The Great War in Stereoviews

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Title List—War of the Nations Set B

Number Title U&U Image Number
1 Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, England's War Premier 12317
2 General Pershing (U.S. Army) and General Joffre consulting 14371
3 President Wilson (U.S.) speaking to crowds at Lyons, France  
4 Sir Edward Carson on famous Butte de Warlencourt  
5 Great patriotic posters appeal to crowds, Trafalgar Square Recruiting, London  
6 German floating mine—showing internal mechanism (Whitehall, London) 12285
7 Southend Zeppelin Raid (May 10/15), 3 cwt. Bomb on High Street that failed to explode 11991
8 German Cruiser "Sedlitz"—sunk at Jutland, raised and surrendered in North Sea, March, 1919  
9 H.M.S. "Wolfhound"—On the Quarter Deck  
10 British Warships berthed for overhauling after four years arduous work in the North Sea  
11 Quarter-deck of H.M.S. "Wolfhound" (showing depth charges)  
12 On board a British Destroyer of the latest "W" class  
14 At Scapa Flow, Surrendered German Dreadnought "Hinderburg" (sic)  
15 Handling Latest Semi-automatic breech of 4 In. after guns of British Destroyer of "W" class  
16 At Scapa Flow, Surrendered German Destroyers G-86 and G-89 (Bows view)  
17 German battle Cruiser "Moltke" (old type). Surrendered in North Sea on Armistice  
18 German Destroyers 101 and 104 which attacked great Norwegian Convoy in 1917  
19 German "Von Der Tan" (torpedoed by British Destroyer in Gulf of Riga)  
20 Sunk at Scapa Flow. German Warship "Derflinger" (bow view)  
21 H.M.S. "Whitley" and "Wolfhound" in Floating Dock at Invergordon, Scotland  
22 With the British Fleet in Northern Waters, H.M.S. "Wolfhound"  
23 Naval Pageant at Southend for Peace Celebrations. July 19, 1919, F-04 and line of Destroyers  
24 Naval Pageant at Southend for Peace Celebrations. July 19, 1919  
25 Naval Pageant at Southend for Peace Celebrations. July 19, 1919, H.M.S. "Lion," Battle Flagship  
26 H.M.S. "Barham"—showing aeroplane resting on its upper guns  
27 H.M.S. "Furious" Aeroplane Carrier with 'plane on its special (sic)  
28 Naval Pageant at Southend for Peace Celebrations. July 19, 1919. H.M.S. "Royal Oak" at Southend.  
29 British Battleships at Sea. H.M.S. "Erin" leading  
30 Wrecked Malines Cathedral—the Altar 11833
31 Meal time—serving meat and soup to Belgium's brave soldiers 11841
32 Messages for Antwerp refugees—a pathetic hospital scene  
33 Belgian refugees housed in the Alexandra Palace, 1915, London 11876
34 "Hardy as their native land." Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders In France  
35 Splendid Indian fighters at St. Pol Station proceeding to firing lines  
36 British camp in France—bread for Tommy Atkins 11819
38 Getting troops and supplies to the Front (Maple & Co.'s motor furniture vans) 11999
39 Three British despatch riders passing through Senlis 11903
40 Tangled ruins of Marne bridge (blown up by Germans), and Red Cross train wreck 11898
41 National road bridge over the Marne blown up to prevent German (sic) 11873
42 Shell bursting in square of ruined town on British front 14407
43 Battle of the Marne. Live shells abandoned by Germans in the retreat 11890
44 Explosion of a British ammunition wagon struck by enemy's shell 11916
45 Artillery horses killed by German Marmite shell on "communications road," St. Eloi 12309
46 British clearing Germans out, house by house, from French village 12022
47 The old Hindenburg line. Boche shells bursting in distance  
48 "Mirror periscope tells its tale." Highlanders entrenched, on look-out 14416
49 Rushing up a temporary bridge for transport of motor lorries in France 12168
50 Grim horrors of war—bodies of men and horses amid wreckage of French city 11881
51 Trench mortar in its well-timbered chamber 14401
52 A risky road to travel! British officers watch enemy shells fall nearer  
53 Scotch and Italian soldiers enjoy mutual fun near Epernay  
54 "Consolidating newly-won positions." Shell craters (Tank in distance), Cambrai 14412
55 Exquisite sculptured facade, Rheims Cathedral (damaged by wanton enemy  
56 The Germans enter Rheims—but as prisoners. Scene in Cathedral  
57 At the beautiful Paignton War Hospital. A spacious Ward  
58 Turkish Infantry being rushed to the Front 11853
59 Turks eager for war—Germany's duped Ally mobilising 11858
60 Close view of one of our monitors off Gallipoli, Submarine alongside  
61 "W" Beach—where Munsters and Lancashires nobly fell. (Shows vast camp, &c.) 18813
63 Dug-outs everywhere—How we held on in Gallipoli  
64 Our American Allies in a French village admiring French boys 14396
66 Americans enjoy Y.M.C.A. hospitality behind their lines at Gouchery (Meuse), France  
67 Chinese Labour Corps at work in France  
68 Tanks in perspective—Ready to move against enemy strongholds  
69 A field of Tanks at Bethune—"Like sheep browsing" 14415
70 Some of the Two Million fighters in great battle of the Marne—French reserves from the U.S.A. 11869
71 French colonial troops—Algerians, Turcos, and Senegalese. Battle of the Aisne. 11875
72 Splendid Algerian Cavalry hurrying forward in "open order," Bourget 12001
73 The dog in war. He takes steel helmet of wounded soldier as a sign when bringing help 12296
74 Picking up severely wounded from among the dead on Battlefield 12019
75 Trophies from the German, at G.H.Q. in a French Chateau 14410
76 Thousands of shell cases (one day). Douaumont (Verdun) attack, Oct. 24th, 1917  
77 Attack in progress—shells bursting while troops move forward 14372
78 Masses of German prisoners captured at Chalons  
79 Creeping through waving corn to attack enemy near Rheims  
80 Death so common, its terrors cease. French piou-pious take a meal on coffins in the Argonne 12298
81 Quaint study of French dames making sandbags for the trenches, Nancy  
82 Notabilities at Versailles Palace during Peace Conference, Paris, 1919  


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