Reims in Ruins

Added Reims in Ruins, 23 March 1919, a set of 12 amateur stereoviews, from an unknown photographer, detailing the ruins of Reims in March 1919. The slides appear to have been hand-printed from stereo pairs, as is made very clear by the reversal on Slide #4. A departure from most Reims sets of the “ruins tourism” era in post-war France, the Cathedral is only the focal point of two of twelve slides. Some significant alteration had to be made to a few damaged slides; this was done with a mind to matching the tonality to the non-damaged slides in the set. While many are barely-stereo, they are significant in the bredth of topics around Reims, as well as the precise date – which can be used to help date other Cathedral and general Reims views.

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