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Title List Realistic Set of 600, Volume III



201 Our dauntless men storm the Hun lines at Croisilles and bomb the Jerry out of their concrete strongholds
202 Bosche machine gun captured and gunner taken prisoners by our "moppers up" near Croisilles
203 Inch by inch our lads patiently hack their perilous way through the tangled mass of wires
204 Following close on our gas, we storm the Schwaben Redoubt and gain the ridges above the Ancre
205 "Kamerad!" Bewildered Huns come out of their dugouts near Martinpuich in answer to our bombs
206 Under heavy shell-fire, our troops overcome all obstacles and drive the enemy out of Trones Wood
207 Our men enter a subterranean gallery near a captured village, Thiepval Ridge, to avoid a Bosche straf
208 Gunners dig a gun-pit for 4.5 howitzer artfully hidden by camouflage from enemy airmen
209 Evening in our Reserve trenches at Beaumont Hamel; our troops rest on the conquered ground
210 South Africans prepare to defend an important wood against a gas attack
211 Grande Place, Bethune, set on fire by Hun artillery after all attempts to break our line were defeated
212 Casualties on the embankment after our assault of the formidable "Railway Triangle" near Arras
213 Amid the havoc of war our troops carry on, passing the smoking ruins of Monchy on the way up the line
214 Ten minutes before zero! The Irish troops stand to arms in the trenches before Wytschaete Wood
215 Hun prisoners taken in underground defences on Pilkem Ridge are searched for identification purposes
216 We cross the Yser Canal in our advance and force the Hun out of Bixschoote. Third Battle of Ypres
217 Dislodging the enemy house by house in obstinate fighting at Langemarck. 3rd Battle of Ypres
218 Interrogating a Bosche prisoner taken in a block house in our assault on the Hohenzollern Redoubt
219 Outflanked by the Hun on Oise marshes, we retire at dusk behind the Crozat Canal under heavy fire
220 Our devoted cavalry skillfully cover the retreat of the infantry before the Hun advance on Amiens
221 Men who fell covering the retreat of the 5th Army at Albert during the Hun offensive in 1918
222 A tank brings back wounded during the withdrawal of the Fifth Army from Peronne to Proyart, Mar. 18
223 A gallant deed. A wounded officer is carried across the Aisne River to the safety of a dugout
224 Pressing the Hun rearguard we cross the canal under shell-fire and push on towards Cambrai
225 On the run! In hot pursuit we cross the Canal du Nord by improvised bridges raked by shell fire
226 The sergeant calls for volunteers to bring in a fallen comrade from "no man's land" before Bourbon Wood
227 Our rapid advance near Cambrai compelled the Germans to abandon large quantities of ammunition
228 Arteries of communication to the front line on the Yser, Belgian light railway with elephant shelters
229 A quiet sector of the line before Ypres where we repulsed repeated Hun assaults in three great battles
230 The desolate rain-sodden battlefields where bursting bombs add to the terror of darkness
231 The first of a squadron of giant bombing planes returns from a successful raid on the enemy lines
232 Bird's-eye view of a French village taken from an aeroplane
233 Observation balloon brought down in flames by a lucky shot from an intrepid airman
234 Skeleton of a huge German bomber which tried to break through our aerial defences
235 A unlucky hit through the tank brought down this British machine, but the aviators landed safely
236 Anti-aircraft gun captured by our victorious troops, from the defeated Germans
237 A Field Battery resting in a wood, responds to an urgent summons to a threatened point at Ypres
238 In action. Hidden by a screen of foliage, our batteries prepare to put down a barrage for the infantry
239 One of our 16-inch railway guns: the monsters which pulverised the Hindenburg Line
240 An ammunition column bringing up some of the endless stream of shells to the ever-devouring guns
241 A battalion of the New Army resting on the way up to the front
242 Dry and dusty; Leicesters passing an estaminet on their way to the trenches
243 A gas attack threatened, ready with the S.O.S. at Rifle Ville to call up reserves
244 Anxious days in 1914, details thrown in to help check the German break-through
245 Machine-gun of the Manchesters in action; repulsing an attack
246 Fauquissart post, junction of Allied Armies, where Ludendorf nearly broke through and captured Calais
247 Fearless Colonials coming up to consolidate trench taken in surprise attack by the first line
248 The parapet of captured trenches hastily reversed and strenghtened to withstand counter-attack
249 Infantry, equipped with H.P. gas masks having taken the Hun trench, fire on the retreating enemy
250 Casualties after the charge has swept over captured positions under German shell-fire
251 With scarcely time to consolidate their position, the Leicesters meet a counter-attack
252 After the storm and stress of battle, caring for the wounded
253 Arrival of wounded at a base hospital
254 "Dear Mother, this Hospital is 'tres bon' and the nurses are Angels"
255 Interior of the commodious hospital at Brighton
256 Her majesty walking through the Guard of Honour of nurses of R.N. Hospital, Hull
257 The call which resounded around the world: Lord Kitchener's magic appeal for men
258 The answer to Lord Kitchener's call: Some of the first of "Kitchener's men" to arrive in France
259 Moving off, a Highland battalion leaving their billets on the way to the front
260 Leicesters passing a French canal on the way to the firing line
261 Guns of the Royal Horse Artillery thundering through a French village
262 A battalion of the Manchesters which suffered badly at Ypres recuperate behind the line
263 An Army field kitchen always ready with hot meals for our hungry troops
264 Cavalry coming up to support a hard-pressed point of the line
265 Tommy's mount receives first attention. Carrying water from near-by rivulet
266 Huge park of motor lorries waiting at railhead to load up supplies
267 A surprise for the enemy; secret concentration of a huge fleet of tanks
268 Zeppelin shot down near Colchester; even with its back broken, towers above nearby farmhouse
269 Enormous propeller of the great Zeppelin, now only a mass of twisted girders
270 Acres of aluminum remains of the great Zeppelin shot down by an intrepid airman
271 Examining the fuse of an incendiary Zepp bomb amid scenes of desolation after a raid
272 Millions of Pounds for sinews of War; a busy day at the Tank Bank in Trafalgar Square
273 England's great welcome to the American troops, first contingent marching through London
274 Army lorries bringing up supplies along the snow-covered slopes on the Italian front
275 Naval gun landed at Walfisch Bay; a valuable asset to our invading forces
276 Afternoon tea under difficulties; each man carries his own protection against bees
277 Troops enjoy a bathe after a long day's march; crocodiles make the rivers too dangerous
278 Tenderly lifting a wounded comrade into a hospital train during the East African campaign
279 Auxiliary Cruiser "Konig" sunk by Germans in a futile attempt to block Dar-es-Salaam Harbour
280 El-Kantara, the great base for Egypt and Palestine, seen from a transport in the Suez Canal
281 Transport land reinforcements and munitions on Anzac beach to support the final attack on Sari Bair
282 In the wilderness of desolate ridges, impenetrable scrub proved a deadly obstacle to our fearless men
283 Holding a trench on the ridge of Lone Pine against a counter-attack (photo taken below the death line)
284 Turks lying as they fell amid the bush on slopes of Chunuk Bair, taken and held under a withering fire
285 End of the immortal gamble: Evacuation of Gallipoli, the most glorious failure in the history of warfare
286 Our gallant infantry charging the German positions, on a Balkan hillside
287 Captured German gun outside King Albert Palace, Brussels
288 Commemoration of the End of the War, the Anzacs witness the review of the Empire's forces in London
289 Victory March of London's Own Regiments, saluting the Lord Mayor
290 Captured German submarine of the "Deutschland" type
291 Saw-like wire-cutters on prow of "U" boats devised as way of escape from our ensnaring submarine nets
292 Conning tower on one of the hugh (sic) mine-laying German U. Boats
293 Interior of forward compartment of U boat 135 showing torpedo and four torpedo tubes
294 German battle cruiser "Derfflinger," which hauled down its flag at sunset to Admiral Beatty
295 Battleship "Kaiserin" of the German High Seas Fleet surrendered at Scapa Flow
296 Officers of the 15th Btn., 48th Highlanders. Their last parade before demobilization
297 End of the great adventure! Canadian troops return home after memorable achievements in France
298 U.S. troops who did splendid work at St. Mihiel salient arrive at New York escorted by warships
299 Doughboys tenderly removing the wounded on the arrival of their transport at New York from France
300 Sailors and soldiers of America in the impressive Victory Loan Procession on Fifth Avenue, New York


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