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Title List Realistic Set of 600, Volume VI



501 British Cavalry moving up; the children of Estre-Blanche welcome them
502 3rd Cavalry Brigade passing through Estre-Blanche on their way to the front
503 Hussars watering horses en route to the Front
504 Troops feeding their horses and resting on the march
505 Staff officers of General Head Quarters mapping out plans of attack
506 This chateau was a Brigade Headquarters until it became untenable
507 Brigadier-General Blackader at Headquarters of the Garhwal Brigade
508 Relief map of Ypres Salient used in preparing plan of attack
509 On equal terms with the enemy--Infantry fitted with the latest gas masks and steel helmets
510 Some survivors of the 21 men of the Seaforths who have received the D.C. M.
511 A quiet time in the trenches; Seaforths enjoy a game of cards
512 Gurkha pipers playing the "Marseillaise" to French villagers
513 British and Indian Officers of the 1/4 Gurkhas in a French farm
514 Gen. Sir James Willcocks talking to Gurkhas who have been "Mentioned in Dispatches"
515 On the advance; 1st line transport of the Gurkhas leaving Camp
516 Gurkhas storming and capturing a German trench
517 Although suffering heavily, they never faltered until they had taken the German trenches
518 Second line consolidating the captured trenches, while the first line continues the advance
519 Gurkhas digging communications trenches, and laying cables to connect up advanced positions
520 After a hard day's work; a welcome drink at the Gurkha Canteen
521 Letting out the guide ropes of an observation balloon about to ascend to direct artillery fire
522 Observation balloon showing the inflated stabilisers
523 Officer in the car of an observation balloon testing the telephone
524 D.H.9 Aeroplane just back from photographic reconnaissance
525 Model ships used for training aerial observers
526 British Tommies and Indian troopers are the best of friends
527 Garhwal Brigade signal section fixing telephone cables on the side of a French farmhouse
528 9th Garhwal Riflemen on the La Bassee Road
529 French soldiers amused at the interest our men show on the arrival of the mail
530 Red Cross orderlies going up to the lines
531 Band of the Pathans playing on a French farm
532 Cadets learning trench construction at Bexhill Training Camp
533 Inspection of gas-masks before the Canadians take over a sector frequently subjected to gas attacks
534 North Staffords on one of the long straight roads in Flanders
535 French and British Military Police leaving Merville
536 Motor lorries leaving depot with supplies for regimental bases close behind the firing-line
537 The hard riding of motor dispatch-riders necessitated many repairs to their machines
538 Motor lorry with portable dynamo for generating electricity
539 The owner of a French Chateau showing British Officers over the ruins
540 The Cure tells Tommy how his church was destroyed by German shells
541 H.R.H. the Prince of Wales reading dispatches at his Headquarters in France
542 Enjoying a restful hour at an estaminet near camp at Estaires after coming out of the trenches
543 Tommy's favourite pastime. A football match between the Signal Company and the Gurkhas
544 Gen. Rimington, Sir Pertab Singh, and the Raja of Rutlam at the head of the Jodhpur Lancers
545 French officer showing the way to a detachment of Indian Lancers
546 French villagers walking unconcerned amongst huge supplies being brought up
547 Bengal Lancers preparing a meal
548 Troop of Jodhpur Lancers dismounting before going into action
549 Firing-line of a troop of Jodhpur Lancers behind a belt of trees
550 Is it a Taube? An aeroplane passes over as Sir James Willcocks and his Staff leave Headquarters
551 Armentieres, a victim of ruthless bombardments in war's early days and in final Hun offensive of '18
552 Light railway in battered streets of Albert, utilized to bring up supplies during the battle for Amiens
553 A party of Leicesters creeping through captured German trenches
554 A matter of life and death: final inspection of masks before leaving for a gas-soaked sector of the front
555 Royal Engineers salving a disused telegraph wire
556 Instruction in the use of gas-masks; more useful than ornamental
557 Extracting a shrapnel bullet from a soldier on the Somme
558 Relaying the caterpillar track of a crippled tank, put out of action during an engagement
559 Tanks clearing the way for infantry through a mud spattered Flanders battlefield
560 Sikhs under Lieut. Smyth, V.C., returning to rest and refit after a strenuous period in the trenches
561 A company of Sikhs entering their billets on their return from the trenches
562 Dhol and Sarnai Band of a Pathan Regiment playing in a French farm
563 Sikhs chanting and performing their ablutions at their billets in France
564 French children fraternize with their dusky protectors
565 A busy field telephone during an engagement
566 Dowsing heat rays which restored many of our lads back to health
567 Proud of a hard earned souvenir. At the hospital for Indians at Brighton
568 Cooking "chupatties" by up-to-date methods
569 Damage done by Zeppelin bomb; a huge hole in the wall, but the fragile lamp intact
570 The wrecked Zeppelin brought down by our aviators near the coast of Essex
571 Aluminum rudder of Zeppelin brought down in England
572 The late Captain Robinson, V.C. (centre of back row) who brought down the first Zepp in England
573 Wounded at Windsor Castle; resting near the Round Tower
574 Captured guns and bomb-throwers on view in London
575 A V.C.'s return home; Private George Stringer being welcomed by his wife and parents
576 England's great welcome to the American troops first contingent marching through London
577 England's great welcome to the American troops
578 Transports with reinforcements arriving at a French port
579 Transports with reinforcements arriving at a French port
580 British Motor Launch; it was these boats which did such splendid work at Ostend and Zeebrugge
581 British submarine flotilla laying alongside their depot ship
582 Dynamo room of a German submarine
583 Motor room of a German submarine
584 Motor room of a German submarine
585 Sleeping quarters on board a Submarine
586 Conning tower and 6.5 gun on U boat 131
587 Caged at last. Fleet of murderous submarines secure in a channel port
588 Proud of a hard earned souvenir
589 One of the many armed motor boats patrolling the Rhine. Sir Douglas Haig landing at Cologne
590 In Cologne, where, instead of the "goose-step," the martial tread of British troops now reigns supreme
591 Buying British newspapers outside Cologne Cathedral
592 Outside the railway station, Cologne
593 Horses on their way to a demobilization camp, Cologne
594 Selling English papers to our soldiers in Cologne
595 Serving out the bacon rations in Cologne
596 A British Officer of the Army of Occupation looking over Bonn
597 A ward in St. Marien's Hospital, Venusberg, Bonn
598 Guarding the Bridge at Bonn, Germany
599 British soldiers buying vegetables in the market place at Bonn, Germany
600 Winston Churchill, Secretary for War, with Queen Mary, at a review of troops in Hyde Park


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