The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List — Realistic Set of 600, Volume I



1 Amid bursting crumps, with trench mortar ready, Seaforths watch through periscope for the Hun
2 Enemy seen, Fire! A trench-mortar hurling the shell, seen in mid air on its deadly flight
3 Seaforths fill their water bottles at the town pump La Gorgue, before going into the trenches
4 A Bosche sniper worries the Seaforths, who are snatching an hour's respite with their mascot
5 The sniper finds his mark! Stretcher-bearers remove an officer wounded by an unlucky bullet
6 Off at the gallop to help stem Hun onslaughts at Ploegsteert during dogged defence of Ypres
7 Gunners, warned of an approaching Taube, don masks as protection against German gas shells
8 Rapid fire! Having found the range, our guns (seen in recoil) make it hot for the Bosche
9 Out of action! Shattered remains of a luckless howitzer blown up by a direct German hit
10 A battery of Royal Field Artillery enjoy a few hours' rest under concealment of a wood
11 H.R.H. Prince of Wales in the gardens of the Chateau which was his Headquarters in France
12 London Territorials pass the wrecked Doll's house on the shell-swept La Brassee (sic) road
13 Troops and supplies are rushed from railhead to the firing line in lorries & London 'buses
14 Black Watch and Indians hold advanced sector of line near Facquissart Post guarding Calais
15 Staff Officer from G.H.Q. in dug-out, studying details before the opening of our offensive
16 Hun defence battery worsted in artillery duel with Monitors off Belgian coast, Meriakerke
17 When the sluices were opened, floods & barbed wire brought disaster to the invader, Nieuport
18 F.M. Sir John French, C.-inC. of Expeditionary Force, with A.D.C.s at General Head Quarters
19 Indian bombers holding important trench near Neuve Chapelle come under Bosche shell fire
20 The Germans retaliate—a high-explosive shell bursting near our dump hidden in an orchard
21 French graves smashed by shell fire, where a Hun sniper was discovered hiding in a coffin
22 The famous Gurkhas with their deadly kukries, near Neuve Chapelle
23 The Leicesters' fine charge baffles the Kaiser's bid to wipe out the Old Contemptables (sic) at Ypres
24 Courage unsurpassed! Crawling through wire to rescue comrades, victims of a deadly shell
25 The price of victory!—Brave lads who fell in an early morning raid on the German lines
26 Messengers of mercy! Stretcher-bearers tenderly caring for wounded at improvised aid-post
27 Where the Flower of our Army hurled back the Prussian Guards, Beury Chateau, Festubert
28 Battery of Artillery, now rested and re-fitted, moves off at eventide on way up to the front
29 A regiment of Allenby's Cavalry, worn-out in action at Ypres, recuperates behind the line
30 Cavalry, always held in readiness for a breakthrough, rest their horses in a French village
31 War's devastation! Shell-torn houses caught in the path of the German guns, Ypres salient
32 Pitiful ruins of the once-beautiful Richbourge Cathedral with gaping shell-holes in its roof
33 Sappers & miners drive a tunnel under Hill 60, obliterated by our mine fired Apr., 1915, Ypres
34 Labyrinth, Arras, taken in deadly hand-to-hand fighting proves haven of rest to our weary men
35 Battlefront along the Yser Canal in bitter winter of 1916, our heavy guns straf the enemy
36 Dogs with first-aid & stimulants off to find wounded in inaccessible parts of No Man's Land
37 The Maharajah of Barwani with Ambulance Cars
38 Giving water to a wounded pal near Hun blockhouse shattered in our advance at Hooge, Ypres
39 Uncovering men who fell contesting the crater at Zouave Woods, stormed by the irresistible 6th Div.
40 Gas Alarm! Ready with masks to repel Hun attack under cover of the deadly cloud at Loos
41 Chalk pits at Loos seized and held by 2nd Guards Brigade against fierce counter-attacks
42 The icy grip of winter settles down on the Belgian trenches between Nieuport & the Yser
43 Mud-splashed Lewis machine gunners at junction of the Belgian and our lines at Hollebeke
44 Haughty Prussians with machine-guns, captured by Old Contemptibles in our advance, Pozieres
45 Our mine, fired during furious thrusts for St. Eloy, blots out a Jerry machine-gun nest, Ypres
46 Looking into depths of the tremendous crater of our mine fired at La Boiselle, on the Somme
47 On the eve of the great Somme push, signallers keep a sharp look-out over the Sausage Valley
48 Under cover of gas and smoke we break through to Serre and Thiepval (photo from prisoner)
49 Cautiously working their way across the shell-swept plains of Picardy in great Somme push
50 Over the top 'mid bursting gas and tear shells to storm the fortified villages on the Somme
51 H.E.s bursting in Mametz Wood, hotly contested with Prussian Guards, finally taken July, 1916
52 Moving up with French 75s against Thiepval Ridge, we pass Huns captured in Wonder Work
53 After attack on Mouquet Farm, Thiepval Ridge, taken by our matchless infantry at heavy cost
54 Albert Cathedral, where statue of Virgin Mary hung amid the ruins until felled by Hun shells
55 At dawn, in a determined assault, we carry fortified German entrenchments in Trones Wood
56 Gunners dig a gun-pit for 4.5 howitzer, artfully hidden by camouflage from enemy airmen
57 Flanders mud hampers our artillery, removing a field gun from shell-pitted & flooded position
58 Stretcher-bearers rescue a wounded lad, hit in crossing of Ancre in attack on Thiepval Ridge
59 Bombing the Bosche out of their deep dug-outs near Martinspuich during our advance on Somme
60 Examining a German prisoner to gain information which enables us to anticipate an attack
61 Hundreds of guns captured by Australians and Canadians at Couralette in Battle of Somme
62 When the thaw set in on the Somme, our artillery ploughed thro' mud & slush to Gommecourt
63 The golden sun goes down in peace o'er the desolate wastes of No Man's Land on the Somme
64 Zeppelin shot down near Colchester; even with its back broken, towers above nearby farmhouse
65 Gondola of Zeppelin raider which dropped bombs on London, brought down near the Essex coast
66 Impression made in the ground by Commander falling from burning Zeppelin at Billericay
67 Charred remains of Zeppelin crew shot down in flames at Billericay by Capt. Robinson, V.C.
68 The eyes of the Army, Sopwith Camels ready for a reconnoitering patrol over the German lines
69 Incessant & thrilling aerial combats secure us mastery of the air & blind the enemy artillery
70 Maintaining our supremacy in the air, a squadron of battle-planes in fighting formation
71 Formidable fortifications in noted Hindenburg Line mapped by aerial observer at 8,000 ft.
72 We smash the vaunted Hindenburg Line & seize a blockhouse shattered by our guns, Croiselles
73 At the bayonet's point our troops surprise a Jerry machine gunner in his den at Croiselles
74 Troops going up thro trench at Croiselles to support men holding out in advanced positions
75 Knocked out! A nest of machine-guns which held up our advance at Monchy, Battle of Arras
76 R.A.M.C. at Monchy dressing station attend to wounded coming down from the battle zone
77 Artillery observation officer in O Pip regulates our barrage during advance on Woncourt
78 Waiting in trenches near Arras for our creeping barrage to lift before pushing on
79 Last word in Hun defence, a baffling Pill-box at Bullecourt, scene of sanguinary fighting
80 R. Engineers mine Messines Ridge which dominated Ypres. Blown up & stormed June 7th, '17
81 Off on a night raid, our troops steal into the inky darkness of No Man's Land near Messines
82 Holding the line near Dickebusch before our final onslaught against Messines Ridge, Ypres
83 Zero hour! Prompt to the second our men go over the top in an assault on Wyschaete Wood
84 Disaster on the Dunes; the Huns blow up the bridges & isolate our hard-pressed battalions
85 Under frightful difficulties, our troops carry supplies over destroyed bridges on Yser Canal
86 Unexpected, our moppers up come to grips with Jerries lurking in a captured village
87 Kamerad! Dazed Huns pour out of their fortified cellars at Pilken in answer to our bombs
88 Daybreak on Vimy Ridge, after our dogged and impetuous assault on its heights, Apr. 9th, '17
89 North Country troops bomb Hun machine-gunners out of their lairs in Polygon Wood, Sept., '17
90 Our troops charge forward into Bernafay Wood to dislodge the Bosche from their entrenchments
91 After weeks of weary fighting for the fateful Menin road, victors & the vanquished, both happy
92 Attending to wounded on the Menin road, Ypres, during strenuous struggles around Zonnebeke
93 Our troops occupy Houthhoulst Forest, the combined British and Belgian attack having ousted the enemy
94 An enemy block-house seized at Poelecappelle is quickly converted into a machine-gun nest
95 After the bitter struggle for the stricken village of Gheluvelt, lost and retaken several times
96 In a firing bay at Passachendaele we repulse repeated Bosche counter-attacks of great fury
97 Through smoke and gas, our infantry advance to the final assault of Passachendaele Ridge
98 Tenderly carrying a "blighty" case to an aid post through maze of trenches, Passachendaele
99 14th century walls & Lille gate through which British troops entered during defence of Ypres
100 Guarding sacred Ypres, where British heroism shone resplendent through war's darkest hours

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