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Please Note: This image library is a legacy feature of Great War in 3D that has been made redundant by the Image Gallery. There are some images that have not yet been redigitized to Image Gallery standards and can only be found here; for as long as this is the case, this page will remain online. However, new scans will only be added to the Image Gallery, and we urge you to look there first. Everything in the Image Gallery is right-click downloadable and can be used under the same conditions as any other image from Great War in 3D.

Identifiable stereoview manufacturers existed for the primary Western Front combatants. These galleries contain scans of representative cards/slides from each of them. For those companies which provided unique image numbers (as opposed to just stamped set-sequence numbers), identification of each image is straightforward. For those lacking image numbers but stamped with sequence numbers, the images are arranged by set in set-sequence order. Others did not include either image or set numbers so these images are loosely grouped by theater of the war or image type (e.g. “Aviation).

A number of galleries are from private sources.  These were generally taken by officers using their own personal 3D cameras.  Images in these galleries are available only on this site.

The links on this page point to thumbnail directories. Click on an image in these galleries to pull up the full-size version. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the meantime you will be taken to directory listings containing folders and image files.






Amateur (Private) Views

Loose Amateur Stereoviews – This folder contains individual private views, as well as tiny (smaller than 4) sets of slides that don’t warrant consideration as cohesive collections. In all cases, it is impossible to identify the photographer. In the majority of cases, it is impossible to identify the date, location, theatre of combat, and so on, although in some cases uniforms, artillery, armor, and other contextual clues can help narrow it down. While the lack of information can be frustrating, some of these views are quite remarkable. In the future, a spreadsheet will be added as well as a page examining the slides, in order to track any information that we – or our contributors – can ascertain from the images themselves.

Small Sets:

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