The Great War in Stereoviews


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Realistic Travels Aviation Images

67. Charred bodies of Zeppelin crew shot down in flames at Billericay by Capt. Robinson, V.C.

268. Zeppelin shot down near Colchester; even with its back broken, towers above nearby farmhouse

431. Scottish troops examining remains of the first British aeroplane brought down by Germans

490. Moving fusilage (sic) for practicing with Lewis gun

479. Silicol gas-plant making and storing gas for our Observation Balloons

523. Officer in the car of an observation balloon testing the telephone


Realistic also included a few actual wartime aerial photos. Stereoview 301 of the set of 600 is a copy of a military image showing the remains of Albert on the Somme battlefield.

301. The ruins of Albert and its famous cathedral as seen from an aeroplane Original 15 Squadron print used as the basis for stereoview 301. It has been cropped to standard stereograph size.

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