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Title List — Keystone View Company Set of 1916

48 30 Image Number


1 1 15625 Sarajevo from Porch of New Town Hall, Bosnia, Austria-Hungary—Scene of Murder of Crown Prince Which Started the Flame that Engulfed all Europe
2 2 10331 Band of Cuirassier Guards Marching to the Parade Ground, Berlin, Germany
3 3 16046 The 48th Highlanders of Toronto
4 4 14506 Part of the Czar's Millions
5   14797 Germany's Dreaded Foe in the East
6   10110 An Impregnable Belgium Fortress—Fortress and Bridge at Dinant, Belgium
7 5 18009 Trenches of the Allies Among the Dunes and Brambles on the Coast of Flanders
8 6 18003 In Flanders--Belgian Officers and Corporals Studying Maps and Giving Instructions to Subordinates
9   18002 Belgian Troops Advancing to Make A Bayonet Charge On the Coast of Flanders
10 7 18050 With the Belgian Army at the Front: Inspection of Rifles (European War)
11 8 11374 English Cavalry Horses Ready for the Front
12 9 18019 The King Edward Horse Guards, London, England (European War)
13   18054 A Part of England's Cosmopolitan Army
14 10 12031 French Soldiers Enduring the Hardships of Camp Life
15   18042 Shelters With Gardens Behind; In the French Trenches (European War)
16 11 18078 Army Mess Wagons Serving Hot Coffee to a Battery of Artillery after a Forced March to a Position in the Woods
17   18030 A Hussar Firing Through a Loophole, in the French Trenches (European War)
18 12 18034 One of the Famous French 75 Cannons Elevated for Firing at an Aeroplane (European War)
19   18036 Troop of French Cyclist Scouts in the Enemy's Country (European War)
20 13 18079 Inspecting a Pontoon Bridge in the French Section Nearing Completion
21   18064 Wooden Bridge Built Over River Meuse by Germans to Replace One Allies Destroyed in their Retreat from Belgium
22   18013 Ruins of a Mansion in the Pathway of the German Guns, Senlis, France
23   18080 French Aerial Scout Watching the Enemy While Infantry Takes an Advanced Position
24 14 18077 Preparing to Reconnoiter the Enemy's Position—Officers Entering the Cradle of a Captive Balloon
25 15 18000 Zeppelin Flying Over a German Town (European War)
26   10369 A Group of German Officers
27 16 18063 A Barber with the German Army Serving His Patrons in the Open
28   18029 German Machine Gun Division in Action (European War)
29 17 18052 Mounted Gun and German Gunners at Montmedy, a Town of the French Frontier, at Present Under Teutonic Power (European War)
30   18051 Guarding the Entrance to a Stronghold at Longwy, a Fortified French Town on the Belgian Frontier Held by German Forces (European Forces)
31   18026 Quarters for German Horses Used in Russian Poland, Eastern Zone
32 18 18060 Ready to Charge the Russian Lines
33 19 18066 Kaiser Wilhelm's Soldiers Studying the Mechanism of a Captured Russian Machine Gun
34 20 18067 Day Guard Doing Duty in the German Trenches on the Eastern Front
35 21 18061 Under Arrest Near the Danube River
36   18055 Artillery Maneuvers--The Decisive Factor of the Present War
37 22 6602 A Russian Gun Dismantled by Implements of War
38 23 18057 Spoils of War Captured in the Russian Retreat in the East
39 24 18001 Russian Lancers Riding Through the Main Street, "The Tachsen Place," Warsaw, Russia
40 25 18059 Russian Wounded in the Hospital
41   18053 Russian Officers as Prisoners
42 26 18065 A Pioneer of the Kaiser's Forests Shattered into Toothpicks by a Shell from the Russian Lines
43 27 18058 French Guns, Paris, France
44   15651 Finishing Projectiles at the Steel Works, Kapfenberg, Styria, Austria
45 28 16049 French Battleship Leon Gambetta Sunk in the Adriatic
46 29 16259 The "Indomitable"—An English Battleship Which Has Left Its Mark of Destruction on German Ships
47   16672 A Modern Type of Submarine--A Twentieth Century Product
48 30 14504 Russian Pacific Fleet

Thanks to Ralph Reiley for filling in the gaps of the full 48-view version.

It is probable that there was a 100-card version of this set. If so, it is likely to have included other cards in the 18000-18099 series. Titles of known cards in this series in addition to the ones above are listed in the table below. If you can fill in any gaps, please send the title and, if possible, a high-resolution scan in .jpg format to

Image Number


18005 The Allies Occupying the Trenches in the Dunes On the Coast of Flanders (European War)
18006 On the Coast of Flanders—Wounded Soldiers Falling in a Bayonet Charge on the Enemy (European War)
18007 The Allies Taking Posession of the Trenches in the Dunes On the Coast of Flanders (European War)
18008 Belgians Constructing Trenches on the Coast of Flanders in Anticipation of a German Attack (European War)
18010 Belgian Soldiers Issuing Forth in Order, With a Running Pace (double quick time), to Take Possession of the Trenches (European War)
18011 The Allies in Possession of the Trenches Among the Dunes on the Coast of Flanders—Fighting Ground in the Front (European War)
18012 Soldiers of the Allies Firing from the Trenches, On the Western Battle Line of the European War
18016 The "Royal Engineers" Leaving England for the Front (European War)
18017 Ruins of a Mansion in the Pathway of the German Guns, Senlis, France (European War)
18018 Soldiers of the Allies Tracking a Sniper (European War)
18020 Soldiers of the Allies Shooting a Spy (European War)
18021 The Allies Building Shelters in the Trenches, Western Zone of the European War
18022 King's Liverpool Regiment Off to the Front (European War)
18023 The Allies Digging Trenches in the Western Zone of the European War
18024 Ruins on Rue de Paris After the Bombardment by (Germans), Creil, France (European War)
18028 In the Harvest Field, Germany—Women and Children Taking the Place of the Men at the Front
18031 An Officer's Dugout in the French Trenches (European War)
18032 Graves of French Heroes Within the Trenches, Impossible to Bury Outside Because of Continued Bombardment (European War)
18033 A Peaceful Scene in the Trenches—At the Front (European War)
18038 "Sniping" at the Enemy from the French Trenches (European War)
18043 In the French Trenches; Infantry Soldier on Observation Duty (European War)
18046 Commissariat Train Leaving Supply Station (European War)
18047 Ruins of a Sugar Mill Bombarded by the Germans (European War)
18048 View Showing Interior of Sugar Mill Bombarded by the Germans (European War)
18049 Some of the Re-Formed Belgian Army at the Front. (European War)
18062 Death Dealing Devices of Ancient and Modern Times Captured by the Allied Forces
18069 Terraced Trenches in Quick Sand. Built by German Soldiers in a Pine Forest on the Eastern Front
18071 The Armored Tractor—The War Tank—Moves from the Railway Truck
18072 German Soldiers' Graves and Crude Monument for the Men Who Fell on the Eastern Battle Lines
18073 German Soldiers Occupying Trenches on Captured Russian Lands
18075 German Soldiers on the Eastern Front Enjoying a Brief Respite in the Forest While Awaiting Rations
18076 German Look-Out Guard in the Loft of a Wrecked Russian Barn
18081 Awaiting the Signal to Fire—French 120 Gun Trained on the Enemy's Position
18082 An alarm in Camp! Approach of Enemy Aeroplane, France
18083 France's Sturdy Sons Still Roll Forward—On the Way to the Trenches
18085 Autotruck Taking a Heavy Gun Into Action Near Verdun, France
18087 Interment of the Fallen Brave in the Cemetery of Villers au Bois, France
18088 German Heavy Shells Bursting in Front of the British Trenches at Loos, France
18090 Red Cross Workers from India with Troops in France—British Officer Inspecting Breakfast Preparations
18092 With the Indian Army in Flanders (Belgium) Preparing Breakfast
18093 French Scouts in a Vineyard in the Champagne District
18094 Devout Mohammedans at the Hour of Prayer; With the Troops in France
18097 Tired, Hungry Frenchmen—Heroes of the Trenches Retiring for a Rest After Hours of Ceaseless Fighting, France
18098 With the French Army in the Dardanelles. Camp of the African Cavalry (Chasseurs d'Afrique)
18099 Decorating With Medaille Militaire. Adjutant Dambrine, Severely Wounded at Ablain St. Nazaire, France

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