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103. H.M.S. "Cornwallis" at the Dardenelles firing a salvo at the Turkish fortifications. 103 (Set 200-1). River Clyde grounded on V Beach during our dramatic landing on the shell-swept shores of Sedd-ul-Bahr.

279. Auxiliary Cruiser "König" sunk by Germans in a futile attempt to block Dar-es-Salaam Harbour. 580. British Motor Launch; it was these boats which did such splendid work at Ostend and Zeebrugge.

192 (Set 200-1). German battle cruiser "Derfflinger," which hauled down its flag at sunset to Admiral Beatty. 291. Saw-like wire-cutters on prow of "U" boats devised as way of escape from our ensnaring submarine nets.
586. Conning tower and 6.5 gun on U boat 131. 293. Interior of forward compartment of U boat 135 showing torpedo and four torpedo tubes.


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