The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List—Original Battle Field Series, Geo. Nightingale & Co.



1 General View of Ostend from Quay showing the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul
2 The Hotel de Ville, Arras
3 Exterior of Church of St. Vaast, Armentieres
4 Wrecked Bridge, Armentieres
5 Shrapnel Avenue, leading to Armentieres from Plug Street. The name is significant. A few machine-guns could command this long stretch of road
6 Plug Street, Le Visey
7 Front view of Long Max, Moere, about 8 miles from Ostend. Weight, 350,000 Kilos. Shell, 750 Kilos. This gun was used by the Germans to shell Dunkirk
8 Royal Rifle Brigade Cemetery, Le Vizet
9 German dugouts, Nieuport. The Germans built elaborate reinforced concrete shelters, good examples of which are shown
10 Hyde Park Corner, Plug Street. One of the warmest spots in the War zone
11 British Cemetery, Gouzecourt
12 Mametz Wood. This place will be remembered as a veritable hell
13 Dug-out made of concrete and lined with corrugated iron
14 Big Bertha, the German gun that shelled Paris
15 Big German dugout, Nieuport, solidly built of stone and covered with earth
16 The Grand Place, Arras. All the buildings in this square were badly damaged
17 The Market Women. Arras
18 Captured guns at Arras. Various types of German guns are shown here
19 Cathedral. Arras
20 Hooge Crater Cemetery
21 Street in Ypres. The inhabitants of the surrounding districts come in daily to assist in the removal of the debris
22 "Holy Ground," Ypres. "Notice—This is Holy Ground. No stone of this fabric may be taken away. It is a heritage for all civilised peoples. By Order, Town Major, Ypres"
23 The Cathedral, Ypres. Destroyed during the bombardment of 1914
24 Ruined interior of Albert Cathedral
25 The Old Barracks, Ypres. Subjected to terrific shelling
39 Amiens
41 Lomme, near Armetieres. Large concrete blockhouses destroyed by mine
42 Neuve Chapelle, near Armetieres. Wrecked street
43 "The Better 'Ole," a rough shelter made by Tommy within the British lines, Armentieres
44 Old Watch Tower, Peronne
45 Church of Notre Dame, Armentieres
46 Villers Brettoneaux
47 Interior of a German dugout
48 Armentieres. House destroyed by bomb
49 The Military Cemetery, St. Jean, Armentieres. Contains graves of British, French, Belgian, and German soldiers
51 Virgin and Child, Bruges Cathedral
52 Aisle, Bruges Cathedral
53 Bruges Cathedral, from Canal
54 On the Canal, Bruges
55 Big German Gun at Chiugnes
56 Big Gun at Chiugnes. This view shows part of the mechanism for moving and directing the monster gun. a comparison with the surrounding men will give an idea of its vast proportions
57 Fortified Sand Dunes at Knocke
58 Theatre Royal, Brussels
59 Birds-eye View of Liege
60 Cloisters, Liege Cathedral
61 Interior Namur Cathedral
62 Guns on Citadel, Namur
63 View down Spruit, Malines
64 Birds-eye view, Malines
65 Malines Cathedral from Organ Loft
66 Wilson's Avenue, Malines (Belgian Soldiers)
67 Hamerych Street, Malines
68 Malines Cathedral
69 Interior Hamerych Church, Malines
70 Brussels Fort, Malines
71 Malines Cathedral from pulpit
72 Altar from pulpit, Antwerp (Rubens Assumption over Altar)
73 Old Feudal Castle, Antwerp
74 Building in Zoological Gardens, Antwerp
75 Mansions of Corporation, Antwerp
76 Bronze Fountain in Square (Statue Brabo), Grand Platz, Antwerp
77 Wandre Bridge, over the Meuse
78 Concrete Boats on the Meuse
79 Bridge over the Meuse, Vise
80 Bridge across the Meuse at Vise. First Battle of the War here
81 Wandre on the Meuse
82 On the Canal at Wandre, on Meuse
83 View of Vise, from Bridge
84 Cherette on the Meuse (800 Germans buried on Hill here)
85 Rue des Tongres, Vise
86 Argentean, on the Meuse
87 Ruins of Vise from River Meuse
88 Robinson's Island, on the Meuse, Vise
89 Sea Front, Ostend
90 Military Bridge on caterpillar wheels with skids
91 Pontoon Boats for bridge construction
92 Hotel de Ville, Louvaine
93 Louvaine Cathedral
94 Cathedral and Hotel de Ville, Louvaine
95 St. Gertrude, from Spruit,Louvaine
96 Louvaine Cathedral (West Side)
97 Railway Station, Louvaine
98 Burnt out Convent, Louvaine
99 Shattered Railway Station, Ghent
100 Cathedral, Ghent


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