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Title List Realistic Set of 600, Volume V



401 Landing stores at Sedd-ul-Bahr, fearlessly taken up by the Hants and Fusiliers under a hurricane of shell
402 Gaba Tepe, famed for exploit of the Anzacs who leaped ashore and drove off the Turks with the bayonet
403 On the inhospitable shores of Gallipoli
404 Trenches on the crest of Lone Pine resolutely held against many violent counter-attacks by the Turks
405 Casualties on the slopes of Saro Bair after our repulse of furious enemy assaults on the ridges
406 Miles of entrenchments running up the hillsides to our fortifications on the ridges near Anzac beach
407 Horse and mules lines near the front line, Dardanelles
408 Lord Kitchener reviews the situation at Gallipoli with Anzac Officers
409 Fire! Field batteries in action at Sulva Bay, Gallipoli
410 Transport with the "Old Contemptibles" from India meets a man-of-war in the Mediterranean
411 Sir John French riding with his aide-de-camps and escort of Indian cavalry
412 Army Corps H.Q. of Sir Douglas Haig hit by German shells in 1914, several of his staff being killed
413 Leicesters parading before proceeding to the front line trenches
414 In the firing line before La Boiselle, awaiting the signal for the dash up the "Sausage Valley"
415 By a well-timed counter-attack, we retake trenches lost in the fierce Hun assaults on Kemmel Hill
416 At the bayonet's point our troops surprise a Jerry machine gunner in his den at Croiselles
417 Receiving first-aid from his sergeant in a sap during the height of battle at Peronne
418 London Motor-buses used for rushing troops to the front
419 Smoke screen thrown out to conceal concentration of storm troops
420 South Africans prepare to defend an important wood against a gas attack
421 Second Line Infantry going into action to rush a German position
422 Canadians leave their trenches to charge the enemy position
423 The work of clearing up the captured trenches made hazardous by enemy "booby traps"
424 Maxim gun being transported across a stream on an Aerial Line
425 Resolutely held against the Kaiser's finest troops, the battle-scarred defences of the Yser near Ypres
426 Shell shattered Ypres, looking towards the Lille Gate
427 A French tank assists in clearing the Germans out of a ruined village
428 One of the formidable dug-outs captured from the Germans, Bickendorf
429 Car of observation balloon in mid-air showing the parachute attachment
430 R.E. "straffing" machine just off for a scrap with the German planes
431 Scottish troops examining remains of the first British aeroplane brought down by Germans
432 Examining fragments of shell in craters; buildings wrecked by shell fire
433 Writing to the Old Folks at Home
434 Welcome news from the homeland; letters, papers and parcels are eagerly looked for by all
435 Motor lorries and cycles of Indian Army Corps Signals packed in the main square at Merville
436 North Staffords resting by the side of a French canal
437 "Entente Cordiale"; the Allies fraternizing on a canal boat in Flanders
438 Seaforths enjoying a dip in a French canal after a long march
439 Jats wrestling; the favourite sport of our Indian fighters
440 "Lime Juice Parade" in the Artillery lines after a strenuous day with the guns
441 Gurkhas preparing and cooking their evening meal
442 Cooks preparing a hasty meal in ruined cottage
443 Baby-killers work, enormous hole and shattered houses caused by a Zeppelin bomb
444 Wagons taking up branches of trees to camouflage the guns
445 Gun in process of screening: showing the use of trees, timber and sandbags
446 Halt of an ammunition column en route to the front
447 Air line section of the Signal Corps putting up a telegraph line along a Flanders canal
448 Bengal Lancers moving up; passing through Estree Blanche
449 Before the advance; Ammunition wagons of the R.F.A. proceeding to the front
450 Hussars turning off a road to rest and water their horses
451 Tommy's mount receives first attention. Carrying water from near-by rivulet
452 A quaint hospital; an old boiler used as a horse Hospital in a ruined French factory
453 A signal section just setting out for the day's work
454 Bivouac and horse lines of the 13th Hussars
455 Inspection by their General of battle-scarred Gurkhas just out of the trenches
456 Indian Infantry constructing trenches and putting up barbed wire entanglements
457 Gurkhas digging a communication trench through a wood in Flanders
458 An advanced post held by 41st Dogras and 4th Cavalry machine-gun section
459 Bombing up a trench: how the Gurkhas drove out the enemy
460 The British Red Cross in the field, ready for its errand of mercy
461 Red Cross Orderlies moving up close behind the line, to administer first-aid to the wounded
462 The Maharajah of Barwani giving orders to the Captain in charge of his fleet of ambulances
463 Arrival of casualties at a Regimental Aid Post
464 Motor ambulances with wounded passing reserves on the way to the firing line
465 Fixed and swing cots in a Royal Naval Ambulance Train
466 "Gott strafe England," a German mine, with its notorious message of hate, washed up on Belgian coast
467 Man the guns! Ready for the enemy on H.M.S. "Arno"
468 British destroyers at Scapa Flow guarding the surrendered German battleships
469 A British Hospital Ship arrives home with a complement of "Blighty" cases
470 Baggage train on the march in Flanders
471 9th Gurkhas drawing rations in the courtyard of an old French farm where they are billeted
472 Cooks at work in a "Canvas" town
473 Cooks in the field
474 A busy telegraph office at General Head Quarters
475 Sir James Willcocks and Gen. Southey visit battalion headquarters of the Black Watch near Armentieres
476 Smoke bomb dropped by our airmen to indicate the range to the artillery
477 Although wounded himself, an Officer assists in removing some of his wounded men
478 A shell-riddled and deserted village daily subjected to artillery fire
479 Silicol gas-plant making and storing gas for our Observation Balloons
480 The End of the Great Adventure; Canadians handing in their kits
481 Receiving discharge papers and last pay envelope before returning to civilian life
482 Comparing their steel helmets with a "pickelhaub." Proud of his War Trophy
483 Trainload of motor-vans and armoured-cars, so central for our advance over the sands of S.W. Africa
484 German prisoners captured by our victorious troops near the Rufigi River, East Africa
485 The first glimpse of German territory. British transports proceeding up the Rhine
486 Our "Watch on the Rhine." Infantry guarding one of the bridge-heads, Cologne
487 Off to Blighty. Troops embarking on a steamer at Cologne to return to England
488 Lord Kitchener inspecting Guard of Honor at the Guildhall
489 Inns of Court O.T. Corps training in the snow
490 Moving fusilage for practising with Lewis gun
491 An infantry battalion, having rested and refitted, leave camp to take over a section of trenches
492 Construction of new ships to replace losses by "U" boats. The King inspects an important shipyard
493 H.R.H. The Prince of Wales addressing a huge crowd on Anzac day outside Australia House
494 The Empire honours the entry of America into the War--march of U.S. troops through Liverpool
495 Transport carrying troops through submarine infested waters to distant parts of our battle-line
496 "Anzac Day" in London. The Motherland pays homage to the "Giants of Gallipoli"
497 A Royal visit to the troops; enthusiastic welcome by the Canadians
498 Grand review of American troops on Broadway, New York, in commemoration of victory in the Great War
499 Sailors of the Grand Fleet participate in the review of the Empire's Forces on Peace Day, London
500 Presentation of V.C.'s and other honours by His Majesty to battle-scarred heroes in Hyde Park


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