The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List — Realistic Set 200-2



1 Amid bursting crumps, with trench mortar ready, Seaforths watch through periscope for the Hun
2 Enemy seen, Fire! A trench-mortar hurling the shell, seen in mid air on its deadly flight
3 Seaforths filling their water bottles at a town pump before going into the trenches
4 A Bosche sniper worries a Section of Seaforths who are snatching a moment's respite
5 The sniper finds his mark! Stretcher-bearers remove a wounded officer hit by an unlucky bullet
6 The gun teams are hurriedly hooked in, and the battery moves off at a gallop
7 Gunners, suspicious of an approaching "Taube" don masks as protection against German gas shells
7 In action. Hidden by a screen of foliage, our batteries prepare to put down a barrage for the infantry
8 Rapid fire! Having found the range, our guns—one is seen in recoil—make it hot for the Bosche
9 Removing a field gun from a flooded position, greatly damaged by enemy fire
10 Examining the remains of Howitzer destroyed by direct hit
11 Lieut. Jodha Jang Rana M.C. leading Riflemen of the 39th Garwhalis on the La Bassee road
12 Troops and supplies being rushed from railhead to the firing line
13 Black Watch and Indians rest on the fire step while a hail of Hun machine gun bullets sweep the parapet
14 The Germans retaliate—a Hun high explosive shell bursting near one of our dumps hidden in a wood
15 Indian bombers throwing bombs into the German trenches
16 Amid the smoke of battle in one irresistible on-slaught. Colonial troops seize the German position
17 Colonel points to a weak spot in the new trenches
19 Although suffering heavily, they never faltered until they had taken the German trenches
20 Courage unsurpassed! Crawling through wire to rescue comrades, victims of a deadly shell
21 The price of victory!—Brave lads who fell in an early morning raid on the German lines
22 Tenderly lifting a serious case. Stretcher bearers at work
23 After the storm and stress of battle, caring for the wounded
24 Belgian stretcher-bearers carrying a wounded comrade through the trenches at Dixmude
25 F.M. Sir John French, C.-inC. of Expeditionary Force, with A.D.C.s at General Head Quarters
26 Staff Officer from G.H.Q. in dug-out, studying details before the opening of our offensive
27 Dry and dusty; Leicesters passing an estaminet on their way to the trenches
28 Hoary winter settles down on trench life in Flanders
29 Lahore Division Headquarters Group
30 One of our 9.2 howitzers with the 2nd Army which helped to drive the Germans off the Belgian coast
31 The Eyes of the Army. Sopwith Camels ready for a patrol over the German lines
32 Maintaining our supremacy in the air; a battle squadron in fighting formation
33 Over the German lines; deep trenches, mine craters and shell-pitted ground
34 South Africans prepare to defend an important wood against a gas attack
34 Column of earth from explosion of a British mine under a German position
35 In a front line trench an officer and sentry keep a sharp lookout for Hun movements
36 In the thick of a gas attack; our lads ready for the enemy
37 Gas Alarm! Ready with masks to repel Hun attack under cover of the deadly cloud at Loos
38 At dawn, in a determined rush, we carry the fortified enemy position at Contalmaison by assault
39 Under cover of gas and smoke we break through to Serre and Thiepval (photo from captured prisoner)
40 The price of victory, brave lads who fell in the struggle for this trench
41 Men who fell covering the retreat of the 5th Army at Albert during the Hun offensive in 1918
42 German prisoners during the height of battle compelled to carry our wounded to the dressing station
43 Giving first aid to a wounded corporal hit by a German sniper
44 Casualties receiving first aid at Monchy dressing station
45 "Dear Mother, this Hospital is 'tres bon' and the nurses are Angels"
46 Haughty Prussians with machine-guns captured in our advance at Pozieres
47 Driving the Germans out of the forest of Houthhoulst, heavily shelled by our guns
48 Our troops drive the enemy before them from the shell-swept slopes of Kemmell Hill, Battle of Lys
48 British officers planning an attack and giving orders for the day’s strafe
49 Men taking cover in shell craters and behind tree stumps in our advance
50 Dead lying in "No Man's land"
51 Australian limbers bringing up ammunition at the gallop during the height of the battle
52 A listening-post in a shell hole in "No Man's Land"
53 Our infantry with Mills bombs clear the Bosche out of a trench
54 Bewildered Huns come out of their dugouts in answer to our bombs
55 Examining a Jerry driven out of a dugout by our bombs
56 Casualties in our line after the deadly Bosche bombardment which forced us across the Aisne
57 Giving water to a wounded comrade amid the wreckage of a German pill box
58 Dead Jerries found in our wire after a futile night raid on our lines
59 Evening in our Reserve trenches at Beaumont Hamel; our troops rest on the conquered ground
60 Leaving an outpost for a night patrol into the inky darkness of "No Man's Land"
61 Clearing the remaining Germans out of a fortified position shattered in our great attack
62 Knocked out! A nest of Hun machine-guns which held up our advance at Monchy, Battle of Arras
63 Bosche machine gun captured and gunner taken prisoner by our advancing troops at "Plug Street"
64 When the sluices were opened at Nieuport, floods and barbed wire brought disaster to the Hun troops
65 Ration party coming up under difficulties to support troops whose supplies are exhausted
66 On the run! In hot pursuit we cross the Canal du Nord by improvised bridges raked by shell fire
67 Heedless of their own danger stretcher bearers rescue a wounded comrade
68 German prisoner pointing out to staff officer the disposition of his Division
69 Fighting for the possession of a ruined village lost and retaken several times
70 Dislodging the enemy house by house in sanguine fighting from a ruined village
71 French artillery on their way to new positions pass prisoners taken in our big drive
72 Convoy and caterpillar bringing up guns and ammunition over flooded roads
73 Halt of an ammunition column en route to the front
74 Native officer, with German officer's helmet, captured at Neuve Chapelle
74 Wounded listening to a gramophone concert at the base hospital, France
75 Gunners digging a gun position for 4.5 howitzer completely concealed by camouflage from Hun airmen
76 A battery of Field Artillery crossing a bridge at eventide
77 Cavalry always ready in anticipation of a breakthrough, rest their horses in a French village
78 His Majesty inspecting the shells at Holmes and Co. Ltd., Munitions Works. Hull
79 A Royal visit to the troops; enthusiastic welcome by the Canadians
80 Motor lorries leaving depot with supplies for regimental bases close behind the firing-line
80 H.R.H. the Prince of Wales discusses cinematography with Dr. H.D. Girdwood
81 Leicesters passing a French canal on the way to the firing line
82 Baggage train passing through Fruges
82 Bengal Lancers moving up; passing through Estree Blanche
83 A squadron of the King's Dragoon Guards crossing a stream in France
84 Gurkhas preparing and cooking their evening meal
84 An interested audience of French villagers watching trick riding by Indian Cavalry
85 Band of the Pathans playing on a French farm
86 Gurkhas preparing and cooking their evening meal
86 Welcome news from the homeland; letters, papers and parcels are eagerly looked for by all
87 British graves amid the war's desolation
87 Mud-splashed Lewis machine gunners at junction of the Belgium (sic) and our lines at Hollebeke
88 Zeppelin shot down near Colchester; even with its back broken, towers above nearby farmhouse
89 Gondola—from which bombs were dropped on London—of Zeppelin brought down off the Essex coast
90 Impression made in the ground at Billericay by Commander falling from burning Zeppelin
91 An intrepid observer meets with a mishap and makes a hurried descent
92 The trail of smoke from the burning remnants of an enemy observation balloon
93 Armour-plated Hun 'plane, mounting seven machine guns, used to mow down our lads in the trenches
94 Smouldering buildings at Bethune set on fire by German bombardment
95 The Hun vandal. French villages set on fire wantonly by the Germans in their retreat
96 West door of the Cathedral at Ypres 1916
96 Where the Flower of our Army hurled back the Prussian Guards, Beury Chateau, Festubert
97 Our rapid advance near Cambrai compelled the Germans to abandon large quantities of ammunition
98 The Battlements Gate, Ypres
99 Sentry guarding sacred ground, Ypres immortalised by the valour of our race
100 The golden sun goes down in peace over the desolate waste of "No man's Land"
109 British destroyers at Scapa Flow guarding the surrendered German battleships
113 Caged at last. Fleet of murderous submarines secure in a channel port
117 After the storm and stress of battle, caring for the wounded
118 Lord Kitchener on a tour of inspection at Cape Helles
120 In the thick of a gas attack; our lads ready for the enemy
121 A Battery of British heavy howitzers on the way to take up a new position
122 The true bull-dog rush of our troops at the Dardanelles
124 Gen. Birdwood's cheery optimism won for him immortal fame as the "Soul of Anzac"
126 Lord Kitchener inspecting his Guard of Honor
141 Casualties after the charge has swept over captured positions under German shell fire
144 London Motor-buses used for rushing troops to the front
148 Arrival of casualties at a Regimental Aid Post
155 Her majesty walking through the Guard of Honour of nurses of R.N. Hospital, Hull
158 Zepp Strafers. Three of these officers have brought down Zeppelins
166 Our gallant infantry charging the German positions on a Balkan hillside
175 Jerusalem the Holy City, goal of the Crusaders, rescued forever from the Turks
189 Troops enjoy a bathe after a long day's march; crocodiles make the rivers too dangerous
193 "Tenderly they lifted him." Hospital train in East Africa
196 Flotilla of motor boats guarding our lines of communications along the Rhine
197 In Cologne, where, instead of the "goose-step," the martial tread of British troops now reigns supreme

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