The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List — Realistic Set 200-3



1 Watching through periscope the effects of bursting German shells
2 A German shell expected, bomb gun section of Seaforths taking cover
3 Seaforth Highlanders firing trench mortars, showing shell in its flight in mid-air
4 Company of the Black Watch in a trench keeping below the death line
5 Officer in a deep dug-out, safe from enemy shell fire
6 One of the formidable dug-outs captured from the Germans. Bickendorf
7 Heliograph signal section of a cavalry brigade at work in France
8 Sudden alarm to a battery of artillery resting in a wood
9 The gun teams are hurriedly hooked in, and the battery moves off at a gallop
10 Battery prepared against a gas attack; firing at the German positions
11 Our guns returning with compliments the German "Evening Hate;" gun in recoil
12 Officers' refuge when shell fire becomes too dangerous
12 11-inch shells abandoned by the Germans in their headlong flight across the Rhine
13 Bringing up reserve ammunition, a tribute to the munition workers
14 Examining the remains of Howitzer destroyed by direct hit
16 Troopers feeding their horses and resting on the march
17 A battery of Royal Field Artillery snatching a few minutes rest
17 Surrendered German submarine in the River Stour at Harwich
20 A shell-riddled and deserted village daily subjected to artillery fire
21 Examining fragments of shell in craters; buildings wrecked by shell fire
24 Inspecting the ruins of the once beautiful Richebough (sic) Cathedral
25 Staff officers of General Head Quarters mapping out plans of attack
26 F.M. Sir John French, C-in-C in France with A.D.C.'s at General Head Quarters
28 Relief map of Ypres Salient used in preparing plan of attack
29 Wire entanglements blocking the approaches to one of our defensive posts
30 A busy field telephone during an engagement
32 Seaforths filling their water bottles at a town pump before going into the trenches
34 Stretcher bearers removing a wounded officer who has been picked off by a German sniper
36 A breathless moment, Canadians leaving their trenches to rush a German position
36 The King and Queen arriving for Kitchener Memorial Service at St. Paul's
37 "Over the top", observe the expression on their faces as these lads gallantly face death
38 Although suffering heavily, they never faltered until they had taken the German trenches
39 Cutting the wire; where our gallant heros fell
40 A listening post waiting in the open for an opportunity to advance
42 British infantry driving out the remaining Germans with bombs
43 "Mercy Kamarad", Leicesters capturing a German bomber
44 One of the many "Huns" who paid the penalty for his country's crimes
46 Machine-gun of the Manchesters in action; repulsing an attack
46 Tenderly lifting a serious case. Stretcher bearers at work
47 Ambulances waiting to receive casualties from the battlefield
50 Some of the survivors of the Seaforths who have received the D.C.M.
53 Leicesters passing a French canal on the way to the firing line
55 Seaforths enjoying a dip in a French canal after a long march
57 King's Dragoon Guards rig an aerial span; scout swimming stream with rope
58 Machine-gun section of Dragoon Guards crossing stream on aerial span
59 Motor lorries leaving depot with supplies for regimental bases close behind the firing-line
61 A New Army battalion recently arrived, drilling on a Flanders farm
62 A battalion of the Leicesters resting before going into the trenches
64 Tommy's favourite pastime. A football match between a Signal Company and the Gurkhas
66 Army cooks preparing a meal for our hard fighting troops
67 Men of an ammunition column feeding the mules
68 Halt of an ammunition column en route to the front
71 Firing line of a troop of Jodhpur Lancers behind a belt of trees
72 Indian bombers throwing bombs into the German trenches
73 Eighty yards from the enemy, falling leaves clipped off by German bullets
74 Gen. Rimington, Sir Perta Singh and The Rajah of Rutlam; cavalry leaders in France
75 A field post office. The officer in the foreground was killed the next day
77 Jats wrestling; the favourite sport of our Indian fighters
78 Indian cavalry outside their billet in a French village
80 Gas helmets and rockets, new instruments of warfare
81 Air line section of the Signal Corps putting up a telegraph line along a Flanders canal
83 Gen. Sir James Willcocks and staff leaving his headquarters at Merville for the trenches
84 Gurkha battalion; C.O. inspecting Kukris
85 Our sturdy Gurkhas working on a fire and communication trench
86 Gharwalis lining reserve trenches in expectation of a German attack
87 Infantry in the front-line trenches prepared to meet a gas attack
88 First line Gurkhas storming and capturing a German trench
89 Second line Gurkhas coming up under shell fire to consolidate trench taken by the first
90 Second line consolidating the trenches while first line continues the advance
91 The Colonel points out a weak spot in the captured trenches
92 Gurkha battalion repairing trenches damaged by German bombardment
93 Clearing the remaining Germans out of the trenches by hand grenades
94 Gurkhas digging communication trenches and laying cables to connect up advanced positions
95 Stretcher bearers tenderly lifting a serious case for removal to the ambulance
96 Arrival of casualties at a Regimental Aid Post
97 Sikhs under Lieut. Smyth, V.C., returning to rest and refit after a strenuous period in the trenches
99 The ruined Cloth Hall at Ypres as it looked in 1916 (NOTE: Prob. postwar; scaffolding like 370)
99 Ypres and its ruined Cloth Hall, where British heroism shone resplendant through the darkest hours
100 Receiving letters and comforts at an Army Post Office
101 Tanks clearing the way for infantry through a mud spattered Flanders battlefield
102 South Africans prepare to defend an important wood against a gas attack
103 Smoke screen thrown out to conceal concentration of storm troops
104 In action. Hidden by a screen of foliage, our batteries put down a barrage for the infantry
105 Huge shell bursting in the enemy lines warns the Huns of an impending attack
106 A tank leads the infantry into action and breaks down the wire entanglements
107 Canadians leave their trenches to charge the enemy position
108 Second line Infantry going into action to rush a German position
109 Casualties after the charge has swept over captured positions under German shell fire
110 In the thick of a gas attack; our lads ready for the enemy
111 A party of Leicesters creeping through the captured German trenches
112 With scarcely time to conoslidate their new position, the Leicesters meet a counter attack
113 The eyes of the Army. A captured German Fokker reconnoitering over the enemy lines
114 Over the German lines, showing deep trenches, mine craters, and shell-pitted ground
115 A flooded camp behind the firing line in Flanders
116 "No Man's Land" as seen from an artillery observation post
117 After the storm and stress of battle, caring for the wounded
118 Troops and supplies are rushed from railhead to the firing line
119 Motor Ambulances with wounded, passing reserves on the way to the firing line
120 A Highland battalion passing through a French village on their way to the trenches
121 A lull in the fighting, Seaforth Highlanders with their dog, holding a front line trench
122 The Manchesters crossing a French farm on the way back to the trenches
123 A French tank assists in clearing the Germans out of a ruined village
124 Highlanders skirmishing through a ruined village linked up with our trenches
125 In the path of the Hun. Church wrecked by German shells
126 The Nave of a famous French Cathedral; an example of Hun "frightfulness"
127 The High Altar amid the ruins of the shell wrecked Richbourge Cathedral
128 The result of a bombardment; shell craters and buildings wrecked by German shells
129 How the Germans devastated France. Lille, a once prosperous manufacturing town
130 All that is left of the village of La Bassee, scene of many historic battles
131 French children watching British Hussars passing through their village
132 Hussars turning off a road to rest and water their horses
133 Tommy's mount receives first attention. Carrying water from nearby rivulet
134 R.E. "straffing" machine just off for a scrap with the German planes
135 An observation balloon starting off to spot for the artillery
136 An intrepid observer meets with a mishap and makes a hurried descent
137 Motor Transport awaiting the order to advance
137 The aftermath. Casualties on the field after an attack
138 Spoils of war. Hundreds of captured German guns in a gun park at Brussels
139 Scottish troops examining remains of the first British aeroplane brought down by Germans
140 Huge armour-plated battleplane, which carried seven guns, captured from the Germans
141 Interior of the commodious hospital at Brighton
142 A battalion of Anzacs marching through Adderley Street, Cape Town
143 Transports with reinforcements arriving at a French port
144 Transport with the "Old Contemptibles" from India meets a man-of-war in the Mediterranean
145 Cable-section laying cable; each wagon holds several miles
146 Lord Kitchener with Lord Mayor inspecting the Guard of Honour at Guildhall
147 Soldiers interested in the wreckage caused by German bombardment of Lowestoft
148 The wrecked Zeppelin brought down by our aviators near the coast of Essex
149 Enormous propeller of the great Zeppelin, now only a mass of twisted girders
151 Indentation in the ground made by one of the crew falling from the Zeppelin
152 Inns of Court O.T. Corps training in the snow
153 Henry Street, Dublin, as it appeared after the rebellion
154 His Majesty inspecting the shells at Holmes and Co. Ltd., Munitions Works. Hull
155 Her majesty walking through the Guard of Honour of nurses of R.N. Hospital, Hull
156 England's great welcome to American troops, first contingent marching through London
157 A dispatch rider with urgent message held up by snow
158 Taking stores ashore at Salonica for our Balkan Army
159 Our magnificent infantry in the firing line in the Balkans
160 The dying bugler sounds his last call in an assault on a Balkan hillside
161 Our gallant defenders of the Nile awaiting orders, Egypt
162 Our fearless fighters awaiting orders to advance on a Gallipoli hillside
163 The true bull-dog rush of our troops at the Dardanelles
164 A last drop of water to a dying comrade amid the clash of battle, Dardanelles
165 On a long march through torrid heat to Baghdad
166 Early morning camp fires and breakfast in the Persian Gulf
167 Machine-gun section and Infantry crossing a flooded river by pontoon bridge
168 Our gallant fighters charging over pontoon bridge constructed in four hours
169 In the firing line with the King's bravest, Mesopotamia
170 Beneath the Star and Crescent, Turkish troops for the defence of the Holy Land
171 Capture of Jerusalem—Troops entering the city by the Jaffa Gate
172 Jerusalem the Holy City, goal of the Crusaders, rescued forever from the Turks
173 Spoils of war. Gun and stores captured from the Turks, Palestine
174 Triumph of our Navy. Surrendered battleships and cruisers of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow
175 German battle cruiser "Derfflinger," which hauled down its flag at sunset to Admiral Beatty
176 Caged at last. Fleet of murderous submarines secure in a Channel Port
177 Interior of forward compartment of U boat 135, showing torpedo and four torpedo tubes
178 South African Infantry entraining at Capetown en route to East Africa
179 Scouts feeling their way through the forests of East Africa
180 British Troops from invading columns refresh themselves at a waterfall
181 Defending a block-house against the Germans, East Africa
182 An anxious moment: taking cover from a threatened attack
183 Our gallant Infantry charging the German positions, East Africa
184 A stiff bit of fighting on the Ngura hillsides, East Africa
185 Mounted brigade under Gen. van Deventer, executing a far-flung encircling movement
186 Afternoon tea under difficulties; each man carries his own protection against bees
187 South African gunners with their pet zebra in East Africa
188 "Tenderly they lifted him." Hospital train in East Africa
189 Troops enjoying a bathe after a long day's march; crocodiles making the river too dangerous
191 Presentation of V.C.'s and other honours by His Majesty to battle-scarred heroes in Hyde Park
192 Captured German gun outside King Albert's Palace, Brussels
194 One of the many armed motor boats patrolling the Rhine. Sir Douglas Haig landing at Cologne
195 F.M. Sir Douglas Haig, inspecting sailors who took part in the raids on Ostend and Zeebrugge
196 Our "Watch on the Rhine." Infantry guarding one of the bridge-heads, Cologne
197 Off to Blighty. Troops embarking on a steamer at Cologne to return to England
198 Col. Sir David Henderson and Lord Islington, who accepted a battleplane presented to India by Leeds
198 The first glimpse of German territory. British transports proceeding up the Rhine
198 Peace celebrations in London. Canadians marching past
199 Victory march of London's Own Regiments. Saluting the Lord Mayor
200 Peace Procession of Indian Troops saluting the Cenotaph to "The Glorious Dead"

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