The stereoviews from the Jordan/Ference collection have been an integral part of publications in various formats. The links on this page will take you to purchase options or downloadable PDFs.


The Great War Through Keystone Stereographs Ever wonder why Keystone produced all these different World War stereo cards and what they’re really worth? Now for the first time there is a comprehensive book providing title lists for all major sets, Keystone’s links to other manufacturers, and a means of accurately evaluating the value of every Keystone World War stereoview. Each set from 1915 to the culminating 1932 Set of 400 is fully described, showing variations and how it developed from the previous set. Over 120 pictures are included. There is a complete title list for each of the seven principal sets, as well as a list by card number showing what sets each one appeared in. The book is a valuable supplement to this web site. It will enable anyone to date Keystone stereographs and to separate the common WWI sets and stereo cards from the scarce ones. Written by our own Bob Boyd, this book is THE indispensable reference for anyone collecting Keystone WWI stereoscopic cards.

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Soldiers’ Stories This 3D film tells the story of the first world war from the perspective of the soldiers who fought it using original images taken 100 years ago from the battlefields of France. Painstakingly remastered for 15/70 mm film format these powerful and haunting images are brought to the screen for the first time ever. The film uses current veterans to tell the stories of soldiers that can no longer speak and features the narration of academy award winning actor and veteran Mickey Rooney. A 3D virtual reality app version can be found in the Google Play store.

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