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Title ListóWar of the Nations Set A

Number Title U&U Image Number
1 Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig conferring with a French General 14387
2 Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, England's War Premier 12317
3 President Wilson (U.S.) speaking to crowds at Lyons, France  
4 Sir Edward Carson on famous Butte de Warlencourt  
5 Massage at New Zealand depot at Hornchurch  
6 American Women's War Hospital (Pathological Dept.), Paignton  
7 Typical Cavalry of the Middlesex Regiments  
8 Southend Zeppelin Raid (May 10/15). 3 cwt. Bomb on High Street that failed to explode 11991
9 First Zeppelin brought down in England  
10 The British way! R.A.F. give military respect to victims of first Zeppelin down in England  
11 German vessel in the Sea of Marmora. Scene of British exploits  
12 In a Scottish Naval Dock for the Grand Fleet  
14 Quarterdeck of H.M.S. "Wolfhound" (showing Depth charges)  
15 German U-boat, surrendered after the Armistice, Hastings. Easter 1919 (Keystone 19287)
16 H.M.S. "Wolfhound"--On the Quarter Deck  
17 New German Destroyer B98 used as Mail Boat for the Germans on Surrendered German Fleet  
18 H.M.S. "Royal Oak" at Southend, July 19, 1919  
19 Discharging Torpedoes from Destroyer to its parent ship "Sandhurst"  
20 At Scapa Flow, surrendered German Destroyers G86 and G89 (sur)rendered, Armistice 1919  
21 Handling Latest Semi-automatic breech of 4 in. after guns of British Destroyer of "W" class  
22 Coloured Troops returning home from France on S.S. "Aquitania" 14210
23 U.S. Battleships ("Connecticut" leading") steaming out 10051
23 French colonial troops--Algerians, Turcos and Senegalese. Battle of the Aisne 11996
24 British camp in France--bread for Tommy Atkins 11819
25 Our "Tommies" are well fed--unloading the bread wagons  
26 On the firing line, at mealtime, with Belgium's Defenders 11838
27 The Town Hall, splendidly sculptured, scene of historic tragedies and young Belgians of to-day, Louvain  
28 Examining his battle scars! Pathetic human story in a Belgian Hospital near Antwerp 11839
29 Rouen Cathedral and streets of the old town, east from Clock Tower, France  
30 Preparing Barbed wire for entanglements near Rheims 14375
31 Artillery horses killed by German Marmite shell on "communication road," St. Eloi 12309
32 Death so common, its terrors cease. French plou-plous take a meal on coffins in the Argonne 12298
33 French colonial troops--Algerians, Turcos and Senegalese. Battle of the Aisne 11875
34 Artillery observers telephoning headquarters from the front on the Marne 14374
35 Trench in a village thirty meters from the Germans 14290
36 Inspecting Booty abandoned by the Boches 14376
37 British clearing Germans out, house by house, from French village 12022
38 Collecting the wounded--Scotch sergeant and officers watch the stretcher cases come in during a fight 14417
39 After heavy enemy bombardment--showing deep fresh shell hole  
40 Steel-helmeted "Scotchies" entrenched, cheerily awaiting counter-attack 14405
41 Chateau Thierry, where glorious page of history was written 14199
42 The remains of Brimont, France 14341
43 Boche Memorial close to French 1871 record. Baupaume Cemetery  
44 Communications through woods to Y.M.C.A. Shows trenches protecting Badonviller (Marne) 14397
45 One of the London Rifle Brigade who fought at Antwerp  
46 Crumbling Masses of Montmedy Fort, France 14361
47 "From a billet in Albert." Cathedral Tower with its hanging statue  
48 "Miracle of Lucy," unharmed crucifix amidst total ruin 14354
49 Where thousands of "Tommies" halted, Hotel de Ville, Arras (note spiral stair)  
50 Taking cover from bursting shells at rear of Ypres Cathedral  
51 Distinguished British officers examine wreckage of beautiful Baupaume Bapaume (sic) Cathedral 14418
52 Boasted impregnable! Strong concrete German position immediately after our boys had stormed it. Battle of Mennin (sic) Road 14413
53 Ruins of Soissons; and its two great cathedrals 14362
54 "One who died like a true British soldier," Chemin des Dames, France 14344
55 Fine old Flanders town badly ruined by enemy shell fire  
56 Chateau Thierry, where a glorious page of history was written 14199
57 "Shelter useless." Effect of British shell on German position 14420
58 "Beautiful to the end." Cathedral and Cloth Hall. Ypres  
59 Shells bursting in ruined French village 14407
60 Shells bursting in ruined French village 14373
61 Highland Tommies replacing sandbags in front line communication trench  
62 A busy moment! Consolidating Allied Trenches (won from the enemy) in Champagne  
63 "T'was messy that bit of a fight"--dead Germans amidst wire entanglements 14402
64 Inside a Boche "Pill-box" (note enemy dead) 14421
65 Grannie in action--Waiting the signal to fire 14424
66 A British "Archie" in action--note range finders  
67 Italian Field Piece Firing over Cloudy Alpine Heights 13050
68 British artillery posted in a ruined Flanders town  
69 Battery of famous 270 C/m motars (sic) (Howitzers) in woods of St. Eloi 12306
70 Battle of the Marne. Live shells abandoned by Germans in the retreat 11890
71 Thousands of shell cases (one day). Douaumont (Verdun) attack, Oct 24th, 1917  
72 In the "Redeemed" Country Village Badly Damaged by Enemy Bombardment, Italy  
73 British artillery posted in a ruined Flanders town 14551
74 Japanese filling huge shells with the famous Shimose powder  
75 After the battle, Russian dead awaiting burial--gruesome scene on the Eastern front  
76 Wierd (sic) desolation of Berry au Bac, after four years of fighting, France 14398
77 British Tractor with its huge searchlight for use with anti-aircraft guns  
78 A field of Tanks at Bethune--"Like sheep browsing"  
79 Allied Army Tractor negotiating the steep banks of Rhine at Coblenz 14370
80 Crude German Tank (with Iron Cross) captured at Ypres, September 28th, 1918  
81 Nature striving to hide Somme battle scars. Early type of Tank with rear wheels 14409
82 A British Tank Workshop in France. (Men busy inside monster)  
84 "Hors de Combat"! French tanks destroyed at Juvincourt, April, 1917  
85 "Showing off." Tank rearing his vast bulk over an obstacle 14414
86 Bringing Mountain Artillery up Steep Italian Alps 13056
87 Ship Canal connecting the Baltic and North Seas, east, towards Terminus at Kiel  
88 The "two-day" march to the Tanganyika Railway; "one of the most trying of whole East African (sic)  
89 With the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force  
90 "W" Beach--where Munsters and Lancashires nobly fell. (Shows vast camp, &c.) 12274
91 In the Balkans. A "pipe and dance" by Scottish Highlanders 14008
92 Picking up severely wounded from among the dead on Battlefield 12019
93 Splendid Hospital Ship of Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force leaving Basra with sick troops for India  
94 A "Bellumchi" polling his Bellum on a beautiful Tigris  
95 Indian Despatch Rider (Camel Corps)  
96 British Sergeant and group of Arab boys in a palm grove  
97 South African troopers at Mauri camp, East Africa  
98 The Turkish Army at drill--preparing to fight the Allies  
99 Captured German Monster 'Plane on Show, Paris  
100 The gallant French Contingents. London's Great Peace March, July 19, 1919  

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