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Title List — Underwood & Underwood Images 12114-13692

The annotation "NEED TITLE" means that an untitled photo of an Underwood & Underwood stereoview bearing that number is in the Keystone-Mast collection of the California Museum of Photography at the University of California, Riverside.

Number Title
12114 German field cannon for defense against aeroplanes
12115 Longwy after occupied by Germans. Scene through castle gate
12116 German artillery rampart at Montmedy, in France
12117 The burial place at Dun of hundreds of brave German soldiers
12118 At Longwy, France--ruins around main gateway
12119 With the British soldiers at La Basse, France
12164 Rough comforts of the British soldiers in the French Campaign
12165 British "Tommies" digging the second line reserve trenches in France
12166 An off day in Second British Reserve trenches in France
12167 How the British soldiers dig themselves in on the defense line
12168 Rushing a temporary bridge for transport of motor lorries in France
12258 Armored Cars of the French Army on Active Service
12259 The wreckage of battle--captured German trenches in France
12261 British "Tommies" in French village behind firing line near Ypres
12262 At Ramscapelle--scene of heaviest fighting in Flanders, showing observation scouts
12263 A dangerous moment--British scouts approaching the enemies trenches--near Ypres
12264 The life line of the army--army telegraphists at work at the Ramscapelle hut, Flanders
12265 Barbed wire entanglements protecting German trenches
12266 Monument to fallen German soldiers made from unexploded enemies' shells
12267 In a German trench observation post
12268 In a German trench near Brochow
12269 Rustic comforts of German trench life
12270 Armored motor cars of the Allies on road in France
12271 Famous British Collier "River Clyde" at Sedd-el-Bahr, Beach, Dardenelles
12272 Beach of Gallipoli where French landing took place
12273 Tenedos Castle in Aegean Sea near Dardanelles, occupied by allies
12274 West Beach, Gallipoli, scene of British landing and terrible battles for possession
12275 Turkish guns dismantled by fire from H.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth", Sedd-el-Bahr fort
12276 Wounded Hindoo Heroes from France
12277 Kitchener in France with Gen. Joffre at British front
12278 Australians and New Zealanders preparing mid-day meal in camp at Gallipoli
12279 Tenedos Island at entrance to Dardanelles, and its ancient castle
12280 Where the Lancashires landed, Gallipoli, H.M.S. Majestic "turned turtle"
12281 Landing place of allied troops (Lancashires), Gallipoli Peninsula
12282 Cargo ships which were sunk to form artificial breakwater at Gallipoli landing
12283 Captured German guns on view in Parade Grounds, St. James Palace, London
12284 Setting up German Naval gun from S.S. "Emden", Parade Grounds, London
12285 German floating mine captured from North Sea, on view at Whitehall, London
12286 Trophies of war--German torpedo from S.S. "Emden and floating mines, London
12287 Captured German aeroplanes on display, Whitehall, London
12288 Responding to the call at a recruiting meeting, Trafalgar Square, London
12296 Red Cross Dog and soldier he got help for
12297 Sanitary work of the battle line--disinfecting the ruins with patent spray
12298 French soldiers in the Argonne forest at meal with coffins for a table
12299 A gunnery lesson on an armored car in France
12300 Bestowing awards on gallant French soldiers before the regiment
12301 Military balloon in the Champagne district, "waiting for pilot"
12302 A game of chess while the shells roar overhead
12303 In a French trench--sand-bag protected--showing dart bombs
12304 Searching a German deserter who has come into the allies lines
12305 A Battery of the famous 270 Mortars (Howitzers), Mt. St. Eloi
12306 French gunners charging huge 270MM (Howitzer) in forest of Argonne
12307 Deep trenches bitterly contested in battle, in once peaceful vilage, Ypres
12308 Sheltered communications paths in the rolling Champagne district
12309 Horses killed by German Marmite shell explosion, dugouts on left
12310 Quickfirers (37MM) mounted on armored aeroplanes
12311 An anti-aircraft gun being worked in a trench
12314 A regiment and its amusements "The blind feeds the handicapped"
12315 A military service in the field with a gun carriage for an altar
12316 A religious service in the field just before action
12317 The Right Honorable David Lloyd George, the Man of the Hour in England
12334 H.M.S. King Edward VII which was sunk by a mine January 9, 1916
12336 The eyes of the army--view of German town from British aeroplane
12337 Playing chess in an underground shelter on the firing line in France
12338 The dog in war--reporting to First Aid Squad with helmet of wounded soldier
12339 At Mass in the allied trenches on the western front
12398 Making great guns for Uncle Sam's Navy, gun factory Washington, D.C.
12399 Interior Government Naval Gun Factory, Wash., D.C.
12400 Piling up shells to fight the Germans. Glimpse in a British munition factory
12401 Filing a shell section and preparing the fuse head
12403 Making death dealing shells in a British munition factory
12404 Expert munition makers at work in a british (sic) munition factory
12427 British "Tommies" in their dugout in the battle area in France
12428 An Austrian asphyxiating apparatus captured on the italian front
12429 Watching an airplane combat over the Italian lines
12430 English business men making shells in their spare time at Woolwich Arsenal
12431 An ingenious revolver cannon captured on the Italian front
12447 Mr. Pennetier and his anti-aircraft gun who shot Zeppelin LZ77 on Meuse, Feb. 1916
12448 The wreck of Zeppelin LZ77, brought down by anti-aircraft on Meuse
12953 A great naval gun and its protecting fort of sand bags on the Salonica front
12954 View in a Trench Kitchen Underground on the Saloniki Front
12955 Typical cavalry of the Middlesex Regiments
12956 A British balloon which escaped from its moorings. It was recaught by Belgian soldiers
12957 Our "Tommies" are well fed--in the camp kitchen
12958 Field Marshal Earl French addressing battalion officers
12959 Our "Tommies" are well fed--unloading the bread wagons
12959 Our "Tommies" are well fed--unloading the bread wagons
12960 The field of battle near Arras, France--burying the German dead
12961 Anti-aircraft gun of the Allies being operated against enemy airships
12962 Enroute to the trenches--Belgians wearing the new steel helmets
13050 Along the battle line in the high Alps--field piece dominating
13051 Among wooded fastnesses and mountain-shadowed valleys where Italy and Austria fought
13052 An Italian base supply depot
13053 A headquarters dugout with sentry on guard, Italian front
13054 Shell devastated Italian villages among the Alpine valley front
13055 Camp of Italian outpost on steep Alpine slope
13056 How Italian guns are carried up the steep, narrow paths of the Alpine front
13057 Down in the trenches with the fighters on the Somme front
13058 Types of Hindoo fighters at St. Pel Station entraining for the front
13059 Burying their comrades with military honors on the Somme front
13060 Attending the wounded in the Battle of the Somme
13061 Indispensable to the fight -- Allied military cobbler at work near the advanced lines
13063 King Ferdinand bidding his Prime Minister good-bye
13064 General Joffre, Marshal of France
13065 Preparedness Parade, New York City
13066 At the Liberty Statue presentation, Central Park, New York
13067 Preparedness Parade, New York City
13068 Grant's Tomb--Riverside Drive--New York City, on the Day Gen Joffre Visited It
13100 The formidable U.S. battleship Kansas (16,000 tons)
13159 The Pupils of School No. 85, Brooklyn, N.Y., passing Public Library, Preparedness Parade--Decoration
13160 School Children, Preparedness Parade, New York City
13161 School Children, Preparedness Parade, New York City
13162 Public School Children's Preparedness Parade…5th Ave., New York
13163 School Children, Preparedness Parade, New York City
13164 School Children, Preparedness Parade, New York City
13206 Group of Quartermasters, Plattsburg Training Camp, Plattsburg, N.Y., 1917
13208 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13209 New England regiment studying wigwags from Pine Grove, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13210 The 7th New York, "Stack Arms and Rest," Plattsburg, N.Y.
13211 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13212 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13214 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13215 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13217 Firing line of the 6th N.Y. Regiment Training Camp, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13218 Bayonet Practice--forward thrust--using stuffed dummy, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13219 Cleaning guns and close view of barracks, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13220 Cleaning Guns on Inspection Day, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13221 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13222 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13224 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13225 NEED TITLE Plattsburg Camp Series
13226 A Line of Bunks in the Training Camps at Plattsburg, N.Y.
13227 Semaphore Practice...5th N.Y. Regiment...Plattsburg, N.Y.
13228 Semaphore Practice by the 5th New York, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13229 New England Boys Returning from Drill, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13230 Trench Drill in the Pine Grove, New England Boys, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13231 New England Boys Off Duty in the Pine Grove, Plattsburg, N.Y.
13232 Remarkable snap of premature explosion of shells
13676 Russian Reserves awaiting orders for the firing lines
13677 An advance of Russian Troops
13678 Russia's famous Cossacks preparing for a big drive
13679 A jolly group of Russian Soldiers off duty, Eastern front
13680 A soldier Cobbler mending boots during lull in the fighting on the Russian front
13681 Six inch naval gun in a Russian hillside battery
13682 Eating the noonday soup in a Russian trench, Eastern front
13683 On the Russian front--great gun with a shell ready for quick loading
13684 Chief of the Russian gendarmes on his rounds on the Eastern battle front
13685 Among the Russian Troops...Eastern front
13686 Russian Red Cross Post--Lifting a wounded soldier..bicycle stretcher
13687 Bicycle stretchers bearing Russian wounded in a surgical station, Russian front
13688 Russian wounded being carried to Red Cross station
13691 Russian Prisoners of War on the Eastern front
13692 Prisoners of war waiting for trains and watching burning of abandoned stores, Russian front

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