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Company profile

Jules Richard was one of the most prominent manufacturers of stereoscopes and stereo cameras in France at the beginning of the 20th century. He was responsible for the revival of stereo photography with the introduction of the compact 45x107mm glass format and the Vérascope stereo camera for this format in 1893. He also manufactured and sold a large number of glass stereoviews of various subjects. The company was located on Rue Melingue in Paris.

War stereoview portfolio

Vérascope Richard only manufactured glass stereoviews in the 45x107mm format.

Estimated amount of war stereoviews

An English catalog mentions 1,604 glass stereoviews related to the war with the themes The Great War (1,500), Allied Peace celebrations in Paris (76) and Signature of Treaty of Peace at Versailles (28)[1].

Stereoview characteristics

The glass stereoviews are marked “VERASCOPE RICHARD” in typescript and have a six-digit number and handwritten or typed description. 

Not all war stereoviews bearing the Verascope Richard name were published by the company. It also sold glass plates with their names to amateurs who could use them to print their negatives. The combination of the name and a six-digit number identifies the company as publisher.

Vérascope Richard probably used house- or hired photographers during and after the war. Series of parades, ceremonies or other scenes indicate that the series were captured by a single photographer.

155664 – Protection des Monuments – Aux Tuileries les chevaux de bouston
45x107mm glass stereoview published by Vérascope Richard

Known Stereographers

None identified

If you’re aware of any stereo photographers, please contact us.


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