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Company profile

Paris-Stéréo was a trademark of Albert Baron. The company was located at Boulevard Lefebvre 55 in Paris[1]

War stereoview portfolio

Paris-Stéréo manufactured mainly paper card stereoviews but some or maybe all of the titles were also published as glass stereoviews. It is one of the few publishers whose catalogs are known. The wartime catalog can be identified as coming from Paris-Stéréo because of its correlation with a postwar catalog clearly identified as that of Paris-Stéréo. The first catalog lists ten series of 12 stereoviews, while the postwar catalog lists twenty series. Comparison of the two catalogs shows the composition of series changed over time, with newer, more interesting views replacing older ones.

Estimated amount of war stereoviews

About 320 views are known, but from the numbering scheme there could be almost 400[2].

Stereoview characteristics

Paper and glass stereoviews have distinctive typed titles in the center (glass and early paper) or under the right image (paper from about 1916 on), so they can be readily identified despite the absence of a company name. The technical quality of Paris-Stéréo views was good. The later editions were unmounted, but printed on glossy photo paper. However, the images were generally uninteresting and even postwar sets relied on images that were produced during the war and were subject to censorship.

45x107mm glass stereoview published by Paris-Stéréo
2597 – Sentinelles avancées derrière un talus
45x107mm glass stereoview published by Paris-Stéréo

Known Stereographers

None identified

If you’re aware of any stereo photographers, please contact us.

Known artefacts

In the Great War in 3D archive:

  • Wartime catalog with ten series of 12 stereoviews
  • Postwar catalog with twenty series of 12 stereoviews


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