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Title List — Underwood & Underwood Images 14181-14567

Number Title
14181 Wounded soldier trying out latest song "hits," Hospital #5, New York
14182 Wounded Soldier About to Undergo Operation; Hospital No. 5, New York
14183 Nursing wounded heroes back to health, Convalescent Hospital No. 5
14184 Arrival of heroes from the front; Convalescents…S.S. "Lapland"
14185 Some of Pershing's men returning on U.S.S. "Pueblo" New York
14187 Soldiers just returned from France on way home, Hoboken, N.J.
14188 Soldiers returning from France on "Louisiana," welcomed by Mayor's Committee of N.Y.
14189 Battleship Louisiana bringing soldiers home from France, Hoboken, N.J.
14190 No Mans Land; Sea of barb wire in front of Bulgarian lines, Salonika front
14191 Colored veterans of the 15th Regt., 369th Infantry
14193 The original Buffaloes, 367 Infantry Colored troops..Camp Upton, N.Y.
14194 Colored Heroes back from the front, 15th. Reg. 368 Infantry Camp Upton, New York
14197 Chateau Thierry where a glorious page of American history was written
14198 American Red Cross Autos in devastated Rheims, France
14199 German prisoners "cleaning up" at Chateau Thierry, France
14200 American Nurses decorating graves of fallen fellow countrymen, Maissey, France
14201 First town captured from Germans by U.S. troops, Bonoesches, France
14202 American Soldiers and Nurses in ruined "Torey", France
14204 Color Guards of our troops at General Pershings Headquarters, Chaumont, France
14205 President & Mrs. Wilson, General Pershing and officers in reviewing stand, Chaumont, France, Christmas Day, 1918
14206 Pres. Wilson addressing our boys in the open fields at Chaumont, France, Christmas 1918
14207 American troops at Gen. Pershing's headquarters awaiting review by President Wilson
14208 360th Colored Regiment Arriving in New York aboard S.S. Aquitania
14209 Soldiers being nursed to health Debarkation Hospital No. 5 New York
14210 Colored Troops Returning from France on S.S. Aquitania, New York
14211 Wounded Soldiers at Debarkation Hospital No. 5 Ward No. 14, New York
14212 Safe from bursting shells Wounded sleeping and resting Hospital No. 3 New York
14213 Bullets didn't spoil their appetites; meal time at Hospital No. 3 New York
14214 General Pershing awarding Congressional Medals to brave Americna boys, Chaumont, France
14215 America’s Great War Leader, General Pershing, entering his headquarters, Chaumont, France
14216 Americans in France about to receive token of nation's highest esteem; Congressional Medal, France
14217 A happy moment, American fighters embarking for home, Brest, France
14219 "We licked the Kaiser and are on the way to the good old U.S.A."
14220 Their work finished American Soldiers ready to leave for home, Brest, France
14221 Ready for the Submarine; U.S. Soldiers with life belts adjusted
14222 Some of our two million fighters ready for home, Brest
14223 Severely Wounded BeingTransferred to Hospital Ship...Hoboken
14224 Transferring wounded soldiers from the transport "Leviathan" to the hospital boat to…base hospital
14225 Hospital deck on giant transport "Leviathan"
14226 Men of Fighting 27th Division arrive in Hoboken
14227 Ocean Pier in Hoboken decorated for...27th Divisio
14228 U.S. Transport "Leviathan", formerly the "Vaterland," largest ship afloat
14289 Dugouts and shelters--cantonment in the race course at Flirey, France
14290 Trench in a village thirty meters from the Germans, Biaches on the Somme
14291 Boyish German prisoners at a dressing station, Longpont
14292 General Gourand bestowing decoration on a French hero
14293 Captured German machine guns on the road from Villers-Cotterets to Soissons
14294 Red Cross nurses and soldiers watching parade, Paris
14295 Red Cross contingent on skees in snow covered hills of Alsace
14296 Troops and army transports resting before Verdun
14297 Constructing wire entanglement defences before Bois Carre Anocourt, on the Meuse
14298 Gen. Fayolle decorating the pennons of an ambulance section
14299 On the Verdun road--Poilus moving to the rear for rest
14300 President Poincare and Marshal Joffre visiting officers quarters on the Somme front
14301 Huge tanks crossing the Somme
14302 German prisoners camp at Villers-Bretonneux, (Somme)
14303 Serving refreshments from a movable kitchen in ruined Curlu, on theSomme
14304 Operating trench mortars on the French front
14305 Wrecked Zeppelin on a French field
14306 In a French trench--shells bursting in the distance
14307 The terrible desolation of once fertile hills and valleys, France
14308 French field artillery during a quiet hour on the Meuse
14309 A village reduced to debris near Verdun, France
14310 "Three Musketeers" sheltered in an enormous shell crater, France
14311 One of the hundreds of villages ruined in the great Marne battle
14312 Behind shattered walls at Bacounes, (Marne)
14313 Poilus in sheltered trenches beside the wooded Meuse
14314 French observers in trenches spying on the enemy
14315 French soldiers building trench in the Vosges
14316 Camouflage of the road--in the Asiago district, Italy
14317 A giant gun in shooting position, Raconnes, Marne, France
14318 A glimpse around shattered Verdun
14319 American boys returning from France, amusing themselves on transport
14320 Parade of fighting 27th Division under illuminated arch, Central Park and Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.
14321 Victory Arch and triumphal procession of New York's famous 27th Division, N.Y. City
14322 Bridgnet Michelin bombarding aeroplane ready to ascend, France
14323 A grenade attack, huge shell hole in foreground, France
14324 American battleship Cruiser "Jarva"
14326 Aviator Morris Farman and his machine showing photographic attachment
14327 Captured German Taube on exhibition in Paris
14328 Around the soup kettles, German prison camp, France
14329 Wounded German prisoners escorted by mounted Frenchmen to prison camp, France
14331 Once verdant hills made a desolate waste; a French battlefield
14332 German aviator killed by fall of his aeroplane behind Allied lines, surrounded by French soldiers
14333 Safe home to America and apple pie!--how good it tastes--boys landing at Hoboken
14334 Americans glad to be home--awaiting trains for demobilization camp, Hoboken
14335 Home from the World War--brave boys of 52nd Field Artillery leaving transport America--Hoboken
14336 Looking down from a military aeroplane in France
14337 Body of a German aviator in his wrecked machine back of French Lines
14338 Colored soldiers who covered themselves with glory in France
14340 Once fair village of Courcy, near Rheims, France
14341 Doughboys viewing the "remains"--Brimont, France
14342 Soldiers' graves torn up by bursting shell, France
14343 Found on the "blood-drenched plains" of France one year after the battle
14344 "One who died like a true British soldier"; Chemin des Dames, France
14345 One of the million British sacrificed to the "wrath red forge of war"
14346 On the path of the German advance May 1918; photographed May 1919
14347 "One of the Ghosts of No Man's Land", Chemin des Dames, one year after the battle
14348 Weird desolation of Berry au Bac, after four years of fighting, France
14349 On the battlefield, collecting souvenirs, Fort de Brimont, France
14350 German ammunition depot after visit of French airmen, Alincourt, Ardennes, France
14351 Alincourt, France, German ammunition camp destroyed by Allied airmen
14352 "And now we lie in Flanders Field", Vallee Foulon, France
14353 Hors de Combat! French tanks destroyed at Juvincourt, April, 1917
14354 "Miracle of Lucy", France, unharmed crucifix amidst total ruin
14355 In Belleau Wood where Americans gave Germany her fatal check
14356 Officers of the 89th Div. resting before a divisional review, Trier, Germany
14357 On the Moselle--Doughboys of 89th Div. resting before review, Trier, Germany
14358 General Pershing decorating officers of 89th Div., Treves, Germany
14359 Tractor-drawn artillery of 89th Div. before largest hangar in Germany
14360 Grave of Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt buried by Germans where he fell
14361 Among the ruins of Fort de la Malmaison, Chemin des Dames, an "impregnable" stronghold of France
14362 Ruins of Soissons, and its two great cathedrals
14363 Trillion Palace, headquarters of the American Peace Delegation, Paris, and war trophies
14364 Old Glory floating over Ehrenbreitstein, strongest fortification on the Rhine
14365 American Doughboys on the Rhine--viewing Coblenz from Fortress Ehrenbreitstein
14366 Camouflaged trenches in center of hardest fighting, Chemin des Dames sector
14367 Belleau Woods, where American Marines turned the tide, and American Cemetery
14368 Regimental Colors waiting to be decorated by Pershing, Trier, Germany
14369 Part of America's great army of occupation--89th Div. on the Moselle, Germany
14370 U.S. Army Tractor negotiating the steep declivities of Rhine at Coblenz
14371 Joffre and Pershing in Governor's Gardens, Paris
14372 "On all sides round a great furnace flamed"--German attack North Compiegne, France
14373 Shells bursting in ruined French village
14374 Artillery observers telephoning headquarters from the front, on the Marne
14375 Polius preparing barbed wire for front line--Lempire, Meuse, France
14376 Supplies left by Fritz in his hurried departure at Soupier, Aisne, France
14377 Bridge destroyed by the Germans where Allies crossed the Aisne, 1918
14378 French "Poilus" in a shell hole behind smoke screen on the Marne
14379 "American Eagles"--exhibition of American Aircraft on banks of Rhine
14380 Secretary Daniels decorating Marines of 2nd Div, Vallendar, Germany
14381 Secretary Daniels addressing the 2nd Div. on plateau above the Rhine--Vallendar Germany
14382 Scouts, old and new, French Cavalry and aeroplane
14383 Sending a message to Fritz--French "320" in action, near Rheims
14384 Marching in the unwelcome guests--an American haul of 1900 German prisoners, France
14385 "Through it all like horror runs the red resentment of the guns, " Oise, France
14386 "The dogs of war let loose are howling"--French "320's" in action near Rheims
14387 Marshal Haig and General Anthoine at review of French First Division
14388 American Army of Occupation on the Rhine, near Ehrenbreitenstein
14389 Review of gallant 2nd Div. before Sec. Daniels, April 1919, Vallendar, Germany
14390 U.S. Military Band concert before the Royal Palace, Easter Sunday, Coblenz, Germany
14391 Observation balloon fatally pierced by shell fire from American aeroplane
14392 Observation balloon destroyed by shell fire of American airplane
14394 Observation balloons near Coblenz, Germany
14395 Our smiling commander-in-chief, General Pershing and officers. Pavilion Horloges, France
14396 American anti-aircraft soldiers and their little friends, on the Meuse
14397 Entrance to dugout, Y.M.C.A.. Station at Badonville
14398 Desolate waste on Chemin des Dames
14399 "Where the dewy star of evening shone in tears"--battlefield of Menin Road, France
14400 Where hell was loosed; war's indescribable desolation and unburied victims, Lens
14401 Trench mortar in its well timbered chamber
14402 "T'was messy that bit of a fight"--dead Germans amidst wire entanglements
14403 A British "Archie" in action--note range finders
14404 A British 9.2 howitzer under camouflage
14405 Steel-helmeted Scots entrenched and cheerily awaiting a counter-attack
14406 Ripped and battered to death by the enemy--a derelict tank, Cambrai
14407 Shell bursting in square of ruined town on British front
14408 Feeding "Grannie"--Twelve men lowering shell into breech
14409 On the battlefield of Baupaume. Tank stranded in shell-hole
14410 "Kamarad" and other German trophies in a French Chateau
14411 A German concrete stronghold and its victims after storming by British troops at Gheinvelt
14412 "Down in a shell crater, we fought like Kilkenny Cats" Battle of Cambrai
14413 Strong German concrete position and victims after battle of Menin Road
14414 Full front effect of a great tank, rearing up out of a shell-hole
14415 A field of forty tanks-"Like a flock of sheep browsing""--Bethune
14416 Entrenched Highlanders on the lookout using mirror periscope
14417 Collecting the wounded--Scotch sergeant and officers watching the stretcher cases
14418 British officers examining wrecked interior of beautiful Bapaume Cathedral
14419 Proud men of the north who fought like "shining angels," on Flanders Field
14420 "And the trench was a reeking shambles, not a Boche to be seen alive" La Bassee area
14421 His Last Fight--"see he lies, death staring from his eyes"
14422 "Where all is still and cold and dead." No Man's Land near Lens, France
14423 Feeding "Grannie"--Shell hoisted into position
14424 Firing "Grannie"--one of the great British howitze
14427 Thru the uncharted heavens she blazed the trail--"Blimp" R-34 at Mineola
14506 Getting sweets from a Y.M.C.A. canteen...Rhine tow
14507 The "White House" Overseas-Prince Murat's Palace used by Pres. Wilson
14508 After the strenuous war days--American boys enjoying a Rhine excursion
14509 Doughboys enjoying the historic Rhine--Castle Ehrenbreitenstein in the distance
14510 Our doughboys "doing" Cochem...on the Moselle
14536 Artillerymen, who, between the Germans and the mud, are emplacing their guns with difficulty
14537 "Enemy airmen successfully bombed one of our supply trains," official report
14538 British soldiers "gleaning"..., Menin Road
14539 German "Pill Boxes" and "Strong Points" Which Cost Many Lives
14540 Observers in advanced posts reporting effects of shell-bursts on enemy positions
14541 Allied soldiers binding up the wounds of their prisoners after the battle
14542 French reserves watching their comrades going into "the Valley of the Shadow"
14543 Sharpshooters in protected position
14544 A derelict engine of war on shell torn Flanders Fields
14545 "There was darkness and despair, grim death on every hand"
14546 Why France remembers! Utter desolation of once beautiful country-side
14547 "Out where the bombs are bursting and the cannons like Hell-doors slam"
14548 Bringing in the wounded "on stretchers stiff...blo
14549 "In the Devil's Pasture" or what the guns wrought
14550 Red Cross "Dog Encampment" behind the lines in the French sector
14551 Famous 9.2 howitzer in its camouflaged position, British front
14552 Watching "the crimson chorus of the guns" playing to the enemy
14553 A "Stable" full of tanks behind the lines, British front
14554 American Y.M.C.A. secretary in front line dug-out
14555 French officer using instrument to detect enemy countermining work
14556 A double-seated "Fighter" equipped with bomb-dropping device ready to go aloft
14557 "Setting the stage for the Devil's play," French front
14558 Setting up large search light...Vosges
14559 Before the Guns are loosed, Russian Sector, Western Front
14560 Lafayette we are here!
14561 After the battle "by ragged grove and ruined road"
14562 "Through sickly shrapnel sown meadows reaped by death alone"
14563 "Red fields of slaughter sloping down to ruin's black abyss"
14564 Surrendered German destroyers at Scapa Flow just prior to being scuttled
14566 With the Army in German East Africa
14567 Gen. Jan C. Smuts, soldier-statesman directing East African campaign

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