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Company profile

Stéréo-Éditions was a trademark of Jules Fernand Meiller. His company was located at Boulevard Lamoureux 71 and there was a store at Rue Gracieuse 39 in Paris. Meiller was a major manufacturer, seller and wholesaler of war stereoviews[1]. There are many clues that indicate that the company might be the wholesaler that distributed the stereoviews that are known as “Brentano’s”.

War stereoview portfolio

Stéréo-Éditions F. Meiller manufactured paper card stereoviews and glass stereoviews in the 45x107mm and 6x13cm formats.

Estimated amount of war stereoviews

Estimation of 10,000 titles

Stereoview characteristics

Stereoviews that were sold by the company in their own shop were labeled:

For other style characteristics, see Brentano’s Paris.

Known Stereographers

None identified

If you’re aware of any stereo photographers, please contact us.


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