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The Great War in Stereoviews

Care and Cleaning of Glass Stereoviews

There is a lot of good information available on the web (just Google "photograph negative archival preservation" or such), but some of it is timid ("let the professionals do it") or conflicts with advice from other sites. What I've found to work most effectively with regards to cleaning involves a lint-free mat, cotton gloves, soft camel-hair or natural hair make-up brush, an air bulb, a cleaning solution and cleaning pads, and q-tips.

For archival storage I place a piece of archival paper (acid-free, lignin-free, passed the Photographic Activity Test) on the emulsion side and slip the slide + paper into an archival sleeve.  For the French slides (6x13 cm or 45x107 mm) I use polyethylene sleeves made for 120 size film negatives (the kind with a flap along the long edge).  I buy it in 1000' rolls and cut individual sleeves to size.  Slides are then stored together upright in archival boxes.

Thanks to Doug Jordan for this practical advice. For more information or to exchange cleaning tips, contact Doug through

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