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Title List — Keystone View Company Second Set of 1919

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1 15625 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia—Scene of Murder of Crown Prince which Started Flame that Engulfed All Europe
2 16046 The 48th Highlanders of Toronto
3 14506 Part of the Czar's Millions
4 14797 Germany's Dreaded Foe in the East
5 11374 English Cavalry Horses Ready for the Front
6 18718 Section where Horses Were Quartered, Detachment of British Cavalry
7 18098 With the French Army in the Dardanelles. Camp of the African Cavalry (Chasseurs d'Afrique)
8 18054 A Part of England's Cosmopolitan Army
9 06653 Scene of First Mobilization Which Precipitated the European War
10 12031 French Soldiers Enduring the Hardships of Camp Life
11 18050 With the Belgian Army at the Front: Inspection of Rifles
12 18094 Devout Mohammedans at the Hour of Prayer; With the Troops in France
13 18664 Partners of Americans in Marne Counter-Offensive—French Moroccan Troops on Villers-Cotteret Road
14 18644 A Troop of the British Colonials that Have Deprived Germany of Her African Possessions
15 18704 Belgians Defending Bridge Across Canal, Flanders
16 18009 Trenches of the Allies Among the Dunes and Brambles on the Coast of Flanders
17 18010 Belgian Soldiers Issuing Forth in Order, With a Running Pace
18 18707 British Royal Engineers Constructing Second Line Trenches in Flanders
19 18630 Marshall Joffre and Other High Officials of the French Army at Sheltered Headquarters Near the Front
20 01641 Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris, France
21 03104 Notre Dame, Paris, France
22 18001 Russian Lancers Riding Through the Main Street, "The Tachsen Place," Warsaw, Russia
23 18688 Russian Troops Taking Brief Rest on Banks of River. Pontoon Bridge in Background
24 18689 A Bristling Forest of Bayonets; Russian Troops on Review
25 18691 Fighting Russians on the March
26 18686 Russians Attacking
27 18690 A Business of War; Russian Soldiers Guarding Cattle Used for Food
28 18642 Meat for the Boys in the Trenches-An Important Result of Meatless Days
29 18719 Baking Bread for the Fighters in the Trenches
30 18078 Army Mess Wagons Serving Hot Coffee to a Battery of Artillery after a Forced March to a Position in the Woods
31 18627 An Army Kitchen Behind the Firing Line
32 18679 Troops Going to Rest After the Battle of Vaux in the Verdun Section
33 18036 Troop of French Cyclist Scouts in the Enemy's Country
34 18083 France's Sturdy Sons Still Roll Forward—On the Way to the Trenches
35 18069 Terraced Trenches in Quick Sand. Built by German Soldiers in a Pine Forest on the Eastern Front
36 18043 In the French Trenches; Infantry Soldier on Observation Duty
37 18665 French Lines Captured from the Enemy by the Marine Fusileers
38 18647 On the Side of Mount Volskopf (Haut Rhin), Detachment of Mountain Artillery Battery
39 18672 Artillery Observation Post in the Estrees District of the Somme Salient
40 18666 Tatoi Trenches in the Croisettes Wood Showing Officers in Consultation…Before the Attack...Somme
41 18633 French Soldiers Resting In The Trenches
42 18667 General De Puydraguen Coming Out of a Trench Near Lac Blanc in the Vosges Section
43 18097 Tired, Hungry Frenchmen—Heroes of the Trenches Retiring for a Rest After Hours of Ceaseless Fighting
44 18655 French Troops on Their Return from the Firing Line in the Region of Verdun
45 18603 Camp of French Artillerymen. Enjoying Well-earned Rest from Trench Warfare
46 18668 The Entry to a Covered Trench in the District of Asiago in Italy
47 18711 Looking E. on Italian Front. Foreground. Italian Trenches of Resistance Built after Territory Was Won from Enemy
48 18060 Ready to Charge the Russian Lines
49 18650 German Prisoners, Under Guard of French Soldiers, Were Humanely Treated by the Allies
50 18662 From All Along the Battle Lines These German Prisoners Filed into France
51 18674 German Dead Strew the Land Where Once Again the Thrifty French Farmer Will Ply His Peaceful Trade
52 18687 Identifying Russian Dead Before Burial
53 18613 Sacrificed on Altar of German Militarism—Arrival of Dead at Military Cemetery, Villers au Bois
54 18717 Cemetery Near Sdransina Where Many Heroic Italian Dead Are Buried
55 18703 British Red Cross ambulance in French Service; Northern France
56 18657 Taking Away the Wounded in Motor Ambulance (Somme)
57 18608 French Field Hospital—Locating Bullet With X-Ray Machine
58 18059 Russian Wounded in the Hospital
59 18606 Heroes from the Front. French Wounded Delivered at Hospital Station from Red Cross Train
60 18641 On the Way to "Blighty"—The British soldier's Word for England and Home!
61 18723 Hospital Established in Church
62 19008 X-Ray machine for Determining Extent of Injuries
63 18099 Decorating With Medaille Militaire. Adjutant Dambrine, Severely Wounded at Ablain St. Nazaire,France
64 18048 View Showing Interior of Sugar Mill Bombarded by the Germans
65 18607 Ruined Church at Sompul, France. In Foreground, Graves of Staff of General Barbode (Nine Officers) Killed by Same German Shell
66 18706 Ruins of Famous Church at St. Albert, France
67 18629 Searching the Ruins, "Somewhere in France"
68 18722 Italian Front, Showing Trenches, Barbed Wire Entanglements and Destroyed Chemical Factory
69 18721 Interior Ruined Church, Town of Quero, in Section Where Great Italian Victory Was Won
70 18720 Castle of Duino, Destroyed During War, as Seen from Old Castle of Duino, Gulf of Trieste in Distance
71 18618 Evidence of German "Kulture"—Church at Ecriennes, France, Shattered by a German Shell
72 18016 The "Royal Engineers" Leaving England for the Front
73 18708 British Royal Engineers Transporting Cavalry Horses Across a River
74 18079 Inspecting a Nearly Completed Pontoon Bridge in the French Sector of the West Front
75 18678 French Troops and Transport on "The Sacred Road," During the Battle of Verdun, 1916
76 18604 More "Pills" for the Enemy; Arrival of Munition Train at the Front
77 18058 French Guns, Paris, France
78 18055 Artillery Maneuvers—The Decisive Factor of the Present War
79 18646 Telescope Captured from the Germans
80 18631 Off for Berlin! High Power Autotruck Delivering Large Cannon to the Firing Line in France
81 18085 Autotruck Taking a Heavy Gun Into Action Near Verdun, France
82 18705 French 75 Millimeter Guns in Ambush Near German Trenches
83 18088 British Troops Rush On Despite the Bursting of German Shells in Their Path, Loos, France
84 18651 A French 155-mm Gun Trained on the German Trenches
85 18652 Bursting of a Shell; The Gun is Out of Sight Miles and Miles Away
86 18625 Training a French Trench Mortar; These are easily carried by 2 men and throw a bomb which causes much destruction
87 18673 French Soldiers Bringing a Huge "370" Gun into Position with a Rope
88 18640 French Gunners Adjusting Large Cannon Mounted on Railway Track—France
89 18635 High Power Guns Mounted on Railway Truck, and Under Camouflage Protection, France
90 18610 One 105 Gun that has Fired its Last Shot for Prussian Autocracy. Captured in a Recent Allied Drive
91 06602 A Russian Gun Dismantled by Implements of War
92 18065 A Pioneer of the Kaiser's Forests Shattered into Toothpicks by a Shell from the Russian Lines
93 18649 Large German Shells Found in Their Destroyed Trenches
94 18653 No Obstacle Stops the Soldiers of Democracy. Carrying a 65 Mountain Gun in Sections Over the Mountainous Passes
95 18658 Church Bell of a Village of Champagne, Used As a Warning for Gas Attacks
96 18656 Liquid Fire Gun Captured from the Germans in the Somme by Our Troops
97 18710 Abandoned Austrian Marine Gun Captured by the Allies on the Italian Front
98 18670 A French Tank—One of the Allies' Answers to Barbed Wire Entanglements and Machine Gun Nests
99 18676 How France Aided Her Fighters—Renault Tanks Going to the Front
100 19149 Huge Armored Tank Making Its Way Through a Smoke Screen
101 18082 An alarm in Camp! Approach of Enemy Aeroplane, France
102 19049 Lieut. LeMaitre of French Aviation Forces, Explaining "Nieuport" Airplane, Fortress Monroe,Va.
103 18654 A Flock of French Fliers Ready for Action On the Battle Line. Nieuport Airplanes With Guns
104 18080 Airplane on Scout Duty with French Troops—France
105 18077 Preparing to Reconnoiter the Enemy's Position—Officers Entering the Cradle of a Captive Balloon
106 18000 Zeppelin Flying Over a German Town—Lower Valley of the Rhine
107 18612 Shooting German Airplanes—Aircraft Gun Concealed in the Woods
108 18632 Zeppelin Wrecked and Burned—Ruins Being Inspected by French Troops
109 18680 German Airplane Brought Down Near Quennevieres in the Oise District
110 11774 French Fleet in Their Mediterranean Stronghold, Villefranche, France
111 16259 British Battle Cruiser "Indomitable," Which Sunk the German Battle Cruiser Bluecher
112 16049 French Battleship Leon Gambetta Sunk in the Adriatic
113 14504 Russian Pacific Fleet
114 18683 President Poincare at the Front, France
115 18682 Generals Cadorna and Duport in Consultation Previous to an Attack
116 19133 Marshall Foch, General Pershing, Madame Joffre, Marshall Joffre, and General Dubail, at Paris
117 19000 President Wilson Addressing Congress on Question of International Peace and Imminent Danger of War
118 18335 Marshall Joffre, Viviant, Chocheprat and Fabry—French War Commission—With Gov. Lowden and State Officials at Tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, Ill.
119 19064 For Five Hours New York's Citizen Army Poured by this Reviewing Stand, Twenty Men Abreast
120 19096 Sunshine Keeps Our Soldiers Healthy, Daily Sunning of Equipment
121 19116 A Pleasant View Through Camp Forest, Chickamauga Park, Chattanooga
122 19085 A Touch of Winter in a National Army Cantonment
123 19093 American Soldiers Wash Their Own Dishes and they Must Pass Inspection
124 19083 Rest Period in Company Barracks in a Southern Cantonment
125 19114 The Democracy of Army Life Finds Its Fulfillment at the Mess Table
126 18334 "Volley Fire!" by Two Student Companies of the University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.
127 19095 The Best Fed Men in the World—American Soldiers With Appetites Rockefeller Would Envy
128 19068 1918 Graduating Class at Naval Academy, Annapolis, Which Were Graduated One Year Earlier
129 18365 "Attention!"—Reserve Officers Receiving Instruction in Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Ill.
130 19063 The Heart of the Nation—Every Mother's Son Ready to do His Duty. Calisthenics in the Army
131 19097 Learning How to Give the Huns a Taste of American Steel
132 19074 "Parade Rest"—Naval Training Station
133 19072 Naval Commander Inspecting Rifles at a Naval Training Station
134 19089 Sousa's Famous Marine Band Playing on South Steps of Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.
135 19162 Fighters from the United States Navy—One of the "Reasons Why" We Won
136 17391 Love Bids Him Stay, But Duty Calls to the Man in Khaki
137 19070 One of New York's Greatest Military Spectacles The "Rainbow" Division Parading in Honor of Citizen
138 19091 Bidding Farewell to the Homeland
139 19130 The Leviathan, Formerly the German S.S. Vaterland, the Largest Transport in our Service, Returning to France for More Troops
140 19103 Our Allies Welcoming American Boys Across the Water
141 19118 Uncle Sam Provides for Comfort of His Soldiers; Colored Troops en Route
142 19134 Inauguration of the Wilson Bridge at Lyons, France—American Troops Passing Over the Bridge
143 19132 General Pershing, Commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces, Conversing with a Group of Officers
144 19137 American Troops Marching Past Official Reviewing Stand, Chaumont, France
145 19136 General Gouraud Reviewing American Troops
146 19100 Our Answer to the Kaiser—3,000 of America's Millions Eager to Fight
147 17389 Our Boys Responding to Uncle Sam's Call
148 19058 "He went not forth as a leader of men, A place in the ranks was enough for him"
149 19057 "Making the World Safe for Democracy"—Our Boys Training for the Firing Line
150 19094 Learning How to Make Roads for the Final March to Berlin
151 19065 Digging Trenches
152 19080 Mess Time Out on the Rifle Range of a Southern Cantonment
153 19098 The Boys Appreciate a Rest During Their Long Marches
154 18675 Our "Sammie" Buys an American Newspaper at the Front
155 18659 The Comforts of a "Smoke"—In the Trenches in the Wooded Hills of the Argonne Salient
156 18660 A Few of America's Millions—Sheltered Bunks in the Carre Wood near Avocourt in the Meuse Section
157 18360 Building Barbed Wire Entanglements—Reserve Officers in Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Illinois
158 19079 "Over the Top"—American Soldiers Answering the Bugle Call to "Charge"
159 18725 Strong Dugouts in Holes Under Huge Rocks, in Belleau Woods, France
160 18724 Holes Torn Out by Huge Shells; Where Our Boys Fought in Belleau Woods
161 19161 American Men in Service Visiting the Ruined Village of Belleau
162 19160 Burial Ground in Belleau, France, for American Men Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice "Over There"
163 19159 American Cemetery Beside Road Leading into Belleau Woods, France
164 18716 Looking South over Chateau-Thierry from the Ramparts of the Old Chateau
165 18715 View of Famous Bridge Over the Marne, toward Hotel de Ville and Heights of Old Chateau
166 18714 Church of Saint Crepin Where 208 Prisoners Were Held by the Germans, as Seen from Avenue Jules LeFerre. Chateau-Thierry, France
167 18712 Gateway to the Old Chateau at Chateau-Thierry
168 19157 The Y.M.C.A. at Chateau-Thierry
169 18713 French Girls Looking at Ruins in Village Courteass on Road to Belleau Wood near Chateau-Thierry
170 19158 American Soldiers "Doing" Paris in a Y.M.C.A. Sight-seeing Automobile
171 08044 Breech Mechanism Department (Navy Yard), Washington, D.C.
172 19052 The Heavy 12-Inch Mortars That Protect the Stars and Stripes—Gun Crew Loading Ready to Fire
173 19051 12-inch Disappearing Coast Defense Gun Elevated for Firing, Fortress Monroe, Va.
174 19053 Projectile Weighing 1070 Lbs.—Powder 325 Lbs. One Load for the 12-inch Disappearing Gun. Fortress Monroe, Va.
175 19050 Preparing for the Firing Line—Loading a 3-Inch Field Gun
176 19009 Howitzer Used in Trench Warfare; 500 Lb. High Explosive Shell in Air
177 16586 The Battleship Fleet Entering Hampton Roads, Va.
178 19007 Forward Turret and Bridge of U.S.S. Maryland
179 14253 A Sailor's Sewing Day Reminds Him Keenly of Home and Mother—Life on Board a Battleship
180 14254 Playing Backgammon During a Leisure Hour—One of the Diversions on Board a Battleship
181 14250 Marines and Sailors Dispersing after an Assembly Aft for Instructions—Life on Board a Battleship
182 14249 Bugler Calling Marines and Sailors to Assemble for Instruction. Life on Board a Battleship
183 09367 Gunners on Board U. S. Battleship New York Loading 5-Inch Gun
184 19147 Deck of U.S. Battleship Pennsylvania
185 19004 Four of our Submarines in Dry Dock in Government Navy Yard
186 16667 Submarines in the Foreground, Battleships and Torpedo Boats in the Background, San Diego Bay, California
187 16540 The Torpedo Boat Flotilla of the Battleship Fleet in Portland Harbor
188 10304 Throne Room, Royal Palace, Berlin, Germany
189 11949 Pres. Wilson and Miss Margaret Wilson Passing Down the Gangplank from the George Washington at Brest
190 18695 Arch of Triumph with German War Trophies, Paris, France
191 18699 British Officer Inspecting Captured German Tank "Elfriede," Place de la Concorde, Paris, France
192 18697 "Grand Place" of Devastated Arras, Section Visited by Peace Conference Delegates, France
193 19121 After the War Was Won; The Battleship Nevada Lying in the Hudson River
194 19128 The New York City Skyline Brings a Thrill to the Heart of Every Returning Doughboy—U.S.S. Louisiana
195 19127 U.S. Battleships Serve as Transports in Bringing Our Troops Home—The Louisiana at Dock in New York Harbor
196 19129 View of Main Turrets of U.S.S. Louisiana—Happy Homecoming Soldiers on Deck
197 19163 Hail to the Heroes! Returning Troops on March Enroute to Camp After Leaving Trans. Newport News, Va.
198 19141 Heroes All, Were They! The Gallant 27th of New York
199 19138 Fighters Who Broke the Hindenburg Line Parading Down Fifth Ave., New York
200 19153 A Happy Reunion for Home-Coming Soldier Fathers

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