The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List — Keystone View Company Set of 1932

Sub-headings within the set are taken from The World War Through The Telebinocular, the guidebook that accompanied the set.

400 200 100 Image Number Title

The inevitable conflict.

1 1 1   15625 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia—Scene of Murder of Crown Prince which Started Flame that Engulfed All Europe
2       10331 Parade of Cuirassier Guards Marching to the Parade Ground, Berlin, Germany
3 2 2   18728 Helmeted German Soldiers Lined Up for Review
4 3     18689 A Bristling Forest of Bayonets; Russian Troops on Review
5       18743 French Colonial (Morocco) Cavalry in Paris
6       16046 The 48th Highlanders of Toronto

The storm breaks; mobilization and first battles (Aug., 1914).

7 4 3   19559 The First Tense Days of the War; Mobilization, Paris
8 5     19256 Vise, Belgium, Scene of the First Conflict of the War
9     V 19269 A Warm Reception Awaiting the Enemy, on Belgium's Defence Line Near Antwerp

The guns that wrecked the most modern forts.

10       19251 Skoda Works, Pilsen, Bohemia, Where the Famous Skoda Mortars Were Made
11       18769 "Mur Tschoffen," Wall in Dinant Before Which Germans Shot Many Loyal Belgians

The German flood in Belgium and northern France (Aug., 1914).

12 6   V 19270 French Refugees Fleeing Into Amiens From the Somme District
13     V 19273 Belgian Refugees Housed in Alexandria Palace, London

The French retreat (Aug.-Sept., 1914).

14       18745 Awaiting Enemy in French Trenches with Rifle and Mitrailleuse
15 7 4 V 18825 Tangled Ruins of Marne Bridge Blown Up by Germans and Red Cross Train Wreck

The battle that saved France; first Marne (Sept., 1914).

16 8   V 19274 National Road Bridge over the Marne, Blown up to Prevent German Advance
17 9     19560 The Field of the First Battle of the Marne Strewn with German Dead
18     V 19275 Cannon Abandoned by Germans in Retreat at Acy, France
19     V 18810 French Reserves from U.S.A.—Some of the Two Million Fighters in the Battle of the Marne

The battle that saved Germany; Tannenburg (Aug., 1914).

20 10   V 19561 Some of Russia's Countless Thousands Starting for the Front
21 11     19562 Where Samsonov's 1st Russian Army Was Almost Annihilated, Battlefield of Tannenberg
22       19579 Neidenburg, a Town of East Prussia Damaged during the First Russian Invasion

The German recoil and the race to the sea (Sept.-Oct., 1914).

23 12     18079 Inspecting a Nearly Completed Pontoon Bridge in the French Sector of the West Front
24     V 18823 French Troops Crossing the Marne by Pontoon Bridge
25     V 18901 Battle of the Aisne—Ammunition Wagons Shifting to New Position
26       18099 Decorating With Medaille Militaire. Adjutant Dambrine, Severely Wounded at Ablain St. Nazaire,France

Flanders Fields; the battleground of the British Empire (1914-1915).

27 13   V 18819 The Highland Regiment of the British Army Marching through Boulogne
28     V 18910 Canadian Artillery Proceeding to the Front
29 14 5   18786 Ypres Cathedral in Ruins, British Lory in Foreground
30 15   V 18850 Shell Bursting in the Grand Place, Ypres, Belgium
31 16   V 19271 Trenches Bitterly Contested in Battle in Once Peaceful Village Near Ypres
32 17 6   21375 A Belgian Town Which Was a Vortex of Decisive Fighting—Dixmude
33     V 18915 A Battery of the Famous 270 Mortars (Howitzers), Mt. St. Eloi
34       19580 One of the Belgian Towns Crushed Out in the Ypres Salient, Messines
35 18 7 V 18858 "And the Trench Was a Reeking Shambles," German Dead in the La Bassee Area
36     V 18870 British Soldiers Gleaning in the Fields of War, Menin Road
37 19 8 V 19283 Where Hell Was Loosed; War's Indescribable Desolation and Unburied Victims, Lens
38 20 9 V 18840 "Where all is still and cold and dead." No Man's Land near Lens
39 21 10   19252 A Family Living in Their Ruined House, Lens
40 22 11 V 18874 Proud Men of the North Who Fought on Flander"s Fields
41 23 12 V 18865 "Down in a Shell Crater, We Fought Like Kilkenny Cats"—Battle of Cambrai
42 24 13 V 18862 Steel-helmeted Scots Entrenched and Cheerily Awaiting a Counter-Attack

Captive Belgium.

43       19581 German Troops Helping Themselves to Horse Power on a Belgian Farm
44 25 14   19582 Germans Superintending the Operation of a Belgian Factory

Turkey joins the Central Powers (Nov., 1914).

45     V 19277 Turks Eager for War—Germany's Most Distant Ally Mobilizing Her Army

The tragedy of errors; Gallipoli (Apr.-Dec., 1915).

46       19583 Farewell to Australia, Troops of the Imperial Force Marching through Melbourne
47     V 18812 Historic First Landing of Allied Troops at Dardanelles
48 26   V 18813 West Beach, Gallipoli, Scene of British Landing and of Terrible Battles

The Pan-German dream fades in the Near East.

49       19584 A Scene near the British Supply Base at Basra, Mesopotamia
50 27     18684 Making Use of a Railroad Built by British Troops to Carry Turkish Prisoners to Egypt

The conquest of the German colonies.

51     V 19585 Hardy Riders of the Union of South Africa Ready to Take the Field against the Germans
52 28     19568 Warfare in the Tropics—British Troops in Pursuit of the Enemy in German East Africa

The Eastern Front; Galicia and southern Poland (1915).

53       19569 Where the Russian Advance Was Driven Back before Cracow, Galicia
54 29     19570 Lemberg, Galicia, Entered by the Conquering German and Austrian Troops
55       19571 Mackensen's Campaign against Brest-Litovsk—Austro-Hungarian Artillery Advancing
56       19572 Some of the 750,000 Russian Prisoners Captured in the Summer of 1915
57 30     19573 An Ill-fated Leader—Archduke Charles Francis Joseph Decorating Some of His Soldiers
58 31     19574 Russian Prisoners of War Forced to Help the Enemy by Repairing Roads

The Eastern Front; Warsaw and northern Poland (1915).

59       19586 Lowicz, Poland, around which Fighting Raged in November, 1914
60       19587 Lodz, Poland's Greatest Industrial City, Captured by the Germans, December, 1914
61       19575 Massive Railroad Bridges at Warsaw, Poland, Demolished by Russian to Delay Pursuit
62 32 15   19576 The Waste of War—Railroad Yards at Warsaw, Poland, Swept by Flames
63       19577 The Successor to Marshal Hindenburg on the Eastern Front—Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Staff
64 33     19578 The Church of Bolimow, Poland, Utilized as a Barrack by German Troops
65 34 16   19588 Complete Destruction of a Russian Fort at Osowiec, Poland
66       19589 Booty of the Battlefield—Russian Supplies Taken at Grudusk, Poland
67 35 17   19590 Where Russia Tried to Hold on the East Prussian Front, Trenches near Grodno
68       19591 A Japanese Gun in a Russian Fort at Grodno, Captured by Germans

Serbia; alone but unafraid (1914-1915).

69 36   V 18815 Serbian Reserves in the Balkan Mountains Awaiting Orders to Advance
70     V 18814 Serbian Cavalry Ready for Battle on the Balkan Plains
71       19592 At Belgrade, Serbia, a Pontoon Bridge under Construction by Austrian Engineers
72       19593 A Gun Crew on an Austrian River Monitor Patrolling the Danube
73       19594 Austrian Shipping in the Harbor of Cattaro, with Mount Lovden in the Background

Italy joins the Allies (May 1915); the battleground among the clouds.

74       19257 Water Front of Trieste, the Prize Taken by Italy from Austria
75 37     19253 Mount Grappa and Ruins of Quero, on the Italian Battle Front
76 38   V 18842 How Italian Guns are Carried Up the Steep, Narrow Paths of the Alpine Front
77     V 19278 Watching an Airplane Combat over the Italian Lines
78     V 18843 Camp of Italian Outpost on Steep Alpine Slope
79       18669 Fire Spray Captured from the Austrians in the District of Capitello in Italy
80       18711 Looking E. on Italian Front. Foreground. Italian Trenches of Resistance Built after Territory Was Won from Enemy
81 39 18   19595 French Sentry with the Allied Forces in Italy Being Questioned by the Prince of Wales and Others
82 40 19   19596 Near Santa Maria on the Isonzo Front, a Well-built Austrian Trench
83       19597 An Austrian Howitzer Battery in the Woods Confronting the Italians on the Isonzo Front
84       19598 A Memorial Service for Austrian Soldiers for Fallen Comrades, Isonzo Front, 1916
85       19599 The First Aid Station of an Austrian Unit on the Front of Italy, 1916

The deadlock on the Western Front (1915).

86       21336 French 155-mm. Guns, Old Model but Hard-Hitting, in Action on Western Front
87 41     18636 In the Shaft of a French Mine Beneath the German Trenches
88 42 20 V 21337 Locating Hostile Miners by Means of a Geophone in a French Mine
89 43 21   21338 The Results of Months of Labor Destroyed in a Few Seconds—French Mine Exploding
90       21339 Soldiers of the Kaiser in a Playful Mood
91 44 22   18951 A French Counter-Attack in Progress on "Point X," on the...Battlefield of Les Eparges, 1915
92       21340 The Beverage of the Poilus—Hogsheads of Pinard Arriving at the Front
93 45     18681 Light Railway and Hillside Dugouts near La Harazee, Argonne Forest
94 46 23   21341 French Soldiers off Duty in a Deep Dugout
95 47 24   21342 Bleaching Vats of a Dye Works near the Front Converted to Use as Bathtubs by German Soldiers
96       21343 The Kitchens in a Camp of French Prisoners of War at Wunsdorf, near Berlin

Germany's challenge to Britain's sea power.

97 48     16259 British Battle Cruiser "Indomitable," Which Sunk the German Battle Cruiser Bluecher
98       21344 A German Battle Cruiser Lost in the Battle of the Dogger Bank, the "Blucher"
99 49     21345 The German High Seas Fleet Which Aspired to Dispute the Command of the Oceans with the British
100     V 19272 Trophies of War—German Torpedo From S.S. "Emden" and Floating Mines

"Germany's largest internment camp;" the Salonika Front (1915-1918).

101     V 18904 Great Naval Gun and its Protecting Fort of Sand Bags on the Saloniki Front
102     V 18903 British Anti-Aircraft Gun in Action on Balkan Front. Camouflaged And Mounted on Auto
103 50   V 18882 In a British First Line Trench in the Balkans
104 51 25 V 18880 No Man's Land, Sea of Barbed Wire in Front of Bulgarian Lines, Saloniki Front
105     V 18889 Serbian Trench—Awaiting Phone Call from Listening Post to Fire Rocket

The Salonika Front; life behind the lines.

106     V 18883 View in a Trench Kitchen Underground on the Saloniki Front
107     V 18885 View from Stage of a Serbian Army Audience in an Outdoor Theater

Verdun the inconquerable; the great German offensive (Feb.-July, 1916).

108 52 26   18730 "And They Did Not Pass"—Main Entrance and Gate into City of Verdun, France
109 53 27   19258 The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Verdun, and Ruins Extending Down to the Banks of the Meuse
110 54     18678 French Troops and Transport on "The Sacred Road," During the Battle of Verdun, 1916
111     V 18872 Poilus Preparing Barbed Wire for Front Line—Lempire, Meuse
112 55 28   21346 A French Communication Trench at Verdun—Carrying Back Wounded
113 56     21347 The Assailants of Verdun in 1916—Scene in the German Trenches
114 57 29   21348 Ghastly Mementos of Battle of Verdun—a Pile of Human Bones
115       21349 "Verdun, the Name of Thunder, is Written on Their Flesh"
116 58 30   21350 A French Departure Trench Just before Zero Hour

Trench warfare on the British front.

117 59     18707 British Royal Engineers Constructing Second Line Trenches in Flanders
118     V 18861 Entrenched Highlanders on the Lookout Using Mirror Periscope

The battle of deferred hopes; first Somme (July-Nov., 1916).

119     V 18847 Marshal Haig and General Antoine at Review of French First Division
120     V 18826 President Poincare and Marshall Joffre Visiting Officers' Quarters on the Somme Front
121     V 18829 Serving Food from a Movable Kitchen in Ruined Curlu, on the Somme
122       18706 Ruins of Famous Church at St. Albert, France
123       18602 Ruined Village of Eclusiers, France. M'lle Semmer Decorated for Heroic Actions under Fire

Martyred Reims; victim of four years of fighting.

124 60 31   18731 The Ruined Cathedral of Rheims. One of the Tragedies of the War, France
125 61 32   18764 Ruins of Once Magnificent Reims, France
126 62   V 19267 "The dogs of war let loose are howling"—French "320's" in action near Reims
127       18763 Fort Pompelle near Reims, France
128 63   V 18933 Once Fair Village of Coucy, near Reims, France

The victory that nearly wrecked the French Army; Chemin-des-Dames (Apr., 1917).

129 64 33 V 18836 The Ruined Stronghold of Fort de la Malmaison, Chemin des Dames
130 65     18788 Chemin des Dames—Barbed Wire Entanglement
131 66   V 18834 Desolate Waste on Chemin Des Dames Battlefield, France
132 67   V 18894 Supplies Left by the Germans in Their Retreat from Soupier, Aisne
133 68 34 V 21351 The Plateau at Juvincourt, where French Tanks Failed to Break the German Line
134     V 18835 Camouflaged Trenches in Center of Hardest Fighting, Chemin des Dames
135 69 35   18960 Badly Frightened German Prisoners Being Marched to the Rear from the Hot Fighting at Vauxaillon…
136 70 36 V 18837 Human Wreckage in No Man's Land, Chemin des Dames
137     V 18936 Weird Desolation of Berry au Bac, After Four Years of Fighting

Trench warfare on the French front.

138     V 18863 "Through it all like horror runs the red resentment of the guns," Oise, France
139     V 18932 "Out Where the Bombs are Bursting and the Cannons Like Hell-doors Slam"
140     V 18935 The Terrible Desolation of Once Fertile Hills and Valleys, France
141       18629 Searching the Ruins, "Somewhere in France"
142 71 37 V 18822 Dugouts and Shelters—Cantonment in the Race Course at Flirey, France
143     V 18849 At Mass in the Allied Trenches on the Western Front
144     V 18897 Alincourt, France; German Ammunition Camp Destroyed by Allied Airmen
145 72 38 V 18873 German Ammunition Depot, after Visit of French Airmen, Alincourt, Ardennes, France
146 73 39 V 18879 "On all sides round a great furnace flamed"—German Attack, North Compiegne, France
147     V 18838 Setting Up Large Searchlight in Advance Lines, Vosges Sector
148 74   V 18846 Sharpshooters in Protected Position near Enemy Lines
149 75   V 18833 In a French Trench, Sandbag Protected, Showing Dart Bombs
150 76 40   18633 French Soldiers Resting In The Trenches

The use of dogs in war.

151     V 18855 Red Cross Dog and Soldier for Whom He Got Help
152     V 18856 The Dog in War—Reporting to First Aid Squad with Helmet of Wounded

Rescue and care of the wounded.

153 77 41 V 18864 Picking Up the Severely Wounded from Among the Dead
154 78 42   18753 Rendering First Aid to the Wounded in the French Trenches
155 79 43 V 18869 Bringing in the Wounded "On Stretchers Stiff and Bleared with Blood"
156       21352 Hardships of the Wounded in the Winter Fighting in Bukovina, Austria

Ambulances and hospitals.

157       18703 British Red Cross ambulance in French Service; Northern France
158 80     18608 French Field Hospital—Locating Bullet With X-Ray Machine
159 81 44 V 18817 Ghastly Glimpse of Wounded Belgians in Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium
160       21353 A Comfortable Hospital for German Wounded in Lille, France

Convalescents and slightly wounded.

161     V 18896 French Convalescents, Nicknamed "The Cripples," About to Return to the Front
162 82   V 18892 Allied Soldiers Binding up the Wounds of Their Prisoners

Burial of the dead.

163 83     18087 Interment of the Fallen Brave in the Cemetery of Villers au Bois
164 84 45   21354 A Common Trench Filled with French Dead Slain at Les Eparges in 1915
165       21355 Services for the Fallen Brave, British Military Cemetery, Boulogne, France
166 85     21356 Russian Dead Gathered for Burial by Austrian Soldiers, Limanova, Galicia

Feeding an army.

167       18747 Section of Many Miles of French Field Kitchens
168     V 18828 Making Bread for British Troops: Camp Scene, France

Motor transport of food.

169     V 18827 Provisioning an Immense Army—British Transport Wagons in France

Motor transport of artillery.

170       18755 Modern Artillery Transport by Auto in France
171 86     18631 Off for Berlin! High Power Autotruck Delivering Large Cannon to the Firing Line in France

Artillery; "the long arm" of the fighting forces.

172       18640 French Gunners Adjusting Large Cannon Mounted on Railway Track—France
173     V 18913 A British 9.2-in. Howitzer Under Camouflage
174 87 46 V 18911 Feeding "Grannie"—Shell Hoisted into Position
175     V 18912 Feeding "Grannie"—Twelve Men Lowering Shell into Breech
176 88   V 18905 Trench Mortar in Its Well-timbered Chamber—View Looking Straight Down
177       18065 A Pioneer of the Kaiser's Forests Shattered into Toothpicks by a Shell from the Russian Lines
178 89 47   21357 German Field Howitzers, Whose "Crumps" Were Much Dreaded behind the Allied Lines
179       18651 A French 155-mm Gun Trained on the German Trenches
180 90 48   18705 French 75 Millimeter Guns in Ambush Near German Trenches
181 91   V 18902 Artillerymen Who, Between the Germans and the Mud, Are Emplacing Their Guns With Difficulty
182 92   V 18900 Famous 8-in. Howitzer in Its Camouflaged Position on the British Front

Machine guns and emplacements.

183 93 49 V 18857 German "Pill Boxes" and "Strong Points" which Cost Many Lives to Conquer
184 94     18749 German Steel Cupola for Machine Guns, Demolished by Allies

Aviation versus cavalry.

185     V 18853 Scouts, Old and New, French Cavalry and Army Airplane

The eyes of the army; airplanes; aerial photography.

186 95 50   19284 Airplane View of Trenches and Shell Holes
187       19191 U.S. Observation Airplane on West Front—France
188     V 18922 The Eyes of the Army—View of German Town from a British Airplane
189 96   V 18927 "Enemy Airmen Successfully Bombed One of Our Supply Trains"
190       19049 Lieut. LeMaitre of French Aviation Forces, Explaining "Nieuport" Airplane, Fortress Monroe,Va.
191     V 18921 A Double-seated "Fighter" Equipped with Bomb-dropping Device, Ready
192 97   V 18920 Bridgnet Michelin Bombarding Airplane Ready to Ascend, France

Anti-aircraft guns.

193       18756 French "75" Gun in Action Against Battle Planes
194     V 18914 A British "Archie" in Action—Note Range Finders
195 98     19369 American Gunners Firing a 75-mm Motorized Anti-Aircraft Gun
196 99 51 V 18891 Body of a German Aviator in His Wrecked Machine Back of the French Lines

Lighter-than-air craft.

197       18000 Zeppelin Flying Over a German Town—Lower Valley of the Rhine
198 100 52 V 19279 House in Southend, England, Wrecked by Bombs from Raiding Zeppelins
199 101 53   18632 Zeppelin Wrecked and Burned—Ruins Being Inspected by French Troops
200       21358 The "Eyes of the German Army"—an Observation Balloon with Its Crew
201 102 54 V 18923 Observation Balloon Fatally Pierced by Incendiary Bullets

The long agony of the Western Front.

202 103 55 V 18895 "Through sickly shrapnel-sown meadows reaped by death alone"
203 104   V 18906 "Twas messy, that bit of a fight"—Dead Germans amidst Wire
204 105 56 V 18898 Shells Bursting in Ruined French Village
205     V 19280 Huge Shell Hole beside a Highway, France
206 106     18794 A Hill for Whose Possession Thousands Gave Their Lives, Vimy Ridge, near Arras
207     V 18875 "And Now We Lie in Flanders' Fields." Vallee Foulon, France
208       18665 French Lines Captured from the Enemy by the Marine Fusileers
209 107   V 18867 French Reserves Watching Their Comrades Going Into "The Valley of the Shadow"
210 108 57 V 18830 "Red fields of slaughter sloping down to ruin's black abyss"
211 109 58 V 18854 His Last Fight—"See he lies, death staring from his eyes"
212       18748 French Mine Explosion Under Enemy Trenches
213     V 18852 "Setting the stage for the Devil's play"—French Front

Tanks; the armored cruisers of the battlefield.

214     V 18919 A Field of Forty Tanks—"Like a Flock of Sheep Browsing""—Bethune
215       19149 Huge Armored Tank Making Its Way Through a Smoke Screen
216 110   V 18918 Ripped and Battered to Death by the Enemy—a Derelict Tank Cambrai
217     V 18831 Huge Tanks Crossing the Somme
218 111     21359 A Glimpse of the Steering Gear and the Guns of a French Heavy Tank
219 112     18676 How France Aided Her Fighters—Renault Tanks Going to the Front
220 113     21360 Knocked Out in the Heat of Battle—French Light Tank Hors de Combat

The United States enters the war (Apr., 1917).

221       16770 President Wilson Addressing Congress on Question of International Peace
222       18335 Marshall Joffre, Viviant, Chocheprat and Fabry—French War Commission—with Gov. Lowden and State Officials at Tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, Ill.
223       19064 For Five Hours New York's Citizen Army Poured by this Reviewing Stand, Twenty Men Abreast

Mobilizing America's man power; cantonments in the United States.

224 114 59 V 19223 Barracks at Camp Devens, Boys on Hillside Writing Letters, Ayer, Mass.
225     V 19220 Pack Inspection of 139th Regiment Infantry, American Army Camp

Training for combat in the United States.

226       19063 The Heart of the Nation—Every Mother's Son Ready to do His Duty. Calisthenics in the Army
227 115   V 19219 Class of Officers Practicing "the Short Point Stab."
228     V 19222 Soldiers About to Enter Tear-Gas Trench, Camp Dix, N.J.
229       18360 Building Barbed Wire Entanglements—Reserve Officers in Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Illinois

The Army is ready.

230       19100 Our Answer to the Kaiser—3,000 of America's Millions Eager to Fight
231       19192 Thousands Marching, Thousands Watching! Our National Army, Chicago, Aug. 4, 1917
232 116     19070 One of New York's Greatest Military Spectacles The "Rainbow" Division Parading in Honor of Citizen

The Navy is ready; the sailors and ships.

233       19193 Thousands of Uncle Sam's Sailors, Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill.
234       14250 Marines and Sailors Dispersing after an Assembly Aft for Instructions—Life on Board a Battleship
235       09367 Gunners on Board U. S. Battleship New York Loading 5-Inch Gun
236       19147 Deck of U.S. Battleship Pennsylvania
237       16667 Submarines in the Foreground, Battleships and Torpedo Boats in the Background, San Diego Bay, California

The American Commander-in-Chief arrives in France (June, 1917).

238 117 60 V 18848 Joffre and Pershing in Governor's Gardens, Paris
239       19133 Marshall Foch, General Pershing, Madame Joffre, Marshall Joffre, and General Dubail, at Paris

The American Army arrives in France; Base Ports.

240 118     19294 United States Transport Arriving at St. Nazaire, Where the First American Troops Landed in France
241 119 61   18734 Camp Pontanezen, at Brest, France, from Which American Soldiers Were Returned to the United States
242       19195 Troop Kitchens—21 Ranges Each Burning Cord of Wood Daily—Brest, France
243       19285 American Barracks and Railroad Yards near Bordeaux, from Tower No. 2

The first American troops in Paris (July 4, 1917).

244       19354 French Red Cross Women Giving Breakfast to Americans of 1st Division Arriving in Paris, July 1, 1917
245       19355 Independence Day Ceremonies at the Tomb of Lafayette, in Picpus Cemetery, Paris, 1917
246 120   V 19218 Lafayette, We Are Here! First American Soldiers that Marched in Paris

American troops learn the game in quiet sectors.

247       19370 American Troop Train Halted at Epinal, en Route to a Quiet Sector of the Vosges Front
248       21376 Vanguards of the West—Early American Troops Entering a French Village
249     V 18925 Entrance to Dugout, Y.M.C.A. Station at Badonviller
250 121   V 18926 An Interesting Scene in the Social Room of a Y.M.C.A. Army Camp Hut
251       19371 Ruins of Metzeral, Alsace, from Trenches Occupied by Several American Divisions while in Training

The British Navy cheers the Allies in the spring of '18; combatting the "U" boats.

252       18790 German Gun Guarding the Mole, Zee-Brugge, Belgium
253       18771 Wrecked Submarine at Bruges, Belgium, a German Submarine Base
254 122 62   19287 One of the Notorious U-boats Stranded upon the South Coast of England

Ludendorff's last victory; the break-through on the Chemin-des-Dames (May 1918).

255       21361 Confusion at the Cross-Roads of Igny-le-Jard During German Advance from the Chemin-des-Dames, May, 1918

Americans meet the enemy; Chateau-Thierry and Belleau Wood (May-June, 1918).

256 123 63   18716 Looking South over Chateau-Thierry from the Ramparts of the Old Chateau
257       19352 American Infantry Marching into the Southern Outskirts of Chateau-Thierry
258 124 64   18715 View of Famous Bridge Over the Marne, toward Hotel de Ville and Heights of Old Chateau
259 125 65 V 18948 In Belleau Wood Where Americans Gave Germany Her Fatal Check
260 126 66   18725 Strong Dugouts in Holes Under Huge Rocks, in Belleau Woods, France
261 127     19351 Defiant German prisoners, Captured by 2nd Division Marines after Bitter Fighting in Belleau Wood
262 128 67   19207 Maison Blanc, Headquarters of the Marine Brigade, Near Belleau Wood
263     V 18943 "Miracle of Lucy," France—Unharmed Crucifix Amidst Total Ruin
264 129 68   19254 Looking from Belleau Village South across the Valley in Belleau Woods
265 130   V 19225 Grave of Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt, Buried by Germans Where He Fell

Germany's final throw; the "Friedensturm" (July, 1918).

266       19353 American Artillery Moving to the Front in the Champagne Sector
267       18677 General Gouraud Bestowing Medals Upon French Heroes, Chalons Sur Marne

Foch strikes; the decisive counter-offensive (July, 1918).

268 131     19372 American Troops Sleeping in Line in the Open Fields during Advance
269       18664 Partners of Americans in Marne Counter-Offensive—French Moroccan Troops on Villers-Cotteret Road
270     V 19268 Captured German Machine Guns on Road from Villers-Cotterets to Soissons
271 132     19356 American Soldiers Visiting the Ruins of Soissons and Its Two Great Cathedrals
272     V 18824 Artillery Observers Telephoning Headquarters from the Front on the Marne
273 133 69   19373 "Dead to the World"—Dog-tired Yanks Sleeping in an Old Trench near Chateau-Thierry
274 134     18958 Mont St. Pere, on Hills North of the Marne, Captured by 3rd Division, July 20, 1918
275       19374 On the Route Nationale from Meaux to Chateau-Thierry. American Infantry Resting during a Brief Halt
276 135 70   19375 "They Wrote Their Records in the Blood that Gave the Poppies Deeper Flame." American Soldier Killed in Action
277 136 71   19299 American Doughboys Snatching a Little Rest in an Old Trench on the Marne Salient; Midsummer, 1918
278 137     19376 The Bloody Road from the Marne to the Vesle—Epieds Captured by 26th Division, July, 1918
279       21377 A Square Meal in the Open. Mess Time in an American Bivouac
280 138     19377 "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile"—American Convoy Headed for the Front

Fruits of victory.

281 139 72 V 18878 Bringing In 1900 German Prisoners Captured by American Forces
282 140     19298 Prisoners Captured by the Americans in the Marne Salient, Being Taken to the Rear in Trucks
283       18752 German Prisoners Well Housed, Near Belleau Woods, France

"Picking Ludendorff's Pockets;" Franco-British Somme offensive (Aug.-Sept., 1918).

284       21362 A Cloud of Gas Released against the German Lines near Montdidier
285       21363 French Infantrymen Securing Themselves against Shell Fire
286 141 73   21364 French Troops Resting in Fancied Safety, near Courcelles
287 142 74   21365 Tragic Results of German Attack upon Resting French Troops, near Courcelles
288 143 75   18961 An Unusual View of Ruined Roye-sur-Matz after the German Retreat
289       21366 Assembly Place of French Wounded on the Somme near St. Quentin
290       21367 Crowds of German Prisoners Captured by the Australians, Aug. 8, 1918
291       21368 Monster Cannon Abandoned by Germans in Their Retreat near Cappy
292       21369 Marshy Valley of the Somme Being Bridged by Australian Engineers

The crushing of the St. Mihiel salient (Sept., 1918).

293       19378 Massively-built German Trenches, St. Mihiel Salient, Conquered by 1st American Army, Sept. 12, 1918
294 144 76   19248 The Place des Halles, St. Mihiel
295 145 77   19255 Repairing Telephone Lines During a Gas Attack at the Front
296       19357 American Soldiers on the Battlefield of the St. Mihiel Salient
297 146 78   19552 "Slum Line" in All that Remained of a Village after the American Artillery Was Through with It

America's greatest battle; the Meuse-Argonne (Sept.-Nov., 1918).

298 147     19292 American Regimental Band Livening Things Up in a Billet Village behind the Meuse-Argonne Front
299 148     19296 "Pup Tents" in the Open; Guaranteed Waterproof—with a Shingle Roof over Them
300 149     19361 Ruins of Clermont-en-Argonne, an Important Road and Rail Center behind the Meuse-Argonne Front
301 150     19380 Americans Established with the French in Meuse-Argonne Rear Areas before the Great Attack, September 1918
302       19381 Camp Kitchen in the Woods, 1st American Army Assembly Area, Meuse-Argonne
303 151     18967 American Supplies Going Forward by Rail on Trains Protected by Anti-aircraft Guns
304       19358 Disassembled American Planes Being Taken toward the Front by Trucks and Trailers
305 152 79   19382 Looking toward the German Lines from Famous Le Mort Homme (Dead Man's Hill), Sector of American 3rd Corps
306 153 80   19383 "The Hanging Man of the Bois d'Avocourt,"—Sector of the 79th Division
307 154 81   18962 The Terrible Waste of the Bois de la Grurie, Where the 77th Division Stepped Off in the Argonne Forest
308 155 82   19384 Montfaucon and Ground South of It, Crossed by German Stronghold
309 156     19288 German Battery of 150 mm. Guns, Captured by American Troops Near Montfaucon
310       19359 The Church of Montfaucon, Taken by the 79th Division, Sept. 27, 1918
311       19385 An American Armored Car Equipped with a Field Gun in the Street of a Shattered Village, Meuse-Argonne
312       19386 "There Lies the Road from Avocourt that Leads to Montfaucon"
313 157 83   18952 Varennes, on the Aire River; Stormed by the 28th Division on the First Day of the Meuse-Argonne
314 158 84   19360 Willing German Prisoners Helping to Carry Wounded men to the Rear under American Guards
315 159 85   19387 American Transport Trains Jammed in Avocourt, Junction of Axial Roads of 37th and 79th Divisions
316 160 86   18970 A Horse Hurled into a Tree by a Shell Explosion in the Argonne
317 161 87   19388 "All their Weary Marches Done, All their Battles Fought and Won." American Dead in the Meuse-Argonne
318       19389 U.S. Engineers Working on Roads with American Tractor-drawn Graders and Dump Wagons, Meuse-Argonne
319       19297 "Just God and Gen'rl Pershing Knows Where These Here Birds'll Light."—Nash Quad Trucks Taking Infantry Up
320 162     19392 Doughboys Back from the Front Line Getting a Shot of Hot Coffee
321       19393 A Gasoline Refilling Station Demolished by the Retreating Germans in a Meuse-Argonne Woodland
322       19394 A German Battery Position in the Meuse-Argonne Captured after a Bitter Struggle
323 163     19264 An American Divison Headquarters at the Front
324       19395 American Caterpillar Tractor Hauling a heavy Gun to a New Position in the Meuse-Argonne
325       19396 Husky American Negro Labor Troop Keeping Roads Smooth for Heavy Traffic to the Forward Dumps
326 164     19397 Ceaseless Circulation of Troops and Trains on an Average Day of the Meuse-Argonne Battle
327       18739 An American Field Radio Outfit at the Front in France
328       19398 "Who Won the War?" Perhaps Not the Rolling Kitchens—but Who Could Have Won It without Them? Meuse-Argonne
329 165     19399 Supply Dump at the Cross-roads and M.P.'s on the Job, in a Rear Area of the Meuse-Argonne

The American 1st Army attacks east of the Meuse (Oct.-Nov., 1918).

330       19364 Col. Reckord, 115th Inf., and soldiers of the "Blue and Gray" (29th) Division on the Heights of the Meuse
331       19365 "You Doughboys, You Slow Boys; Here's Luck, an' Let Her go, Boys! We Like You, Infantry." East of the Meuse
332 166     19563 Americans Escorting German Prisoners to the Rear, Meuse-Argonne
333       19550 A German 150-mm. Howitzer Effectually Wrecked by Its Crew before the Americans Took It
334 167     18964 Americans Carrying a Wounded Man to the Rear—Battle of the Meuse-Argonne, 1918

The advance of the French 4th Army in the Champagne; Blanc Mont (Oct., 1918).

335       21370 The Routine of Warfare—French Infantry Marching Back to the Line
336       19551 Funeral Honors for a Gallant Infantryman of the 93rd (Colored) Division which Serviced with the French
337 168 88   19263 German Pill Box in the Blanc Mont Sector, Champagne
338       19390 German Rifle Pits in a Cemetery in the Blanc Mont Sector, Captured by the 2nd Division

Rewards of valor.

339 169 89 V 19281 General Pershing Awarding Congressional Medals to Brave American Boys, Chaumont, France

Supporting the firing line; the army behind the army.

340       19199 Our Doughboys at Work—Ordnance Repair Shop, Mehun-sur-Yevre
341       19262 One of the Buildings of the American Ordnance Repair Shops at Mehun-sur-Yevre, France

Germany appeals for an armistice and peace (Nov., 1918).

342       21371 A German Officer of the Armistice Delegation on the Way to Rethondes

The armistice (Nov. 11, 1918).

343 170     19564 Scenes of Wild Rejoicing in Paris on Armistice Day, 1918

The Allied armies advance into Germany (Nov.-Dec., 1918).

344 171     19565 Troops of the American Army of Occupation Marching toward the Rhine
345       19295 The Welcome of the Martyred Provinces—Lorraine Girls Talking with American Soldiers in Metz
346 172     19249 The Stars and Stripes Flying Over Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, on the Rhine, Germany
347       21372 The Tricolor on the Rhine—French Troops Crossing under the Eye of General Mangin
348 173 90   19212 Guards at American Bridgehead Boundary, Montabaur, East of the Rhine

Keeping in readiness on the Rhine (1919).

349 174   V 19379 American Doughboys Overlooking Coblenz, Germany, from the Heights of Ehrenbreitstein
350 175   V 19229 Doughboys of 89th Div., Resting Before Review, Treves, Germany
351     V 19231 American Army of Occupation on the Rhine near Ehrenbreitstein
352       19197 A Mile of Autos Used by Our "Third Army," Germany
353     V 19235 Tractor-drawn Artillery of 89th Div. Before Largest Hangar in Germany
354 176 91 V 18945 Observation Balloons near Coblenz, Germany

The welfare workers with the American Army of Occupation.

355 177     19208 Salvation Army Hut, Always at the Front with Our Doughboys, Rhine

Recreations in the American Army after the armistice.

356       19391 The Coveted "Three-day Pass to Paris"—Doughboys Sightseeing from an Army Truck in the Place de la Concorde
357       18737 American Soldiers on the West Bank of the Rhine in the Occupied Region, Germany
358       19215 Introducing Baseball in Germany, U.S. Army of Occupation on the Rhine
359     V 19236 After the Strenuous War Days—American Boys Enjoying a Rhine Excursion

"For extraordinary heroism in action."

360     V 19230 General Pershing Decorating Officers of 89th Div., Treves, Germany

The aftermath; President Wilson and the Peace Delegates view war's desolation.

361 178 92   16658 President Woodrow Wilson at His Desk, Washington, D.C.
362       18697 "Grand Place" of Devastated Arras, Section Visited by Peace Conference Delegates, France
363       18767 The President and Mrs. Wilson, Miss Wilson, the King and Queen of Belgium at University of Louvain
364       19265 President Wilson and Brand Whitlock at Nieuport, Belgium

The Peace Conference; signing the Treaty of Versailles (June, 1919).

365       18778 A Plenary Session of the Peace Conference, in Building of French Foreign Office, Quai D'Orsay, Paris
366 179     18777 Where the Peace Treaty was Signed, Palace of Versailles, France
367 180 93   18780 Galerie des Glaces, Showing Table where Peace Treaty Was Signed, Versailles, France
368 181 94   18781 Clemenceau, Wilson and Lloyd George Leaving Palace of Versailles after Signing Peace Treaty

The celebrations of victory; Paris; London; Praha (Midsummer, 1919).

369 182 95   18775 Victory Day Celebration, July 14, 1919—Arch of Triumph, Paris
370 183     19566 Soldiers of America in the Victory Parade, Paris, July 14, 1919
371       18773 France does Honor to the Gallant Sons of Britain—Victory Parade Paris
372       18742 Sons of France on Parade in Paris
373 184     19209 Uncle Sam and John Bull Again Fast Friends—Yankee Troops in London
374       18772 Cementing Anglo-French Friendship. Soldiers of France in London
375       18774 Gallant Legionaires of Czechoslovakia on Parade, Prague

America's soldiers leave the shores of Europe (1919).

376 185     18735 Second Division Men Entraining for the Return Home, Germany
377 186 96 V 19266 Some of Our Two Million Fighters Ready for Home, Brest

The ships that took them home.

378 187     19194 Our Boys Boarding Transport For "the Good Old U.S.A."
379       19128 The New York City Skyline Brings a Thrill to the Heart of Every Returning Doughboy—U.S.S. Louisiana
380     V 19237 U.S. Transport "Leviathan," Formerly the "Vaterland." Largest Ship Afloat
381 188 97 V 19282 Troops Returning from France on Camouflaged S.S. Aquitania, New York

Life on board the transports.

382     V 19217 Ready for the "Abandon Ship" Drill; U.S. Soldiers With Life Belts Adjusted
383     V 19239 A Friendly Bout Among Our Boys, on Transport Returning from France

The sacred charges of the Nation.

384     V 19241 Severely Wounded Being Transferred to Hospital Ship from Transport, Hoboken
385     V 19227 Nursing Wounded Heroes Back to Health, Convalescent Hospital No. 5

Heroes welcomed home.

386 189   V 19242 Americans Glad to be Home
387 190     19138 Fighters Who Broke the Hindenburg Line Parading Down Fifth Ave., New York
388       19153 A Happy Reunion for Home-Coming Soldier Fathers

These rest forever in the soil of France.

389 191     19366 "Keeping Their Guard for the Ghosts of Men Who Sleep, and Wait for Their Mates Again." Suresnes Cemetery, Paris

The Nation's last tribute.

390 192 98   23306 "Back to Home Land!" Removing the Casket of America's Unknown Soldier from the Olympia, Washington

Fighting old battles o'er again.

391 193     13365 America's Most Notable Gathering of Military Heroes
392 194     19367 The American Legion Paris Convention, 1927—the Legion Marching in Parade Beneath the Arch of Triumph
393       19363 The American Legion Paris Convention, 1927—A Unit of the Auxiliary in the Parade Down the Champs Elysees

Today on the battlefields of yesterday.

394 195     21378 An American Shrine. The Field of Belleau Wood Today
395 196     19368 From Belleau Village to Belleau Wood and American Military Cemetery Today, France
396 197 99   19567 Looking North to Chateau-Thierry over the New Bridge across the Marne
397 198     19362 Today in the Place des Halles, St. Mihiel
398 199     21373 The Battlefield of Verdun from Fort Douaumont, Today
399 200 100   03197 A Tragedy of Verdun—"The Trench of the Bayonets"
400       21374 The Memorial of an Immortal Defense—the Verdun Monument

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