Two important pieces of news today

Firstly, at the request of founding member Bob Boyd, the Collection will be henceforth known as The Jordan/Ference Collection. This will be the permanent name of the Collection moving forward; no further changes will ever be made to it. If you have linked to our site, please update your pointers in accordance with this.

Secondly, we now have an ongoing and evolving collaboration with The Western Front Association. Currently, over 3,000 digitizations of our physical artifacts – fully one tenth of the physical Collection – are now available in an attractive, keyword-searchable gallery format to members. Membership is available anywhere in the world for a nominal annual fee; the benefits of membership extend far beyond the Stereoscope project. Weekly online talks, frequent podcasts, and a must-read quarterly journal are only a few of the perks of membership. We would heartily encourage anybody visiting this site to join the WFA as well. Even if you are only interested in stereography, most amateur collections accessioned by the Jordan/Ference Collection will appear there first, so please do give it a look and sign up!

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