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Title List Underwood & Underwood Images Up To 12058

The annotation "NEED TITLE" means that an untitled photo of an Underwood & Underwood stereoview bearing that number is in the Keystone-Mast collection of the California Museum of Photography at the University of California, Riverside.



7728 The shattered remains of Russian heroes
10051 U.S. Battleships (Connecticut in lead) steaming out to sea, Hampton Roads, Va.
10570 Barbers grouped on sidewalk across from War Department grounds
11243 On the way to the front, Italian troops passing the Arch of Peace, Milan
11252 Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States
11818 Wreckage of Antwerp houses by German bombs dropped Sept. 2, 1914
11819 Making bread for British troops; camp scene, France
11820 The war in France. First contingent of British troops
11822 With the British force in France, French maid visiting camp
11823 A halt in Brittany: British force on their way to the front
11824 How the British force is fed, bread ovens of the army in France
11825 The Highland regiment of the British army marching through Boulogne
11826 Field gun pits 15 feet square abandoned by Germans at Acy, France
11827 Cannon abandoned by Germans in retreat at Acy, France
11828 Abandoned German battery commanders station at Acy, France
11829 Old Town Hall at Lierre from which Belgian King and chief officers directed operations
11830 Belgian sharpshooters in the trenches firing from a drain-pipe
11831 Defending their country; brave Belgian soldiers firing from their trenches
11832 A lull in the fighting; Belgian soldiers taking a well-earned rest
11833 Altar of Malines Cathedral, Wrecked by German Shells
11834 In defense of their country. Belgian field artillery on the firing line
11835 Interior of Malines Cathedral wrecked by German guns
11836 Auto transports with chauffeurs with British force in France
11837 In the British camp in France, mess tents and cooks section
11838 Meal-time at the front, Belgian soldiers receiving their meat and soup
11839 The horror of war; ghastly glimpse of Belgian wounded, Antwerp hospital
11840 On the firing line at meal-time with Belgium's brave defenders
11841 Meal-time with Belgium's brave soldier-boys, serving meat and soup
11842 On the battle-line near Antwerp. Belgian soldiers ready to fire
11843 Belgian infantrymen on the alert for the German advance guard
11844 The crisis in Antwerp; crowds of non-residents awaiting leaving permits
11845 Sturdy Belgian soldiers enjoying a rest after a fierce fight
11846 Belgian officers and men resting in trenches between assaults
11847 Fighting the invader, Belgian sharpshooters firing from the trenches
11848 A warm reception awaiting the enemy, on Belgium's defence line near Antwerp
11849 Answering the nation's call; part of the Artists Corps eager for training, Russell Sq.
11850 Making soldiers of British raw recruits, Artists Corps, London
11851 Artists Corps learning signalling. In Russell Square, London
11852 Refugees in Alexandra Palace, London
11853 Turkish infantry being rushed to the front
11854 Mobilizing the Turkish army, Asiatic troops marching to the Russian border
11855 The Turkish army at drill, preparing to fight the Allies
11856 Infantry regimental band with the Turkish army
11857 Turkish at war: Mobilizing her army
11858 Turks eager for war--Germany's new ally mobilizing her army
11859 Turkish infantry marching to fight the Allies
11860 Boiler works of Babcock & Wilcox near Paris, used as temporary hospital
11861 Battle of the Aisne--ammunition wagons shifting to new position
11862 French field kitchen near Paris where slightly wounded are fed
11863 British camp in France, bread for "Tommy Atkins"
11864 Convalescent French soldiers at hospital near La Courneuve, Paris
11865 77th French regiment supporting British, halt at Coulommiers Station
11867 Barcy Church shelled by Germans
11868 Battle of the Aisne, French infantry, transferring to the left wing
11869 French reserves from U.S.A. resting during three weeks battle of Marne
11870 Some of the two million fighters in great battle of Marne. French reserves from U.S.A.
11871 French infantry halting en route to the battle of Aisne
11872 Impromptu camp during march of French infantry
11873 National road bridge over the Marne, blown up to prevent German advance
11874 Archbishop of Meurx at Barcy, a town shelled by German artillery
11875 French colonial troops: Algerian Turcos and Senegalese, Battle of the Aisne
11876 Belgian Refugees Housed in Alexandra Palace, London
11877 Belgian refugees reading "War Extras", Alexandra Palace, London
11878 Belgian children made orphans by the war--Alexandra palace, London
11879 Interior of Belgian church wrecked by German shells
11880 A Belgian city levelled to the ground by German bombardment
11881 Grim horrors of War--bodies of men and horses amid wreckage of French city
11882 French refugees fleeing into Amiens from the Compeigne district
11883 Commissariat wagons for the British army at Chateaux Thiery (sic)
11884 Homes in Barcy village destroyed by German shells--Battle of the Marne
11885 Effect of French 75 cent. shell at Vanedz village--Battle of the Marne
11886 British motorcycle rider exhibiting captured Prussian eagle
11887 Temporary halt of French troops before Battle of the Aisne
11888 Abandoned German trenches on the Marne
11889 Zouaves at the French Aviation sheds near Paris
11890 Battle of the Marne--Live shells abandoned by Germans in the retreat
11891 Scene outside town hall--Antwerp crowds awaiting permits to leave country
11892 Belgian field artillery waiting for the command to commence firing
11893 French artillery enroute to support Belgians in northern France
11894 Brave Belgian Lange, who was decorated for killing 15 German soldiers single-handed
11895 Priceless paintings and altar of Malines Cathedral destroyed by German shells
11896 Damage wrought to interior of Malines Cathedral by German shells
11897 Among the thousands slightly wounded in the battle of the Aisne
11898 Tangled ruins of Marne Bridge blown up by Germans and Red Cross train wreck
11899 John Bull wakes up--acres of men answering the Nation's call
11900 A King without a country: Albert of Belgium (second figure)
11901 Senlis after the German bombardment, September 19, 1914
11901 Louvain after German bombardment, September 19, 1914
11902 Lagney bridge over Marne, near Meaux, destroyed by Germans
11903 Three British motor cycle despatch riders passing through Senlis
11904 French soldiers with artillery horses. A halt near the firing line
11905 French troops crossing the Marne by pontoon bridge
11906 French troops marching into Belgium headed by band
11907 An impromptu meal by French soldiers in a Belgian village street
11908 British "Tommies" amid the ruins of Senlis after the bombardment
11909 The tragedy of Louvain--famous university town destroyed by Germans
11910 The Canadian contingent at the front--commissariat quarters
11911 With the allied army--Canadian contingent in training
11912 Australian Field Artillery marching to the front
11912 Canadian troops marching to the front
11913 Canadian artillery proceeding to the front
11914 A morning shave--Canadian section of British Army camp
11915 Wrecked German gun abandoned in retreat, Battle of the Marne
11916 Explosion of a British ammunition wagon at the front struck by enemy's shell
11917 Marines from German warship in Mediterranean
11923 War camp of the Grreks at Trikkala, Greece
11926 Life on a British battleship, wash day in H.M.S. Prince of Wales
11927 Macedonian chieftain and band
11930 Life on a British battleship, wash day on H.M.S. Prince of Wales
11931 Lord Mayor's Day--Canadian troops and Red Cross car; a halt in the Strand, London
11932 British submarines on the Thames--the latest types
11933 French Dragoons proceeding to the front, each with spare horse, Bourget, France
11934 French Dragoons proceeding to the front, each with spare horse, Bourget, France
11935 Most famous weapon of the allies, the wonderful French 75 centimeter gun
11936 Behind the firing lines, Scotch and British "Tommies" at the washing tub
11937 French wounded convalescents nicknamed "The Cripples" about to return to the front
11938 Zouave and Moroccan sharpshooters taking meal together near firing line
11939 Unloading bread for British soldiers near firing line
11940 French soldier decorating graves of fellow English soldiers, Neuilly, France
11942 Zeppelin raid on Kings Lynn; wreck of home where woman and child were killed
11944 Always busy at the barber's tent. A British base camp in France
11948 With the Germans on the Belgian firing line--operating machine-guns
11949 Preparing to invade German W. Africa--Gen. Botha's burghers, January 1915
11950 Gen. Botha's burghers attending service in Dutch Reformed Church, Cape Town
11951 Gallant burghers of Gen. Botha ready to invade German W. Africa
11952 Morning bath by Gen Botha's burghers after night march
11953 British motor lorries requisitioned by the government for transport service
11954 Awful ravages of war--wreck of beautiful Louvain, Belgium
11955 Provisioning an immense army--British transport wagons in France
11956 How the army protects itself from th enemy--shelter pits on French firing line
11957 Soldiers in French village feeding children, whose parents were killed by Germans
11959 Zig-zag line of the Allied trenches--along the firing line in France
11961 Creeping on the enemy over the sand dunes, British contingent in Belgium
11963 Detachment of allied army repelling an attack on the sand dunes
11965 The war among the sand dunes, Belgian frontier, sentry on duty
11967 Looking for spies on the east coast of England
11974 French soldiers replacing their packs for a march, Northern France
11976 Preparing the bier of a brave Morroccan soldier killed in Northern France
11978 French soldiers in protective trenches firing through gun-holes
11980 Allied soldiers firing from protective trenches and a periscope in use
11985 Ready for the enemy, British cyclist corps on drill duty with all their bicycles laid down
11986 Nueve Chapelle, France, where 13,000 brave English fell in bloodiest battle of the war
11987 Rue de Fusilliers after the German bombardment at Rheims
11988 Rheims Cathedral after the bombardment
11991 Bomb that failed to explode, dropped by German Zeppelin on Southend
11992 Cavity made by bomb dropped from Zeppelin, German raid on Southend
11993 Zeppelin raid on Southend, England, house wrecked by explosive bomb
11994 French breech-loading machine gun--the Mitrailleuse in action
11995 German prisoners captured in Forest of Argonne, escorted by French corps
11996 A lull in the fighting--French Colonial troops, the jovial Zouaves enjoying a meal
11997 Huge military camp of French army near Rheims
11998 A French relief column of Zouaves(Algerians) march through forest of Argonne
11999 Getting troops and supplies to the Front (Maple & Co.'s motor furniture vans)
12000 Wounds being dressed in an open field--just back of the firing line in France
12001 Algerian cavalry hurrying to join an attacking party
12002 German prisoners just captured, guarded by British sentries
12003 Refugees being brought out of danger zone by French soldiers
12019 Picking up the severely wounded from among the dead; battlefield scene, France
12020 Actual battlefield in northern France strewn with German dead
12021 Destruction at Southend, England, caused by incendiary bomb from German Zeppelin
12022 Driving out the invader--fighting the Germans house to house
12023 British cyclists corps fully equipped and starting into service
12024 1st Sportsmens Battalion entrained for the front--just leaving Hornchurch Station
12025 Last march out from 8 months camp at Hornchurch, of 1st Sportsmen's Battalion
12026 French troops entrenching in the Argonne District, France
12047 After a German victory. Gathering up the Russian dead. Austrian Poland
12048 Burying the Russian dead in large open ditches, Austrian Poland
12049 Austrian soldiers after a battle searching for dead and wounded
12058 Historic first landing of allied troops at Dardanelles

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