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Title List — Keystone View Company First Set of 1919


Image Number


1 15625 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia—Scene of Murder of Crown Prince which Started Flame that Engulfed All Europe
2 16046 The 48th Highlanders of Toronto
3 14506 Part of the Czar's Millions
4 14797 Germany's Dreaded Foe in the East
5 11374 English Cavalry Horses Ready for the Front
6 18098 With the French Army in the Dardanelles. Camp of the African Cavalry (Chasseurs d'Afrique)
7 18054 A Part of England's Cosmopolitan Army
8 12031 French Soldiers Enduring the Hardships of Camp Life
9 18050 With the Belgian Army at the Front: Inspection of Rifles
10 18009 Trenches of the Allies Among the Dunes and Brambles on the Coast of Flanders
11 18630 Marshall Joffre and Other High Officials of the French Army at Sheltered Headquarters Near the Front
12 18079 Inspecting a Nearly Completed Pontoon Bridge in the French Sector of the West Front
13 18078 Army Mess Wagons Serving Hot Coffee to a Battery of Artillery after a Forced March to a Position in the Woods
14 18627 An Army Kitchen Behind the Firing Line
15 18601 Barricade in Streets of Eclusiers, France, M'lle Semner, Heroine, and Soldiers in Foreground
16 18633 French Soldiers Resting In The Trenches
17 18603 Camp of French Artillerymen. Enjoying Well-earned Rest from Trench Warfare
18 18097 Tired, Hungry Frenchmen—Heroes of the Trenches Retiring for a Rest After Hours of Ceaseless Fighting
19 18655 French Troops on Their Return from the Firing Line in the Region of Verdun
20 18608 French Field Hospital—Locating Bullet With X-Ray Machine
21 18059 Russian Wounded in the Hospital
22 18650 German Prisoners, Under Guard of French Soldiers, Were Humanely Treated by the Allies
23 18615 German Wounded Prisoners Succored and Tended by the Allies, Who, Contrary to the Practice of the Germans, Treat the Wounded Kindly
24 18099 Decorating With Medaille Militaire. Adjutant Dambrine, Severely Wounded at Ablain St. Nazaire,France
25 18613 Sacrificed on Altar of German Militarism—Arrival of Dead at Military Cemetery, Villers au Bois
26 18629 Searching the Ruins, "Somewhere in France"
27 18607 Ruined Church at Sompul, France. In Foreground, Graves of Staff of General Barbode (Nine Officers) Killed by Same German Shell
28 18055 Artillery Maneuvers—The Decisive Factor of the Present War
29 18058 French Guns, Paris, France
30 18631 Off for Berlin! High Power Autotruck Delivering Large Cannon to the Firing Line in France
31 18085 Autotruck Taking a Heavy Gun Into Action Near Verdun, France
32 18609 Raining Death and Destruction on Prussian Ranks—French No. 75 Gun Concealed to Cover Advance of Infantry on German Defenses
33 18652 Bursting of a Shell; The Gun is Out of Sight Miles and Miles Away
34 18651 A French 155-mm Gun Trained on the German Trenches
35 18640 French Gunners Adjusting Large Cannon Mounted on Railway Track—France
36 06602 A Russian Gun Dismantled by Implements of War
37 18653 No Obstacle Stops the Soldiers of Democracy. Carrying a 65 Mountain Gun in Sections Over the Mountainous Passes
38 18656 Liquid Fire Gun Captured from the Germans in the Somme by Our Troops
39 18658 Church Bell of a Village of Champagne, Used As a Warning for Gas Attacks
40 18065 A Pioneer of the Kaiser's Forests Shattered into Toothpicks by a Shell from the Russian Lines
41 18612 Shooting German Airplanes—Aircraft Gun Concealed in the Woods
42 18080 Airplane on Scout Duty with French Troops—France
43 18654 A Flock of French Fliers Ready for Action On the Battle Line. Nieuport Airplanes With Guns
44 18077 Preparing to Reconnoiter the Enemy's Position—Officers Entering the Cradle of a Captive Balloon
45 18000 Zeppelin Flying Over a German Town—Lower Valley of the Rhine
46 18632 Zeppelin Wrecked and Burned—Ruins Being Inspected by French Troops
47 16259 British Battle Cruiser "Indomitable," Which Sunk the German Battle Cruiser Bluecher
48 14504 Russian Pacific Fleet
49 19000 President Wilson Addressing Congress on Question of International Peace and Imminent Danger of War
50 19102 The Battle of the Tanks
51 19062 Prominent Washington Women that Will Help Feed the Armies of the Nation by Organizing Kitchen Economy Under Dr. Kay Lyman Wilbur
52 18335 Marshall Joffre, Viviant, Chocheprat and Fabry—French War Commission—With Gov. Lowden and State Officials at Tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, Ill.
53 19031 Sec'y. McAdoo Receiving from Miss Stinson Large Sum Collected for Red Cross in Aeroplane Flight from Buffalo to Washington, D.C.
54 19064 For Five Hours New York's Citizen Army Poured by this Reviewing Stand, Twenty Men Abreast
55 19089 Sousa's Famous Marine Band Playing on South Steps of Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.
56 19074 "Parade Rest"—Naval Training Station
57 18334 "Volley Fire!" by Two Student Companies of the University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.
58 17389 Our Boys Responding to Uncle Sam's Call
59 19058 "He went not forth as a leader of men, A place in the ranks was enough for him"
60 19057 "Making the World Safe for Democracy"—Our Boys Training for the Firing Line
61 18360 Building Barbed Wire Entanglements—Reserve Officers in Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Illinois
62 19085 A Touch of Winter in a National Army Cantonment
63 19096 Sunshine Keeps Our Soldiers Healthy, Daily Sunning of Equipment
64 19095 The Best Fed Men in the World—American Soldiers With Appetites Rockefeller Would Envy
65 19093 American Soldiers Wash Their Own Dishes and they Must Pass Inspection
66 19080 Mess Time Out on the Rifle Range of a Southern Cantonment
67 19063 The Heart of the Nation—Every Mother's Son Ready to do His Duty. Calisthenics in the Army
68 19100 Our Answer to the Kaiser—3,000 of America's Millions Eager to Fight
69 19065 Digging Trenches
70 18359 Target Practice With Automatic Pistol. Reserve Officers' Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Ill.
71 19097 Learning How to Give the Huns a Taste of American Steel
72 19094 Learning How to Make Roads for the Final March to Berlin
73 19098 The Boys Appreciate a Rest During Their Long Marches
74 19083 Rest Period in Company Barracks in a Southern Cantonment
75 19028 Preparedness—Sammies on Guard at Roosevelt Irrigation Dam, near Phoenix, Ariz.
76 21784 South Over Gatun Locks and Gatun Lake. Emergency Dam in Position—A Busy Scene on the Panama Canal
77 17391 Love Bids Him Stay, But Duty Calls to the Man in Khaki
78 19070 One of New York's Greatest Military Spectacles The "Rainbow" Division Parading in Honor of Citizen
79 19001 German Ships Seized by Uncle Sam, The Vaterland—the Largest Ship Afloat Transports 10,000 Soldiers
80 19034 Naval Reserves from Portsmouth (N.H.) Navy Yard Leaving Charlestown (Mass.) Navy Yard on Scow Towed by Tug
81 19004 Four of our Submarines in Dry Dock in Government Navy Yard
82 16586 The Battleship Fleet Entering Hampton Roads, Va.
83 16667 Submarines in the Foreground, Battleships and Torpedo Boats in the Background, San Diego Bay, California
84 16540 The Torpedo Boat Flotilla of the Battleship Fleet in Portland Harbor
85 19007 Forward Turret and Bridge of U.S.S. Maryland
86 14127 U.S. Battleship Kentucky
87 14254 Playing Backgammon During a Leisure Hour—One of the Diversions on Board a Battleship
88 14253 A Sailor's Sewing Day Reminds Him Keenly of Home and Mother—Life on Board a Battleship
89 14250 Marines and Sailors Dispersing after an Assembly Aft for Instructions—Life on Board a Battleship
90 14249 Bugler Calling Marines and Sailors to Assemble for Instruction Life on Board a Battleship
91 09367 Gunners on Board U. S. Battleship New York Loading 5-Inch Gun
92 19079 "Over the Top"—American Soldiers Answering the Bugle Call to "Charge"
93 19049 Lieut. LeMaitre of French Aviation Forces, Explaining "Nieuport" Airplane, Fortress Monroe,Va.
94 19019 Doing Their Bit—Students at McKinley Manual Training High School, Washington, D.C., With 4-Inch Shells They Have Made
95 19053 Projectile Weighing 1070 Lbs.—Powder 325 Lbs. One Load for the 12-inch Disappearing Gun [Ft. Monroe]
96 19052 The Heavy 12-Inch Mortars That Protect the Stars and Stripes—Gun Crew Loading Ready to Fire
97 19051 12-inch Disappearing Coast Defense Gun Elevated for Firing, Fortress Monroe, Va.
98 19009 Howitzer Used in Trench Warfare; 500 Lb. High Explosive Shell in Air
99 19050 Preparing for the Firing Line—Loading a 3-Inch Field Gun
100 19103 Our Allies Welcoming American Boys Across the Water
101 11948 President Wilson Landing from the Transport George Washington at Brest, France
102 19132 General Pershing, Commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces, Conversing with a Group of Officers
103 18683 President Poincare at the Front, France
104 18682 Generals Cadorna and Duport in Consultation Previous to an Attack
105 18674 German Dead Strew the Land Where Once Again the Thrifty French Farmer Will Ply His Peaceful Trade
106 18672 Artillery Observation Post in the Estrees District of the Somme Salient
107 18671 The Armored Tractor—the War Tank—Moves from the Railway Truck to the Platform Under Its Own Power
108 18675 Our "Sammie" Buys an American Newspaper at the Front
109 18673 French Soldiers Bringing a Huge "370" Gun into Position with a Rope
110 19134 Inauguration of the Wilson Bridge at Lyons, France—American Troops Passing Over the Bridge
111 18681 Light Railway and Hillside Dugouts near La Harazee, Argonne Forest
112 19137 American Troops Marching Past Official Reviewing Stand, Chaumont, France
113 19135 American Troops Passing Through Chalons Sur Marne
114 18678 French Troops and Transport on "The Sacred Road," During the Battle of Verdun, 1916
115 18680 German Airplane Brought Down Near Quennevieres in the Oise District
116 18684 Making Use of a Railroad Built by British Troops to Carry Turkish Prisoners to Egypt
117 18648 In the Marne. A Sheltered 75 Carefully Hidden From the Enemy's Sight
118 18606 Heroes from the Front. French Wounded Delivered at Hospital Station from Red Cross Train
119 18670 A French Tank—One of the Allies' Answers to Barbed Wire Entanglements and Machine Gun Nests
120 18661 Italian Soldiers and Artillery Piece
121 19136 General Gouraud Reviewing American Troops
122 18664 Partners of Americans in Marne Counter-Offensive—French Moroccan Troops on Villers-Cotteret Road
123 19110 Billy, the Mascot, Expects to Eat Tin Cans in Berlin Some Day
124 11307 Third Scots Guards
125 16049 French Battleship Leon Gambetta Sunk in the Adriatic
126 11833 Indian Soldiers with Drawn Swords—30,000 of These Were on the English Battle Line in France
127 11243 On the Way to the Front—Italian Troops Passing the Arch of Peace, Milan, Italy
128 18048 View Showing Interior of Sugar Mill Bombarded by the Germans
129 18082 An alarm in Camp! Approach of Enemy Aeroplane, France
130 18031 An Officer's Dugout in the French Trenches (Eur. War)
131 18030 A Hussar Firing Through a Loophole, in the French Trenches
132 18061 Under Arrest Near the Danube River
133 18033 A Peaceful Scene in the Trenches—At the Front
134 18001 Russian Lancers Riding Through the Main Street, "The Tachsen Place," Warsaw, Russia
135 18617 French Troops Entering Village Captured from the Enemy
136 18081 Death and Destruction Follow the Thunder of This French 120 Gun Trained on Prussian Lines
137 18043 In the French Trenches; Infantry Soldier on Observation Duty
138 18094 Devout Mohammedans at the Hour of Prayer; With the Troops in France
139 18057 Spoils of War Captured in the Russian Retreat in the East
140 18083 France's Sturdy Sons Still Roll Forward—On the Way to the Trenches
141 18090 Red Cross Workers from India with Troops in France—British Officer Inspecting Breakfast Preparations
142 18644 A Troop of the British Colonials that Have Deprived Germany of Her African Possessions
143 19005 Looking Straight Up Through a Wireless Signal Tower on a Battleship
144 18036 Troop of French Cyclist Scouts in the Enemy's Country
145 18088 British Troops Rush On Despite the Bursting of German Shells in Their Path, Loos, France
146 18611 French Engineers Building a Pontoon Bridge for the Great Advance—Lining Up the Pontoons
147 18060 Ready to Charge the Russian Lines
148 18016 The "Royal Engineers" Leaving England for the Front
149 18013 Ruins of a Mansion in the Pathway of the German Guns, Senlis, France
150 18046 Commissariat Train Leaving Supply Station (Eur. War)
151 18610 One 105 Gun that has Fired its Last Shot for Prussian Autocracy. Captured in a Recent Allied Drive
152 08044 Breech Mechanism Department (Navy Yard), Washington, D.C.
153 19014 Knitting and Sewing Class—National Service Camp for Girls, Washington, D.C.
154 19027 Lord Northcliffe—England's Fearless Publisher and British Business Agent in America, Leaving State Dept., Washington, D.C.
155 19012 President Wilson on the Stand at the Dedication of the New American Red Cross Society Building, Washington, D.C.
156 19060 Elks Club War Commission to Raise $1,000,000 Red Cross Fund, at the White House, Washington, D.C.
157 17385 An Enthusiastic Contingent of Women Marchers, Preparedness Parade, Washington, D.C. June 14th, 1916
158 17386 Red Cross Float passing Reviewing Stand, Preparedness Parade, Washington, D.C. June 14th, 1916
159 17387 U.S. Marines, Preparedness Parade, Washington, D.C. June 14th, 1916
160 17388 First President in History to Participate in a Public Parade—Even on Foot—President Wilson Marching in First Division, Preparedness Parade, Washington, D.C. June 14th, 1916
161 18338 Fitting Out the Men with New Equipment, 6th Regiment Infantry at Camp Lowden, Illinois
162 18337 6th Regt. Inf. At Camp Lowden, Ill.
163 18336 Answering Their Country's Call—Students Drilling, Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois
164 18333 "Present Arms!" Students at the University of Illinois at Drill, Urbana, Ill.
165 18332 At Mess—Sixth Regt, Illinois Infantry
166 18331 Kneeling for Volley Fire—Sixth Regt, Illinois Infantry
167 18330 "Attention!" Co. I of the 6th Regt, Illinois Infantry
168 18362 Marching Drill—Reserve Officers in Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Ill.
169 18361 Red Cross Ambulance Company, U. of Chicago, Taking the Oath, on the Midway, Chicago, Ill.
170 18364 Practice in Giving Commands, ROTC Company, Chicago, Ill.
171 19047 Out for a Hike—Troops Fully Equipped, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
172 19045 Company at Attention Fully Equipped for a Hike, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
173 19044 Our Boys in the Trenches—Aiming at Machine Gun Crew, Ft. Snelling, Minnesota
174 19043 Bayonet Drill—Learning the Fundamental Principle of Bayonet Fighting, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
175 19040 Machine Gun Company Going Forward to Position, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
176 19039 Field Lecture on Infantry Manual, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
177 19036 Dress Parade—Company in Line Without Arms, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
178 19032 Naval Reserve Class 4 "Rookie Drill" Manual of Arms—Shoulder Arms! Charlestown Navy Yard, Mass.
179 19029 Russian War Commission Arriving at Union Station, Washington, D.C. Sec'y Lansing and Ambassador Boris A. Bahmetieff in Front
180 17390 Farewell to Friends and Home Folks—Soldiers Leaving for the Front
181 19021 A Company of the Reserve Officers—In Training at Fort Meyer, Va.
182 17370 A Detachment of U.S. Infantry and Quarters in Mexico
183 17361 Machine Gun Equipment of the 23rd U.S. Infantry
184 17362 Loophole Protected from Shrapnel Five-Man Deep Trenches as Used by Our Soldiers in Mexico
185 19118 Uncle Sam Provides for Comfort of His Soldiers. Colored Troops en Route
186 19121 After the War Was Won. The Battleship Nevada Lying in the Hudson River
187 19131 Returning to France for More Troops, the Leviathan Carries Back 200 Polish Recruits to Aid in Forming the New Polish Gov't.
188 19108 Supper is Over and the Day's Work is Done—Colored Troops Washing Their Supper Dishes
189 19086 President Woodrow Wilson Reviewing Reserve Officers Graduated from Fort Myer Training School
190 19091 Bidding Farewell to the Homeland
191 19002 New York Harbor from Woolworth Tower. Could the German Fleet Get by Fortifications & Capture the City as Military Men Tell Us?
192 19059 Granting Commissions to Reserve Officers—Pres. And Mrs. Wilson, Sec'y. Baker and Gen. Scott, Fort Myer, Va.
193 11952 Boston's First Reception to Pres. Wilson is the Occasion of His Return from France, February 24, 1919
194 19122 Safe Home Again in the "Land of the Free!" Transport George Washington
195 19123 Back Again to the Homeland—U.S. Transport George Washington Touching the Pier at New York
196 19124 They didn't Come Back Till "Twas Over, Over There." Troops Landing from the George Washington, [NY]
197 19127 U.S. Battleships Serve as Transports in Bringing Our Troops Home—The Louisiana at Dock in New York Harbor
198 19128 The New York City Skyline Brings a Thrill to the Heart of Every Returning Doughboy—U.S.S. Louisiana
199 19120 "Home Again! Home Again! America for Me." Return of U.S. Fleet. Greatest Review in American History. 6th Battle Squadron in Hudson River
200 19125 Miles of Autos in Parade in Honor of Returning Soldiers—Fifth Ave. North from 40th St., New York City

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