The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List — Realistic Set of 600, Volume II



101 An exciting chase. British destroyers on the track of a German submarine
102 Trapped German submarine driven inshore and blown clean out of the water
103 H.M.S. "Cornwallis" at the Dardenelles firing a salvo at the Turkish fortifications
104 Stores at Sedul Bahr, showing the famous S.S. "River Clyde"
105 Gen. Birdwood's cheery optimism won for him immortal fame as the "Soul of Anzac"
106 Our reserves awaiting orders to move up to their new positions on the slopes of Cape Hellas
107 Short of ammunition, but still they press on, the true bull-dog rush of our troops at Gallipoli
108 Spotting the Turks; motor-winch pays out the cable for an observation balloon about to ascend
109 Sinews of War at Sulva Bay transported thousands of miles by our Merchant Marine
110 Kitchener, in happy mood, praises officers and men for their heroic assaults at the Dardenelles
111 The British Red Cross on the field, ready for its errand of mercy
112 Evacuation of Gallipoli. Removing stores and transport from Helles Bay
113 Transport with the "Old Contemptibles" from India meets a man-of-war in the Mediterranean
114 Glorious "Vindictive," whose gallant exploit at Zeebrugge will live for ever in the annals of our Navy
115 Transport carrying troops through submarine infested waters to distant parts of our battle-line
116 Our gallant defenders of the Nile awaiting orders, Egypt
117 Mounted Anzac troops force the Wadi Ghuzzee and outflank Gaza by a rapid detour across the desert
118 Under the Star and Crescent—Infantry of the Sultan's army so dramatically defeated by Allenby
119 Turkish troops defeated by Allenby in the outlying hills, retreat through Jerusalem by the Jaffa Gate
120 Jerusalem the Holy City, goal of the Crusaders, rescued forever from the Turks
121 Spoils of war. Gun and stores captured from the Turks, Palestine
122 On the long march through torrid heat to Bagdad
123 Early morning camp fires and breakfast in the Persian Gulf
124 Machine gun section and infantry crossing a flooded river by pontoon bridge
125 A unique sand block-house, the only means of fortification in the deserts of South-West Africa
126 Trainload of motor-vans and armoured-cars, so essential for our advance over the sands of S.W. Africa
127 Cease fire! Enjoying a rest after a heavy bombardment
128 British and Indian officers outside Headquarters in a Flanders village
129 No. 2 Mess, Indian Corps Headquarters
130 Defending a block house against the Germans, East Africa
131 Incessant, thrilling aerial combats secure us mastery in the air and blind the enemy artillery
132 Wit. Rifles back from Windhoek entrain at Cape Town for depot to re-volunteer for East Africa
133 Mounted brigade under Gen. van Deventer, executing a far-flung encircling movement
134 British troops from invading columns refresh themselves at a waterfall
135 Scouts feeling their way through the forests of East Africa
136 South African gunners with their pet zebra in East Africa
137 In touch with Von Vorbeck's column, drawing fire of enemy hidden in jungle, to ascertain his strength
138 Our gallant infantry charging the German positions, on a Balkan hillside
139 Our monster tanks break down the belts of barbed wire and completely surprise the Hun at Cambrai
140 Our infantry and tanks sweep their way over all obstacles in the great advance at Cambrai
141 Tank disabled in our break-through near Moeuvres during our surprise attack on the Cambrai front
142 German prisoners compelled to carry our wounded during the strenuous struggle for Bourlon Wood
143 Awaiting the great Hun attack, observation officer and signallers at St. Quentin keep a sharp look-out
144 Our fearless men, fighting against great odds, mine the bridge and retire across the Crozet Canal
145 The most terrifying of all bombardments; the merciless gas-shells
146 In desperate fighting throughout the night we valiantly resist the furious enemy onslaught at Mory
147 Men who fell covering the retreat of the 5th Army at Albert during the Hun offensive in 1918
148 Hazardous work! A listening-post in a shell-crater in "No Man's Land" near Lagnicourt
149 Engineers repair light railways near Hangard, damaged by shell-fire during the struggle for Amiens
150 Smoldering Bethune, ignited by Bosche guns, to vent their spite for their costly defeat at Festubert
151 Dead Jerry found in our wire after a futile night raid on our lines at Givenchy
152 Bosche machine gun captured and gunner taken prisoner by our advancing troops at "Plug Street"
153 Inspecting the ruins of the once beautiful Richbourg Cathedral
154 French graves smashed by German shell fire; a German sniper was discovered hidden in a coffin
155 Amid bursting gas and tear shells in a stubborn struggle we repulse the Bosche on Kemmel Hill
156 Casualties coming back from the line, pass tanks worsted in Battle of the Tanks, Villers Bretonneux
157 Our troops leaving by a sap on a night operation to cut off the Huns holding on to Villers-Bretonneux
158 A squadron of giant planes off on a moon-light raid to bomb objectives beyond the Rhine
159 Over the German lines, showing deep trenches, mine craters, and shell-pitted ground
160 Armour-plated Hun 'plane, mounting seven machine guns, used to mow down our lads in the trenches
161 An intrepid observer meets with a mishap and makes a hurried descent
162 The trail of smoke from the burning remnants of an enemy observation balloon
163 Ingenious camouflage used to conceal lines of communication and gun emplacements from Hun aviators
164 Our 16-in. railway guns demolish the Hun concrete emplacements and open the way for the infantry
165 The bursting of our high-explosive shells, which nothing could withstand, shatter the Hun defences
166 Column of earth from explosion of a British mine under a German position
167 Our whippet tanks dash thro' the mud-caked battlefields and penetrate the German lines at Morcourt
168 A tank comes to the rescue of its comrade, bogged in the Luce valley during the advance on Rosieres
169 The desolate rain-sodden battlefields where bursting bombs add to the terror of darkness
170 Examining a Jerry prisoner to obtain information which enables us to anticipate an enemy attack
171 Our troops make use of a Jerry dugout captured in the Great Allied Advance at Bapaume, Aug., 1918
172 Bosche prisoner escorted by French troops, in front of Albert Cathedral, wrecked by shell-fire
173 Amid the havoc of war our troops carry on, passing the smoking ruins of Monchy on the way up the line
174 Sappers remove a derelict tank obstructing the "corduroy" road built over the mud, before Peronne
175 Receiving first-aid from his sergeant in a sap during the height of battle at Peronne
176 Australian limbers bringing up shells to the guns during the fury of the battle before Le Transloy
177 Our impetuous infantry storm and seize the successive entrenchments of the Wotan Line near Queant
178 In a gallant assault we pierce the vaunted Hindenburg Line at Bellicourt to a depth of three miles
179 On the run! In hot pursuit we cross the Canal du Nord by improvised bridges raked by shell-fire
180 Our troops get over the Canal du Nord, close on the retreating enemy and clear Bourbon Wood
181 French 75's returning to "Chemin des Dames" pass prisoners taken in our drive near St. Quentin
182 A gallant deed: A wounded officer is carried across the Aisne River to the safety of a dugout
183 "Booby" traps and hidden bombs prove dangerous to our troops clearing the evacuated villages
184 The Hun vandal. French villages set on fire wantonly by the Germans in their retreat
185 Our cavalry pursues the defeated enemy through the ruined villages and completes his final rout
186 Thousands of German prisoners captured in the final route of the German armies on the Sambre
187 Our rapid advance near Cambrai compelled the Germans to abandon large quantities of ammunition
188 Spoils of war. Hundreds of captured German guns in a gun park at Brussels
189 A Royal visit to the troops; enthusiastic welcome by the Canadians
190 Caged at last. Fleet of murderous submarines secure in a channel port
191 Conning tower on one of the huge mine-laying German U. Boats
192 Under the sea in a "U" boat! The torpedoes are released on their path of death through these tubes
193 German battle cruiser "Derfflinger," which hauled down its flag at sunset to Admiral Beatty
194 The new "Watch on the Rhine" set by the Allies; British troops crossing Cologne Bridge
195 F.M. Earl Haig arrives at Cologne on a tour of inspection of the "Army of Occupation"
196 F.M. Sir Douglas Haig, inspecting sailors who took part in the raids on Ostend and Zeebrugge
197 In Cologne, where, instead of the "goose-step," the martial tread of British troops now reigns supreme
198 The Empire pays homage to its victorious warriors on Peace Day—The Lord Mayor taking the salute
199 Commemorating the End of the War, the Anzacs witness the review of the Empire's forces in London
200 Peace Procession of Indian Troops saluting the Unknown Warrior at the Cenotaph, Whitehall


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