillet Les Monts de Champagne 1917 . Fighting Apr-May 17, site of refusal to go into line during mutiny
Mont Haut Champagne 1915 (Often hyphenated)
Mont St. Eloi Artois 1915-18  
Mont Téton Champagne    
Mont-Blond Les Monts de Champagne 1917  
Montdidier Somme 1918  
Mont-Haut Les Monts de Champagne 1917  
Mont-Perthois Les Monts de Champagne 1917  
Mont-Tétu Les Monts de Champagne 1917  
Montzéville Verdun 1916  
Moreuil Somme 1918  
Moronvilliers Champagne 1915  
Mort-Homme Verdun 1916  
Moulin de Fargny Somme    
Moulin de Laffaux Craonne 1917 . Mill destroyed May 17 in Chemin des Dames offensive
Mt Kemmel Yser    
Mt. des Singes Aisne 1917 Scene of fighting during 2d Aisne, Apr-May 17
Nanteuil Aisne 1918  
Nesles Marne    
Nettancourt Meuse    
Neuville St. Vaast (also Waast) Arras 1915  
Nieuport Yser 1915-16  
Notre Dame de Lorette Artois 1915-18  
Nouvion Aisne    
Noyon Oise    
Noyon Somme   On Oise River
Ossuaire de Douaumont Verdun 1916  
Paissy Craonne 1917  
Paroches, Fort des  La Woëvre 1914  
Péronne Somme 1918  
Perthes Champagne 1915  
Pervyse Yser 1915-16  
Pinon Aisne    
Plateau d'Allemant Craonne 1917  
Pompelle, Fort de la  Marne    
Pompelle, La Champagne 1918  
Pont Ste Maxence Oise 1914 Near Senlis
Rambercourt Meuse    
Ravin de la Caillette Verdun 1916  
Ravin des Vignes Verdun 1916  
Ravin d'Hadimel Les Éparges 1915  
Recicourt Champagne   East of Verdun
Region des Monts Champagne    
Reichaker, Le  Alsace 1915  
Reims Champagne 1918  
Revigny Meuse   Variant: Rivigny
Roclincourt Arras 1915  
Roiglise Somme    
Roulers Yser 1915-16  
Roye Somme    
Sailly-Saillesel Somme 1916  
Saint-Mihiel La Woëvre 1914  
Salonique Orient 1916  
Sampigny Meuse    
Schlucht, La  Alsace 1915  
Senlis Oise    
Sermaize Marne 1914  
Soissons Aisne 1918  
Solante Somme 1918 German offensive went through
Sommeilles Meuse    
Sondernach Alsace 1915  
Soppe-le-Haut Alsace 1915  
Souain Champagne 1915  
Souchez Arras 1915  
Soupir Aisne    
Souville, Fort de  Verdun 1916  
St. Mihiel Meuse    
St. Riquier Artois    
Ste. Marie a Py Champagne    
Suippes Champagne    
Suzanne Somme    
Tahure Champagne 1915  
Tardenois Aisne 1918 aka Fere-en-Tardenois. 22km from Chateau Thierry, 25km from Soissons. German supply dump for Chemin des Dames, taken and 70% destroyed in 2d Marne 18
Targette, La  Artois 1915-18  
Tavannes,Fort de  Verdun 1916  
Thelus Artois 1915-18  
Thory Aisne    
Tracy le Val Oise 1914-15 (Also hyphenated)  Near Soissons.  Zouaves fought in Apr 15
Tranchée des Baïonnettes Verdun 1916  
Trésauvaux Les Éparges 1915  
Vacherauville Verdun    
Vardar Orient 1916  
Vassognes Craonne 1917  
Vaucquois (also Vauquois) La Woëvre 1914  
Vaux Verdun    
Vaux, Fort de  Verdun 1916  
Vauxhaillon Aisne 1918  
Venissel Oise   Variant: Venizel
Vermandovillers Somme 1916  
Vermelles Arras 1915  
Ville sur Tourbe Champagne 1915 3km east of Massiges
Villers-au-Vent Marne    
Villers-Cotterets Aisne    
Virginy Champagne    
Voyenne Aisne    
Xivray Meuse    
Ypres Yser 1915-16  

LSU included a two-page list of campaigns and specific place names with a set of views sold in 1938. It is useful for stereographs by all manufacturers.


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