The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List — Realistic Set 200-4



1 Amid bursting shrapnel, with trench mortar ready, Seaforths watch through periscope for the Bosche
2 Enemy seen, Fire! Pulling the trigger of a trench mortar—the shell on its deadly flight in mid-air
4 The gun teams are hurriedly hooked in, and the battery moves off at a gallop
5 Gunners, suspicious of an approaching "Taube" don masks as protection against German gas shells
6 In action. Hidden by a screen of foliage, our batteries prepare to put down a barrage for the infantry
7 Our guns returning with compliments the German “Evening Hate” – gun in recoil
8 The Germans retaliate—a Hun high explosive shell bursting near one of our dumps hidden in a wood
10 Examining the remains of howitzer destroyed by direct hit
11 A battery of Field Artillery crossing a bridge at eventide
12 Troopers feeding their horses and resting on the march
13 The Manchesters machine gun coming into action
14 Guns of the Royal Horse Artillery thundering through a French village
15 F.M. Sir John French, C.-in-C. in France, with A.D.C.'s at General Head Quarters
16 H.R.H. Prince of Wales at his Headquarters in France
17 This chateau was a Brigade Headquarters until it became untenantable (sic)
19 London Territorials passing a ruined house on the shell-swept La Bassee Road
21 Cadets learning trench construction at the Canadian Training Camp, Bexhill, England
22 Black Watch & Indians rest on the fire-step while a hail of Hun machine-gun bullets sweep the parapet
23 Staff Officer from G.H.Q. in dug-out studying details before the opening of our offensive
24 Seaforths filling their water-bottles at a town pump before going into the trenches
25 Highlanders off to the trenches – crossing a Flanders canal
26 Seaforths, in a front line trench, with bayonets fixed, snatch a moment’s respite
28 Maintaining our supremacy in the air; a battle squadron in fighting formation
29 Over the German lines, showing deep trenches, mine craters, and shell-pitted ground
30 Is it a Taube? An aeroplane passes over as Sir James Willcocks and his staff leave headquarters
31 Dry and dusty; Leicesters passing an estaminet on their way to the trenches
32 No Man’s Land as seen from an artillery observation post
33 The desolate rain sodden battlefields where bursting bombs add to the terror of darkness
34 Tanks clearing the way for infantry through a mud spattered Flanders battlefield
35 Column of earth from explosion of a British mine under a German position
36 Although suffering heavily, they never faltered until they had taken the German trenches
37 Courage unsurpassed! Crawling through wire to rescue fallen comrades, victims of a deadly shell
38 Anxious days in 1914, details thrown in to help check the German breakthrough
39 Tenderly lifting a serious case. Stretcher bearers at work
40 Offering thanks for the victory. Church service in a field behind the trenches
41 French villagers walking unconcerned amongst huge supplies bought up
43 A Punjab regiment just arriving from Egypt marching through Lestrem
44 A gas attack threatened, ready with the S.O.S. at Rifle Ville to call up reserves
45 A tank leads the infantry into action and breaks down the wire entanglements
46 Amid the smoke of battle in one irresistible onslaught, Colonial troops seize the German position
47 The Colonel points to a weak spot in the new trenches
48 Infantry in the trenches prepared against a gas attack
49 Cable-section laying cable; each wagon holds several miles
51 Moments of ease. Our men enjoying a game of cards
52 Infantry repairing reserve trenches and laying barbed wire entanglements
53 Wire entanglements blocking the approaches to one our Defensive Posts
54 Indian bombers holding an important sector near Neuve-Chappelle come under Bosche shell fire
55 A few of the 2nd Leicesters parading before going home for their first leave since they left India
56 Gen. Sir James Willcocks talking to Gurkhas who have been "Mentioned in Dispatches"
57 Seaforths enjoying a dip in a French canal after a long march
58 Watching effect of the German bombardment of a French village
59 A cherry tree and windows shattered by fragments of shell, behind British front
60 Shell-riddled church at Richbourg: a mute witness to the Huns’ disregard for sacred places
62 The High Altar amid the ruins of the shell-wrecked Richbourge Cathedral
63 French graves smashed by German shell fire – German sniper was discovered hidden in a coffin
64 All that is left of the once prosperous town of Lens
65 Lord Kitchener with the Lord Mayor addressing a recruiting meeting
66 Lord Kitchener arriving by motor car through troop-lined street to Guildhall
67 A Belgium V.C. telling the story of his country’s sufferings
68 Britain’s children rally to her support - 1st Brigade S. A. Contingent beginning its 7000 mile voyage
69 French Cruiser on escort duty on the high seas
70 Inspection of shipbuilding by His Majesty at Earle’s Engineering Works, Hull
71 A flooded camp behind the firing line in Flanders
72 Leicesters passing a French canal on the way to the firing line
74 A field post office. The officer in the foreground was killed the next day
75 A dispatch rider with urgent message held up by snow
76 Gurkhas cooking their rations in a French farmhouse
77 Tommy's favourite pastime. A football match between the Signal Company and the Gurkhas
79 Red Cross orderlies having a quiet game of cards
81 Inspecting the ruins of the once beautiful Richbourg Cathedral
82 Transport of Sappers & Miners in France
83 Slaughter of goats for our Indian troops, in accordance with sacred rites
87 Bengal Lancers moving up; passing through Estree Blanche
89 Gondola – from which bombs were dropped on London of Zeppelin brought down off the Essex coast
90 Impression made in the ground at Billericay by Commander falling from burning Zeppelin
91 Famous Zeppelin strafers (1st.) Capt. Stammers V. C., (3rd.) Capt. Robinson V.C. (4th) Lt. Sowroy
92 Destruction wrought by Zeppelin bombs
93 Examining the fuse of a Zeppelin bomb
94 Letting out the guide ropes of an observation balloon about to ascend to direct artillery fire
95 Car of observation balloon in mid-air showing the parachute attachment
98 A Royal visit to the troops; enthusiastic welcome by the Canadians
99 Memorial to the heroic Canadians at Vimy Ridge
100 Ypres and its ruined Cloth Hall, where British heroism shone resplendant through the darkest hours
101 An exciting chase! British destroyers on the track of a German submarine
102 Trapped German submarine driven inshore and blown clean out of the water
103 Transport With The “Old Contemptibles” From India Meets A Man-Of-War In The Mediterranean
104 Watching the effects of our naval bombardment of the Turkish positions at Gallipoli
105 Damage wrought during the bombardment of Lowestoft by the “tip & run” German raiders
106 French Man-of-War holds up a steamer and searches her
107 Stores at Sedul Bahr, showing the famous S.S. "River Clyde"
108 Gen Birdwood’s cheery optimism won for him immortal fame as the “Soul of Anzac”
111 The true bull-dog rush of our troops at the Dardanelles
112 Kitchener, in happy mood, praises officers and men for their heroic assaults at the Dardenelles
113 The British Red Cross in the field, ready for its errand of mercy
115 Lord Kitchener reviews the situation at Gallipoli with Anzac Officers
116 Our Officers snatch a moment's respite from trench digging. Dardanelles
117 Turkish troops in damaged Gallipoli fort
118 Sinews of War at Sulva Bay transported thousands of miles by our Merchant Marine
119 Evacuation of Gallipoli – removing stores & transport from Helles Bay
120 Landing troops and supplies at Salonica, under cover of the big guns of our Navy
121 Caring for the wounded amid the clash of battle – Balkan Campaign
122 The war’s early days – troops at Malta rushed in tugs to transport, en route to France
123 Supply and transport officers, first to arrive in Egypt
124 Our gallant defenders of the Nile awaiting orders, Egypt
125 The Duke Of Edinburgh Own Rifles bathing – Sir Lowry Pass Training Camp
126 Imitating their German masters. Band playing Turkish troops off to the front
127 Turkish troops defeated by Allenby in the outlying hills, retreat through Jerusalem by the Jaffa Gate
128 Jerusalem the Holy City, goal of the Crusaders, rescued for ever from the Turks
129 Spoils of war. Gun and stores captured from the Turks, Palestine
130 On the long march through torrid heat to Bagdad
131 Early morning camp fires and breakfast in the Persian Gulf
132 Infantry charging over pontoon bridge, constructed in four hours. Persian Gulf campaign
133 Where cooking is hot work. Persian Gulf
134 Burghers en route to the docks, Capetown
135 Special Scouts, 2nd Mounted Burgher Brigade
136 Col. Woodhead. C. M. G., Commanding C. P. Civilian, T. A., Sir Fred Smith, Adj., and Capt Berrange, Capetown
137 Inspection of Army Service Corps, Capetown
138 Mounted Burghers in March Past before H. E. Lord Buxton
139 Burghers loading their kit into trains on return from G. W. Africa
140 Train load of armoured motor cars in G. S. W. Africa
141 A unique sand block-house, the only means of fortification in the deserts of South-West Africa
142 Trekking across the desert - Botha’s troops leaving camp for firing line, G. S. W.
143 Burghers receiving their pay at Swakopmund
144 Botha’s successful campaign in G. S. W. Africa
145 2nd Durban Light Infantry back from G. S. W. Africa, Capetown
146 Capetown’s welcome to S. A. Artillery on return from SA. W. Africa
147 Witwatersrand Rifles entraining beneath Table Mountain for North
148 Section training, Machine-Guns
149 9th Sportsmans Regiment training for service in G. East (sic—no “Africa”)
150 Mounted brigade under Gen. van Deventer, executing a far-flung encircling movement
151 Afternoon tea under difficulties; each man carries his own protection against bees
152 British troops from invading columns refresh themselves at a waterfall
153 Auxiliary Cruiser “König” sunk by Germans in a futile attempt to block Dar-es-Salaam Harbour
154 Scouts feeling their way amid the dense forests of East Africa
155 An anxious moment; taking cover from a threatened attack
156 Tenderly they lift him – Hospital Train, Trekkopjee, G. W. Africa
157 Botha’s successful campaign in G. S. W. Africa
158 German prisoners captured by our victorious troops near the Rufigi River, East Africa
159 A squadron of giant planes off on a moon-light raid to bomb objectives beyond the Rhine
161 Anti-aircraft gun captured by our victorious troops, from the defeated Germans
162 Armour-plated Hun 'plane, mounting seven machine guns, used to mow down our lads in the trenches
163 One of our 16-inch railway guns: the monsters which pulverised the Hindenburg Line
164 Our rapid advance near Cambrai compelled the Germans to abandon large quantities of ammunition
166 South Africans prepare to defend an important wood against a gas attack
167 The most terrifying of all bombardments; the merciless gas-shells
168 In the thick of a gas attack – our lads ready for the enemy
169 An enemy block-house seized at Poelecappelle is quickly converted into a machine-gun nest
170 Clouds of smoke mask the movement of our troops from hostile planes venturing over our lines
171 Following the Tanks the Canadians go over the top and across “No Man’s Land”
173 Bird’s-eye view of a French village taken from an aeroplane
174 The Hun vandal – French village set on fire wantonly by the Germans in their retreat
175 One of the formidable dug-outs captured from the Germans. Bickendorf
176 Wire entanglements in a swamp – a formidable obstacle to our advancing infantry
177 The magnificent work of our Red Cross nurses. Convalescents out of doors. Base Hospital
178 Her Majesty walking through the Guard of Honour of nurses of R.N. Hospital, Hull
179 Our wounded Indians enjoying a motor char-a-banc ride
180 Caged at last. Fleet of murderous submarines secure in a channel port
181 Conning tower on one of the hugh (sic) mine-laying German U. Boats
182 Interior of forward compartment of U boat 135 - showing torpedo and four torpedo tubes
183 Triumph of our Navy. Surrendered battleships and cruisers of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow
184 German battle cruiser "Derfflinger," which hauled down its flag at sunset to Admiral Beatty
185 British destroyers at Scapa Flow guarding the surrendered German battleships
186 How the Germans devastated France. Lille, a once prosperous manufacturing town
187 A devastated village. Le Bassee after the Germans had left it
188 In the path of the devastating Hun, Arras Cathedral wrecked by German shells
189 Captured German gun outside King Albert’s Palace, Brussels
190 The first glimpse of German territory. British transports proceeding up the Rhine
191 Flotilla of motorboats guarding our lines of communication along the Rhine
193 F. M. Earl Haig arrives at Cologne on a tour of inspection of the “Army of Occupation”
194 F. M. Sir Douglas Haig inspecting sailors who took part in raids on on Ostend & Zeebrugge
195 Our “Watch On The Rhine” Infantry guarding one of the bridge-heads, Cologne
196 Durham Light Infantry in Cologne: Marching through the Ley Stapel
197 Triumphal march of the Canadians through London
198 Victory March of London's Own Regiments, saluting the Lord Mayor
199 Candian troops arriving home at Exhibition Grounds, Toronto
200 Peace Procession of Indian Troops saluting the Unknown Warrior at the Cenotaph, Whitehall

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