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Title List — Keystone View Company Set of 1915

Sequence Image Number


1 15625 Sarajevo from Porch of New Town Hall, Bosnia, Austria-Hungary—Scene of Murder of Crown Prince Which Started the Flame that Engulfed all Europe
2 10354 The Ruling Monarchs in Times of Peace
3 6131 The Reichstags-Gebaude, Berlin, Where Germany Appropriates Her Millions for War
4 10370 German Soldiers Listening to an Address by the Kaiser
5 10369 A Group of German Officers
6 10332 The Cuirassier Guards Parading the Streets of Berlin, A Sight Which Calls Forth the Patriotism of Every German Heart
7 11268 German Sailors Sending Their Last Good-bye's to Their Sweethearts
8 14506 Part of the Czar's Millions
9 14520 Russian Naval Infantry Ready to Embark
10 12031 French Soldiers Enduring the Hardships of Camp Life
11 11374 English Cavalry Horses Ready for the Front
12 11307 Third Scots Guards
13 11833 Indian Soldiers with Drawn Swords—30,000 of These Were on the English Battle Line in France
14 14797 Germany's Dreaded Foe in the East
15 14504 Russian Pacific Fleet
16 11774 French Fleet in Their Mediterranean Stronghold, Villefranche, France
17 16049 French Battleship at Close Range
18 16090 One of the Battleships With Which the English Hope to Bottle up Germany
19 16259 The "Indomitable"—An English Battleship Which Has Left Its Mark of Destruction on German Ships
20 6653 Scene of First Mobilization Which Precipitated the European War
21 10110 An Impregnable Belgium Fortress—Fortress and Bridge at Dinant, Belgium
22 10124 The Palace of the Court of Justice, Now Occupied by German Forces, Liege, Belgium
23 10120 Cathedral of St. Rombold, Showing Huge Clock on Tower, Now Completely Destroyed, Malines, Belgium
24 10122 Church of Notre Dame, Interior, Before It Was Destroyed by Shells, Malines, Belgium
25 10119 The Town Hall—the Only Building of Note left Standing in Louvain, Belgium
26 10137 "Oudeburg"—Castle of the Duke of Flanders—A Stronghold Founded in 868, Again Facing War Scenes Many Centuries Later, Ghent, Belgium
27 6602 A Russian Gun Dismantled by Implements of War
28 15619 Old Venetian Fort Commanding the Sea, Ragusa, Dalmatia, Austria Hungary
29 2111 Tower of London—After 200 Years Again the Scene of Capital Punishment in the Execution of a German Spy
30 3104 Notre Dame—The World Renowned Cathedral of Paris, France, Whose Tower was Wrecked by a Bomb From a German Dirigible

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