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Title List — Underwood & Underwood Images 13699-14094

The annotation "NEED TITLE" means that an untitled photo of an Underwood & Underwood stereoview bearing that number is in the Keystone-Mast collection of the California Museum of Photography at the University of California, Riverside.

Number Title
13699 Officers bayonet class practising "the short point stab", American Army Camp, U.S.A.
13700 Practicing "the ground thrust", officers bayonet class, American Army Camp, U.S.A.
13701 Practising "the jab thrust"-the 23rd division bayonet training class, American Army Camp, U.S.A.
13702 NEED TITLE- Artillery training
13703 Rifle practise of the 110th regiment engineers, American Army Camp, U.S.A.
13704 Pack inspection of 139th regiment Infantry, American Army Camp, U.S.A.
13705 In the mess hall at meal time, Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.
13706 Young Army chefs getting their first kitchen experience, U.S. Army camp
13707 Making baking ovens at Camp Devens, Mass.
13708 Baking School, Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.
13713 Military practice and exercise
13714 Men of the 17th New York studying their manual under direction…Plattsburg
13716 Canada's continued response - Troops leaving for the front, Quebec
13717 Military practice and exercise
13727 Pack inspection, 1st Battalion, 139th Regiment, American Army Camp
13728 Rolling pack inspection, 1st Battalion, 139th Regiment Infantry, American Army Camp
13729 Writing the home folks, typical scene in American Army camp
13730 Washing their mess kits, 56th Infantry
13731 Awaiting their turn to wash mess kits, 55th Infantry
13732 Learning the use of the needle as well as the bayonet
13733 Doing their own wash at the camp laundry
13821 After the battle, Russian dead awaiting burial--gruesome scene on the Eastern front
13894 Camp Devens
13895 Camp Devens
13896 Camp Devens
13899 Barracks at Camp Devens
13900 Smiling faces of the 301st Infantry...Camp Devens
13902 Camp Devens
13961 In a K. of C. hall--writing the home-folks, Camp Devens, Mass.
13962 A Colored Building Trenches at Camp Devens, Mass
13965 Canadian Officers from Cambrai, "Giving Our Boys News of Over There"
13966 SAME AS 12336--Keystone-Mast ERROR (The eyes of the army…)
14007 Serbian trench--awaiting phone call from listening post to fire rocket for illuminating "No Man's…
14008 A "pipe and dance" by Scottish Highlanders with British forces in the Balkans
14010 British anti-aircraft gun in action on Balkan front, camouflaged and mounted on automobile
14011 British howitzer under camouflage on Balkan front
14012 An American war photographer, Merl La Voy, ready for a motion picture flight over the Serbian front
14013 A "Put-up" theater, showing stage and players, back of Serbian trenches
14014 General view of a Serbian camp on the Balkan front
14015 View from stage of a Serbian army audience
14016 A French 155mm. gun in action on the Serbian front
14017 Loading a trench mortar in a hillside dugout on the Serbian front
14018 Rifle grenade in a British first line trench in the Balkans
14020 In a British first line in the Balkans
14021 Loading a French "105" gun on the Balkan Front
14022 Serbian Cavalry ready for battle on the Balkan plains
14023 Serbians operating an anti-aircraft gun on the Balkan front
14024 A British 60 lb. shell gun under camouflage
14025 In a British first line trench in the Balkans
14026 Hungry soldiers beside steaming caldrons in a field kitchen on the Serbian front
14027 Modern cliff dwellers--a regimental's headquarters back of the Serbian front
14028 A Serbian rest camp back of front line trenches in the Balkans
14029 A Serbian rest camp back of front line trenches
14030 A "tonsorial parlor" in a front line Serbian trench
14031 Serbian soldiers in front-line trench
14032 Serbian reserves in the Balkan mountains awaiting orders to advance
14033 Serbian soldiers in their hillside village of rock-protected rest billets on the Balkan front
14044 Folded tents and army beds in the open at Camp Dix, N.J.
14049 Soldiers about to enter tear-gas trench, Camp Dix
14051 Soldiers of Co. M. 312 Inf. with gas-masks adjusted, Camp Dix, (NJ)
14052 The Y.M.C.A. Building, Camp Upton, N.Y.
14054 Looking Over Soldier's Quarters...Camp Upton
14081 Operating Lewis machine guns, Naval Training Station, Wakefield, Mass.
14082 Oiling and cleaning rifles for inspection, Wakefield, Mass.
14083 American Camp Scene
14087 Naval Station recruits coming in, Wakefield, Mass.
14094 Target practice, Wakefield, Mass.

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