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Realistic Travels Copyright Markings

Different styles of copyright markings are associated with the company logos that identify the types of cards, although throughout the entire period many cards had no copyright information. Some images are known with different copyright markings, usually progressing from Crown Copyright to one of the Realistic Travels styles. “Crown Copyright” was used throughout the period Great War stereoviews were produced. In general, placement of copyright information immediately after the title is characteristic of later Type III and Type IV cards. Other combinations of markings than the ones shown probably exist.

Copyright Styles

Type I. Crown Copyright


Most Type I cards lack a copyright marking; those that have one use "Crown Copyright" at left or right

Type II with "Realistic ©  Travels"

Most Type II cards lack a copyright marking; those seen with one have this style


Type III with "Crown Copyright" style similar to that on Type I cards
Type III with new style "Crown Copyright"
Type III with split "Copyright Realistic Travels"
Type III with new style "Copyright Realistic Travels"
Type III, "The Copyright of this photograph belongs to His Majesty" (one recorded)
Combination Type III Logo and Type IV Royal command box, with new "Copyright Realistic Travels"
Type IV. Only seen with new style "Copyright Realistic Travels"
Prewar Markings with Late Style of "Crown Copyright"


The notation “Crown Copyright” refers to images made by an agent of the government. It is possible Dr. Girdwood himself made many of these images. One stereoview in the Set of 600 shows him in uniform with a camera, so he may have taken many of the stereographs marked "Crown Copyright." His service in the military may have made him an agent of the Crown and could explain why no Realistic Travels wartime sets have been identified.

157 (Set of 600). H.R.H. the Prince of Wales discusses cinematography with Dr. H.D. Girdwood (Founder of Realistic Travels)


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